September Vacation 2007

(8 September 2007 - 16 September 2007)



Saturday, 8 September 2007:
Got up early, as usual.  Got to do a bit of sewing - worked on a DJ block while Gilbert took apart the monitor for the "server" and tried to solder stuff in it... Didn't work. He then (temporarily) put a newer monitor for the server.


In the afternoon, Gilbert tidied up his workshop and then we did a bit of housecleaning.


NOTE: As I'm typing this up on Friday, 16 Sept. and I wasn't a good girl, I can't seem to remember what we did that day. LOL




Sunday, 9 September 2007:

Today is the day that we started packing and getting ready for our trip to Montreal.  I'm so excited! Had trouble falling asleep that night.


James was going over to my cousin's Alice. He left around 7 p.m.


In the meantime, Gilbert invited me out to supper. We went to "A.J.'s", a local family restaurant. While there, we took each other pictures, on the cell phone.

Okay, it's a bit blurry, but the food was great!

And here's a picture of me!  *s*


Came home and finished packing. All ready to leave at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning!



Monday, 10 September 2007:

Our alarm clock was set for 5 a.m. and we managed to leave the house at 5h50. It was still dark outside as we started our journey.

1st stop was in Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick (NB), where we grabbed a Tim Horton's coffee - 6h05. Left there and not long afterwards, still in the dark, Gilbert hit what we think was a bat. Yuck! Didn't damage the car, though. *s*


Up past Fredericton, we had planned to stop and grab a cache (see:, but missed the turn-off and didn't go there. :-(


By 8h10, we're in Woodstock, NB and do a cache near a cemetery. Weather has held off long enough and by the time we leave Woodstock, it starts to drizzle.


9h10 and we're now in Bristol, NB and do another cache. This time, it's a container underneath a tourist information (dysfunctional) train.


10h20 and we're now in Grand Falls/Grand Sault, NB and visit their famous "gorge" - waterfalls or fast moving river. There's a "virtual" cache there that we're able to get the answer and later submit to the cache owner.


Arrive in Edmunston, NB and gas up. Grabbed a "Timmies" and a couple bagels and by then, the rain/drizzle had let up. Left Edmundston at 11h50.



We finally arrive on the Quebec side and not long afterwards, come across another cache at a "Halte Routière", at 12h19 (noon time). 


I only wish NB had such nice rest areas!


Here I am, signing the "Log Sheet".


Finally, the sun comes out, with a few clouds - great traveling weather! *s*



In Saint-Jean Port Jolis, we stop at a "Normandin" restaurant and grab a couple "poutines" - that's a dish with french fries, gravy and cheese curds - YUMMY!!!

Yes, Thunder came with us.

Gilbert's giving him a bit of water, before we hit the road, again.

We finally hit Quebec city around 4h10 pm. 

Old Quebec City Video

Here's a video of Gilbert driving, TOWARDS Quebec city. I only wish you could hear my heart pounding! LOL


I LOVE the "Old" part of Quebec City!!!

Managed to locate a "virtual" cache, there. It's a cannonball that got left there from one of their wars and a tree grew over it. Imagine that?  *grin*

The goal for THIS cache is to take a picture of the cannonball, with your GPS. I took a picture of Gilbert "taking" a picture. *grin*

Here's another one of Gilbert.

And here's a picture of MY GPS, and a closeup of the cannonball, stuck underneath the tree.

So much construction/road repairs and hustle and bustle in that city, PLUS the beautiful old buildings - I tried to take in as much as possible, but I know my brain won't remember everything! LOL


Thank goodness for digital cameras!  *grin*


Gilbert says this brick entrance is called "Les Portes  Saint-Louis".  He says this was the OLD entrance to the city of Quebec - 1700 or 1800's(?).

Fascinating!  *grin*

This picture was taken near the tree, with the cannonball. They have a lot of "calèches", in old Quebec city. That's French for horse and buggie tours. *s*

No, we didn't go on a the calèches - time restraints and all. *s*

Beautiful cobble stoned streets and old brick(?) buildings - LOVE the ambience!!!

