July 2012

(6 - 15 July 2012)


I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.



Friday Evening, 6 July 2012, 4h00 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:


Drove home, from work and it was super hot and humid.  Gilbert didn't want a celebratory Tim Horton's coffee and that was fine with ME!




At dinner time, I had gone to Quispamsis to get a test done on allergies and I took their first "treatment".  Eager to see if this will help.


Anyhow, by the time I got home, Gilbert had finished quilting a customer's quilt and as this was a special request, we squared this quilt.  He then cut the binding and I started to sew it on, by machine.... and it was very hot and humid in my studio!


After supper - we had our Friday Night Pizza - we came upstairs and I took a lukewarm shower, which helped tremendously.


Basically vegged out in front of my computer, while watching TV.  Not enough energy to even give a Rat's Ass about anything!


Hit the sack around 10h30 p.m.



Saturday, 7 July 2012


6h15 a.m. - Got up fairly early and went out to pick up 2 Timmies. 


8h15 a.m. - We're out the door, with our "errand" sheet, in hand.


First stop - the Golden Mile Redemption Center.  We have a TON of empty bottles to return!



(taken from inside the car)


From there, we went to Wal-Mart, to pick up some wood stain for the steps to our (new) Baby Barn.


It was nice and sunny and getting humid, by the minute!


We went to Shoppers DrugMart, afterwards. I picked up some hair coloring and some distilled water for my C-Pac machine.  Nothing too interesting but it had to be picked up.


Sorry no pics, here.


Our 2nd to last stop?


Home Depot.








Gilbert needed to buy some lumber to start the shelving, inside our Baby Barn.


Last stop?

Can you guess?!?!?


With the money we got from our empties, this morning, we decided to pick up a couple coffees, at Star Bucks!


Every time I go to Star Bucks, I think of my friend Elaine.  *s*


Once home, we unpacked the car, had dinner and then, Gilbert went outside to work on the shelves.  I played hid in my Sewing Studio and finished that customer's quilt's binding AND started the binding on her 2nd quilt!


By 4 p.m., it started to thunder and rain HARD.  That must have lasted a good 45 minutes.


By then, Gilbert decided to call it quits and me and lightning and thunder don't go well together.




Gilbert jumped into the shower.  He was covered in sawdust!  LOL


After it was all over, the sun came out again and it was even hotter and humider - is that a word?!? - than before!


Supper was nachos... pretty simple.


Headed upstairs and I started writing my Vacation Journal and watched TV.


Too hot to do any hand sewing or handwork.


In bed by 12 midnight.





Sunday, 8 July 2012


5h45 a.m. - Up and wide awake.

5h50 a.m. - Downstairs and working on the customer's binding.

6h20 a.m. - Gilbert's awake.

6h25 a.m. - Picked up our weekend Tim Horton's coffee (AKA Timmies).

6h35 a.m. - Back upstairs, checking emails and sipping my coffee and contemplating what activities "need" to get done and what I'd rather be doing, instead.  *grin*


9h05 a.m. - Finished the binding on the client's 2nd quilt.

9h15 a.m. - Finished cutting and writing the label on my own quilt.

10h00 a.m. - Started laundry and decided to dye my hair with the kit that I had picked up yesterday.



11h00 a.m. - Started to help Gilbert with dinner, which we sat down and enjoyed.  *s*


12h00 p.m. - Started dishes.  There was a whole ca-ca load of them, in fact!


2h00 p.m. - (approx.) Even though all the dishes weren't finished, I decided to take a break and start sewing that label and speak to my friend Barb, on the phone. We chatted for a good 20 minutes - Barb and I always have LOADS to chat about!  LOL


2h30 p.m. - My batteries were beginning to run down and I decided to make myself a yogourt and fruit smoothie.  YUMMIE!!!


While sipping on my smoothie and watching TV in my Sewing Studio, I finished sewing that label on my quilt.


While reviewing my "To Do" list, I realize that I managed to complete quite a few items!


To Do:

Finish binding on customer's quilt.

Add label to MY quilt.

Add label and/or sleeve to the "Stop and..." quilt.

Sunday laundry.

