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Gilbert and I love nothing better than a nice, dry glass of RED wine with a good meal, something we realized that we both had in common. Anyhow, after several trips to our local liquor store and after MANY discussions, we decided to visit our local "Wine Making" store.

Much to our surprise, there were quite a few different kits available, all at very reasonable prices. Not including the price of your basic "Starter Kit", your "homemade" 750 ml bottle of wine costs you aprox. $2.00 or $3.00 (based on a $40.00 wine kit), and much better than the store bought bottle of wine, but then we're very biased! :-) And most are ready to drink, once bottled, but PLEASE read the box and its instructions, CAREFULLY.

And, what amazed us (since we had absolutely NO knowledge on this topic), the grapes or the wine kit itself didn't come in a powdered form like Kool Aid! They actually had REAL juice from the grapes, included in these kits. And these grapes come from either Canadian, American, European, African or Chilean grapes! Whatever country you want! Imagine that?!?!

Anyhow, we thought we would share with you, our wine making experience... tips and tricks... things we suggest and things that REALLY didn't work for us.

By-the-way, as of today's date, we're on Batch #26, and we're still enjoying it... and still far from being experts. Your local wine and brew store folks are the experts. And, of course, most of these wine kits have email addresses and web sites that you can go visit.

Should you have any suggestions, comments or other neat tips or tricks, please feel free to email us.

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