Left Quebec city and got on the "40" - that's one of their (many) highways, but it would take us on the "Rive Nord" - that's the North Shore, in Laval - where our hotel was booked.


At 6h24 pm, we gassed up in Berthier and picked up 2 lotto tickets, which, BTW, we had them checked before we left for Quebec and, as our luck is constant and stable - we didn't win.  :-(


We're almost there.... but then, Gilbert and I had a change of plans. He wanted to go visit the area, where he used to live, before he moved to NB.


Gilbert was curious as to whether his former house was still standing and if the owners had made any changes to it.

He noticed that they had built a white, fenced enclosure (far left of the picture) and that it looked like they had a swimming pool.

As for the village, it had grown substantially and more traffic, too. But, really, what do you expect? He hadn't returned in over 7 years!

After visiting this corner of Quebec, we then headed off to Laval, where our hotel was. Checked in around 7h30 pm (approx.), unpacked, took a shower and then ordered a pizza/wine combo. GEEZE - can't do THAT in NB!  LOL

Here's a picture of me and Thunder,

outside our hotel.

And here's Thunder, enjoying his surroundings. *grin*




Tuesday, 11 September 2007:

Goodness!  We must have been exhausted from our trip - we got up at 7h32 am... And we NEVER oversleep! LOL


Got dressed, had our free continental breakfast and left the room around 9 am.


We got on the 15 NORD - that's the Hwy 15 North, towards St. Canut and St. Columbin, and then off to Lac Gauthier - that's where Gilbert, his siblings and parents had a camp, when he was younger.


Arrived there around 10h21 am and he kept pointing out stores, the church, etc, etc and how things have changed.


At 11h16, we found a cache, in St. Canut. That was fun! *grin*


We left there and went to Pont Viau. I just asked Gilbert and he tells me that's the name of that area and it was in the Northern part of Montreal. If you translate "Pont Viau", if becomes "Viau's Bridge", but he assures me that it's not a bridge, but an "area". Anyhow, he wanted to go to a store called "Croteau's". There he picked up some clothes. I bought a few items, too.


At 1h28 pm, we ate at Harvey's - veggie burgers. *s*


Went to an electrical store, called Maddison, in Pont Viau. They're a spin off of "Addison's" - his favorite electrical/electronics store. Since they didn't have what he was looking for, we headed off to Addison's.

Gilbert got out of the car, almost running! LOL

Reminded me of myself, when I get to a Fabric store! LOL

Here he is, again... trying to look at all their stuff.


Okay, I'm the one that pointed out all the pretty colors, in that particular corner of the store.

He says, "Oh, that's shrinkable tubing and I need some of that."

Apparently each color represents a specific size.

For those of you that don't know what "shrinkable tubing" is, here's the way that "I" can explain it.

If you have several wires that connect on "something", you need that plastic rubbery coating to protect them, right? Well, this is the plastic, rubbery coating. Once it's placed over your bunch of wires, then you take the heat gun and the plastic, rubbery thingy magically "shrinks" over your wires. *s*

I knew EXACTLY what Gilbert meant, when he told me, "So many things to see and so little time!"

EXACTLY the same way I feel, when I enter a great fabric shop. *grin*

I told him, "Don't worry. We won't be coming back here, next week. Take your time, dear."

Here's Gilbert, in his own little "dream world". *grin*



Well, obviously, we had to leave there - might have spent about 1 hour there.


Then, headed off to "Yellow's" - that's a shoe store. He picked up a pair of sneakers and slippers. Then, Duncan Donut's for a nice hot coffee - we don't have any Duncan Donut's in NB...

Gilbert snapped my photo, while we took a break from all that driving around. *s*


We decided to try and do a cache in the downtown center of Montreal - at supper time, no less!  OH MY GOODNESS!!! There's a lot of traffic, in Montreal!!!  And YES, we did find it!  *grin*


Then, we headed off to the South Shore of Montreal because Gilbert's daughter and hubby had invited us for supper. Arrived there around 5 pm. Gilbert finally got to meet his son-in-law and 2 grandchildren! His other daughter and her fiancé were there, also!  Unfortunately, his son wasn't able to make it. But, we had a marvelous time, nevertheless, with fine food and great company!  A chance to relax and socialize...