Weekly cleaning of my C-Pac machine.

(Most of the) Dishes - they've been building up.

Start to prepare quilts for Quispamsis Quilt Show, in Sept.

(Start to) Pack for tomorrow's trip.


I think I did pretty darn good!


S'now 9h03 p.m. and I'm hunkering down to watch some TV....


In bed by 11 or 12....  thereabouts.  *grin*



Monday, 9 July 2012


Woke up bright and early and Gilbert drove me to Tina's, around 9 a.m.


Tina, Sophia and I left shortly afterwards, to meet up with our Mother in Norton.



(My sister, Tina, behind the wheel)


All 4 of us then left around 11 a.m., towards Shediac.


On the way, we decided to go eat at "Fred's Restaurant and Lounge", in Cap-Pélé.  Mom and Tina had never been there before.




Mom and I shared the fisherman's platter.  After dinner, Tina and Princess Sophia shared a cuddle or two, while Mom checked out the map and our destination.


From there, we went to "Jos Caissie" and picked up some "palourdes".  I think they're called Big Clams, in English. Dunno...


Princess Sophia had seen the HUGE lobster, in Shediac.  We decided to go back there and check out the boutiques AND the big lobster....




Almost everywhere you go in Kent Co....  Shediac, Richibucto, Bouctouche, St-Louis-de-Kent.... you see the Acadian colours.... red, white and blue with a yellow star!


FINALLY, Sophia got her wish!  We meandered over to see the "World's Biggest Lobster"!!!





(on the left... my Mom and Sophia.   On the right, Sophia and me)


Then, we headed to our last "touristy" destination.... Le Pays de la Sagouine!


Unfortunately, we arrived too late and were only able to see 1/2 an hour of the "Kitchen Party", but what we DID see, we sure enjoyed!


From there, we headed to St-Louis-de-Kent and picked up some food to make sandwiches and stuff... to take to my Aunt and Uncle's home.


Arrived there around 6h30 p.m., had our snack... chatted with everyone. 



Here, my sister Tina is showing Princess Sophia how to do our cousin Ginette's makeup.

As you might have noticed, Princess Sophia is thoroughly enjoying her role!



Around 9 p.m., my Uncle started up a camp fire!  What FUN!!!!


And, around 11 p.m., I headed to Ginette's, where I spent the night in her ultra comfortable bed!!!


I think we finally quit chatting and fell asleep around 1 a.m.  *grin*



Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Woke up, at Ginette's, in St-Louis-de-Kent, around 7 a.m.  We had our coffee and headed to her parents to regroup with the others.


We finally made it to a local restaurant around 10 a.m., had an incredible breakfast!


(Aunt Eugenie was sticking out her tongue and I refused to take a 2nd picture.  It is what it is!  LOL)


We hugged and kissed and promised to see each other again.... soon.... and we drove away.  Destination?  Miramichi - especially "Ritchie Warf".


Princess Sophia played in the children's park and after, we browsed a few boutiques and grabbed ice creams.  What a beautiful, sunny day!


(Mom - resting and Princess Sophia eating her ice cream, on Ritchie Warf.)


After Miramichi, we basically just drove and drove and admired the countryside.  Our destination this time was Fredericton and once we saw a Costco, we decided to stop and pick up a few frozen pizzas, green peppers, a few other items and dessert, to take to my sister, Sylvie.


We arrived at Sylvie's home around 5h30, unpacked our "stuff" and started building our pizzas.


After supper, Tina rested and Sylvie, Mom and I sat on the deck and chatted....  Sylvie had made us a Pina Colada...


Aaaaaaaah.... total relaxation!!!



I took a shower - it was much needed!


After the kids were in bed, the adults stayed up and chatted around the kitchen table.


Tina and Princess slept downstairs, while Mom and I slept in the Tent Trailor!


Bedtime?  Around 11 p.m.



Wednesday, 11 July 2012






(More to come...)



Thursday, 12 July 2012


Up around 6h30 and headed out to grab 2 Timmies.


Gilbert went downstairs and worked on a quilt, with Bertha.


Me?  I didn't stop but yet, it appears as if the day WHIZZZED by!!!


