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Merry Christmas in Over 350 Languages!!!

Christmas Time Together @ imagitek.com
(Lots of EASY Christmas Crafts!)

Paper Snowflakes
(Create Beautiful Paper Snowflakes)

NORAD Tracks Santa
The Antique Christmas Lights Museum Site
(America's Christmas Lighting History)

Click a Deer, for Holiday Cheer

(Need Speakers) (24 Dec. 2005)

Merry Christmas Fun

(Need Speakers: Click on the ornaments) (24 Dec. 2005)

Snowball Fight

(ADULT!!! - Santa's language isn't always nice) (24 Dec. 2005)

Simon Sez Santa

(Tell Santa what to do) (24 Nov. 2007)


(Create and look at other "created" snowflakes) (24 Dec. 2005)

The Snow Dog

Chudleigh (nice interactive Christmas scene) (25 Dec. 2005)

Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle

Complete a nice (and easy) puzzle (25 Dec. 2005)







Newfoundland (Newfie) Christmas Tree

(Updated: 27 November 2005)

Red Neck Christmas Tree


A Geek's Christmas Tree

(Updated: 4 March 2006)

Red Neck Christmas Deer Lawn Ornament

(Updated: 27 November 2005)


Another wonderful picture - rec'd in an email (NOTE: these are all beer bottles, BTW)


(Updated: 24 November 2007)


My Cousin's Christmas Pictures

(26 Dec. 2005)


Really KEWL video - House decorated for Christmas!!!

(13 March 2006)



Christmas Stories (rec'd by email):

(31 December 2007)

Christmas with Louise

I'm Not Scrooge




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