Gilbert and his grand daughter. Grand son was getting tired and didn't want his picture taken.


Headed back to our Hotel, around 10 pm and it was dark and raining and YES, there was still a lot of fast moving traffic. By the time we arrived at our hotel, it was 11h05 pm and we were BOTH exhausted.


Gilbert and I had thought we'd stay in Montreal 3 nights, but decided that Wednesday - tomorrow - that we'd pack up and leave. We plan on driving 1/2 way back and finding a motel, along the way.



Wednesday, 12 September 2007:


Woke up at 5h30 am. By 7h30, we had our free breakfast at the hotel and back on the road by 8h10 am.


We decided to go visit the house where Gilbert lived most of his childhood. He wanted to show me this house. *s*


Then, we headed off to Old Montreal area, where we tried to find a cache. Made it to within 200 ft of the cache location but couldn't find any parking. Circled around and around for about 1/2 an hour and then, gave up. Traffic was crazy, with no parking. :-(


Headed off to Parc Jean Drapeau. This is the place where Canada held it's 100th birthday - "Expo 67". This year marked the 40th anniversary and Gilbert wanted to go there. He had visited this spot, during Expo 67 and wanted to re-visit it.


This is called the "Biosphère"

and is on "Ile Ste-Hélène",

in the "Parc Jean-Drapeau".

The Biosphère can be seen from quite afar,

as it is fairly big!  *s*


NOTE: That's Gilbert walking.

(bottom of the picture)

Here's a picture of the Casino,

on Ile Notre-Dame.

Almost felt like we were in one of Leslie Nielson's movies... We took this exit and that entrance and turned here and there - no, we weren't lost, but we still ended up on the "Gilles Villeneuve Circuit". That was kinda neat... *grin*

This is where the have the car races for the Grand Prix of Canada, every year in June. And "NO", Gilbert did not speed, on this raceway! LOL



From there, we took the highway "20 Sud", towards Quebec city.


At 12h27 (noon), we stopped in "Boucherville", at another Duncan Donut and ate a sandwich and coffee. Then, off to find another cache. *grin*


Left there and once again, stopped along the way, at "Ste-Hélène-de-Bagotville", to find another cache. *grin*


Drove for quite a bit and stopped at "Joly" (2h52 pm), looking for a "dépanneur" - that's French for a corner store, looking for snacks. Couldn't locate one there, so we got back on the highway and stopped at "Laurier Station", found a dépanneur and picked up chips and pop.


Found another cache at one of the rest areas - "Halte St-Michel".


Arrived in "Rivière-du-Loup" at 7h30 pm, where we had agreed would be our over-night spot.


Located a motel that would accept Thunder,

our dog, as an overnight guest. *s*

We had a gorgeous view of the "Fleuve St-Laurent", and even though it was a cold evening, Thunder and I still went for a little leg-stretching walk. *s*

Gilbert relaxing.

We were both pretty tired, by then.


Thank God we decided to cut

our trip in 1/2, this time!


Since we had the dog, we didn't dare go and sit in a restaurant. So upon the recommendation of a local, we went and picked up some pizza, at "Hak Pizza", in Rivière-du-Loup. One of the BEST pizzas I think I've ever had!


We also picked up some beer, sold only in Quebec, called "50". Had a beer with our pizza, but still had plenty to bring back back home. Gilbert says he had missed this brand, living in NB. *s*



Thursday, 13 September 2007:


The motel room was tiny but did the job. We left "Rivière-du-Loup" around 7h32 am... It was cold and windy. Took a wrong turn - even with the GPS, driving quite a distance on dirt roads, but eventually hit the main highway.


At 9h17 am, we arrive at "Degelis" and stopped at another "dépanneur" for lotto tickets, for my Mom and my Aunt. No Tim Horton's in this village, so we get back on the highway.