As I'm writing this at 10h10 p.m., let me try and remember what I did....  *grin*


Okay, at 8 a.m., I remember that we both headed out and Gilbert got a hair cut and he also needed to do some (machine) banking.  We came back home and at 9h30 a.m., I headed off to the Credit Union to pick UP a check, then to the Royal Bank... to deposit the check and then, off to the Pumpkin Patch.  I picked up some veggies to make a "Greek Salad", just like Costco does. *s*


Came home and started washing dishes and around 11h00 a.m., I started to cut up veggies for our salad.  Gilbert was working on the quilt and started up a pot of corn on the cob - takes about 1 hour to cook corn, as per Gilbert's recipe. *s*




As the sun showed its face after dinner, I did some laundry and it got hung up, outside.


By 4 p.m., Gilbert had finished the quilt and we jumped into our car and did Leon's Home Furnishing, Home Depot, Sears and Future Shop.  We were looking for a dishwasher for me, FINALLY!!!


We had supper at the Queen's Maple Leaf Buffet...




Once again, Gilbert got a Fortune Cookie that was quite helpful!


Sooooo, after supper, we went back to Leon's to tell them that we finally chose a Whirlpool dishwasher and paid for it, we headed home to relax in our home office.


I ordered the latest Bonnie K. Hunter book, "String Fling" and can't wait till it's in my mail box!!!


As I wrote previously, I never stopped all day yet it feels like I didn't do much.  Trying to remember what I did and writing it down, kinda justifies where the actual "minutes" went to.




Off to bed around 10h30.



P.S. Will play "catch up" with my previous days, ASAP.



Friday, 13 July 2012


Got up around 7 a.m. and, once again, went to pick up some Timmies - its VACATION time!!!


I slurped my coffee, checked emails and, at 8h30, headed out the door for my 1st appointment. I was scheduled to get my CPap machine checked.


After that appointment, I went to Quispamsis, to "Healthy Path".  That's the folks that are treating me for my allergies!



I arrived home around 12 noon with 2 subs from Subway.  Gilbert had quilted all morning.


After dinner, Gilbert finished quilting around 2 p.m. and then, he went and installed our new car radio.  We had picked one up yesterday evening.


In the meantime, I worked on my Fussy Cut Hex Flower:



I also spent some time, "trying" to tidy up my Sewing Studio.


Gilbert finished installing our car radio and then, gave the final coat of paint on the 2 front steps to our Baby Barn.


Supper was pizza, ordered from Greco Pizza.  Yup!  We're eating out a lot but I'm on VACATION, remember?!??! 




Watching TV, while writing my Journal.... that about sums up my Friday evening....


(More to come...)



Saturday, 14 July 2012


Up at 6h12. Picked up 2 Timmies.


Gilbert and I left the house around 8h30 and went to a yard sale, out East.  Nothing to write home about - we left there empty handed.


From there, we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some catfood, and a few other items.  I also got a hair cut, at Wal-Mart!


Afterwards, we went to Winners and we picked up a set of bed sheets. And, then we went to City Road Bakery to pick up some bagels.


Home around 11h00 and we were BOTH hungry.  We broke out the bagels and had tomato sandwiches.


Gilbert headed outside to work on the Baby Barn and I went into my Sewing Studio and continued on the tidying up.


Around 5 p.m., we re-grouped and decided to stop everything and start preparing supper.  "Garden Veggies" on the barbecue was on the menu.


A bit of TV and off to bed around 11h30.



Sunday, 15 July 2012


WOW!!!  Talk about going out with a bang, eh?!?!?


I REALLY slept in, this morning - got up at 8h20!!!   Picked up 2 Timmies, took a bit of time slurping it, in front of my computer.


Washed my CPap mask, did a couple loads of laundry....  straightened out my Sewing Studio.


The day WHIZZED by and really....  it seems like I never stopped yet, its now Monday evening and I can't completely remember what I did!  Seems like not too much, actually!  LOL


Watched some TV, once again.


We were in bed by 10h30 and I was EXHAUSTED!  This heat and humidity is REALLY getting to me!





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