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You will need to purchase at least three (3) items (Basic Starter Kit, Wine Kit and clean empty wine bottles with new corks), when you first start.

(#1) Basic Starter Kit

The Basic Starter Kits start at $39.99 and usually no more than $69.99. All these items usually are included in these kits:

(#2) Wine Kit

Many different wine and brew stores offer a myriad of selections. The basic 4 categories would be Red, White, Ice Wine and Blush. Then, as mentioned before, you can select from what country you want your grapes from. If you're not sure, the people at your local wine and brew store are trained to help you with your wine selection or questions. From our experience, these kits range from $19.99 and upwards, all depending on the quality of wine you wish to purchase.

(#3) Wine Bottles & Corks

You will need to calculate how many bottles you need for your Wine Kit. Usually these Wine Kits produce 23 litres of wine. Actually, this is probably the most difficult part, which really isn't that hard, if you had a pencil and paper handy. The same thing goes for the corks.

Some kits asked us to soak the corks in water, first, before bottling. Some didn't. We soak ALL our corks. We've also experimented with several different sizes of corks. They most common one is #9. As long as your bottle is WELL sealed, there should be no problem.

Once again, we cannot tell you how important it is to check with your local wine and brew store or visit your "wine kit's" web site, should you have any questions.


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