By 9h40 am, we finally spotted a Tim Horton's and grabbed coffee and bagels. By then, we were finally back in New Brunswick (NB). This was in "St.-Jacques" or "Edmundston".


Stopped in Knoxford(?), on a dirt road, just off the highway. Thunder needed to do his "thing".


Then, at 12h30 (noon), stopped at "Kings Landing", at a garage/convenience store. Grabbed some snacks and Thunder had some water.


Back in the car... heading home!  *s*


With a total of 2307 KMs or 1433.5 Miles, we finally arrive HOME - in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, around 2 pm.


No car accidents, no problems with Gilbert's car - everything went EXCELLENT, except for the darn traffic in and around Montreal... Seems at times, we were wasting SO much time, trying to get from Point A to Point B.  Oh, only 1 problem occurred. I forgot Thunder's water dish, in some parking lot in Montreal and NO, we're not going back to get it. LOL


We unpacked and chilled out, for a bit. Around 6 pm, I left to do a bit of groceries. Surfed the net, checked emails, had supper, started to watch a movie that really wasn't all that great and then, went to bed fairly early.... OUR OWN BED!!!  *grin*



Friday, 14 September 2007:


Nice to be away but also nice to wake up in your own bed!  *grin*


Today, Gilbert washes HIS car - inside and out. I am busy trying to write up this journal, today.


Then, we head off to do some errands.


On our way home from errands, around 3h30 pm, he suggests that if I give him a hand, he'll wash my car... Even though we had taken his for the trip to Montreal, mine was still dirty from everyday use.


So, we wash my car...


Here's Gilbert, washing my car.

I cleaned the inside. *s*

Gilbert and I sat back and enjoyed a "50" beer,

after washing my car and before supper.

Here's a picture of 2 bottles of "digestif" that Gilbert ABSOLUTELY wanted to pick up, in Quebec. In New Brunswick, our NBLCC doesn't carry these 2 brands of "after supper drinks".

He says you drink it on ice. I've never tried this before and as yet, we haven't had a glass.

Left picture: Pineau de Charente

Right picture: Prunelle de Bourgogne

Both are from France.


Have an early supper - 6 pm and Gilbert starts to work/play on his new monitor and new PDA. Mine was FINALLY exchanged - it wasn't working properly and they gave us another model.


While Gilbert is busy working on his new "toys", I am still working on this journal.



Saturday, 15 September 2007:


Woke up at 6 am and sky is overcast. Gilbert is puttering around with his computer technical stuff - adjusting his monitor and playing around with our new PDA. I am still working on writing up this journal. *s*


Finally finished the journal, around 11h15 am - just need to keep it up-to-date. *s*


Sewed 1 "Dear Jane" block and 1/2 finished a triangle with a lot of teeny, weeny bits and pieces. Rained heavy, almost all day.


Didn't manage to finish my DJ triangle, but will try again on Sunday.


FINALLY had a drink of "Prunelle de Bourgogne", this evening, after supper. First sip kinda warmed up my throat and then, afterwards, it wasn't so bad. Not sure if I'll be joining Gilbert with more. LOL


I might have something else, the next time he drinks his precious elixir. *grin*


Rented a movie and went to bed around 10 pm.



Sunday, 16 September 2007:


Up around 7 am. I went and got us 2 extra large "Tim Horton's" coffee - locally nicknamed "Timmies". *grin*


Plans for today? Catch up on dishes and do a bit of baking. Will it get done? Now, that's ANOTHER story.  LOL


UPDATE: Dishes got done - no baking. Laundry got done. Managed to get a bit of sewing in. I now have 2 Dear Jane triangles all sewn up - just need to appliqué 2 pieces, on them. Then, I'll only have TWO (2) more triangles left to do!!!


Went to my Aunt's (surprise) birthday party, at Boston Pizza. Didn't stay to long - just to pop in and wish her a Happy Birthday.


Came home and Gilbert and I had supper and plan on relaxing and enjoying our last bit of "vacation".