August/September 2011

(26th August to 11 September 2011)




I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.



Visit my baby brother's grave.

Go sketch, on the beach.



Thursday Evening, 25th August 2011, 4h00 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:


Finished at 4 p.m. and on my way home, picked up a couple Tim Horton coffees, for Gilbert and I.


We left around 4h45, picked up some loaves of bread to freeze, at Ben's Bakery and did a bank deposit.


Supper was rice and corn on the cob and this evening, I plan on updating and uploading my "Vacation Staycation" web page, blogging and updating our Face Book page.  All this, and it's already 7h35 p.m.!


UPDATE: Spoke with my friend Elaine and then watched TV.  




Went to bed around 11h00 p.m. and all was quiet on our street - for once.  *s*


Friday, 26th August 2011


Got up this morning and picked up a couple Timmies, for Gilbert and I.


Around 8h30 a.m., we headed downstairs... I went into my quilting room and managed to finish off a baby quilt top and Gilbert quilted a quilt.


NOTE:  It looks just like this one, that I finished last weekend, only it's in "blue" colors.


As per our agreement, by noon time, we got both got changed into our good clothes and headed out.


First, we went to Bob's Corner Takeout and grabbed some dinner - takeout - and went to eat it by McLaren's Beach.  That's the beach just before Irving Nature Park.  There was a picnic table there and we managed to eat our meal, at a leisurely pace and watch the (small) waves, crash on the shore.







From there, we went to the nearby cemetery.  My parents finally bought and had installed a headstone for my baby brother .  Well, silly me... I forgot the map of the cemetery and Gilbert and I walked and walked and walked in the hot sun and couldn't find his stone.  I will be back.


Then, we went to Staples and I picked up a sketch pad and some oil pastels.  I'm hoping to find some time to let loose and have fun... whether it looks realistic or good or not or whatever!!!   I plan on starting to sketch!  *VBG*


After Staples, Gilbert and I went to the clothing store, next door to Staples and picked up 2 pairs of pants and 2 summer tops.  I had bought a pair of pants this past March and before that... I honestly can't remember the last time that I bought clothes!


Two more places on our list - Vogue Optical and Kerr Optical.  We had our eyes' tested last November and never had the time or FOUND the time to pick up glasses.






We had fun trying on glasses and taking pictures.  Tomorrow, we will go to Hakim Optical and from there, we'll decide which glasses we like better. *s*





Came home around 4h45 p.m. and put away our "stuff" and now, I'm working on my "Journal".


I started a brand new "Redwork" piece.  It's a cute little bird done in red embroidery floss on a white tea towel.


Gilbert surfed the web.  Would you believe that we barely watched any TV last night?!?!?  That doesn't happen very often here... but we were busy with our own little "stuff".


Hit the sack around 10h00.  It was hot and muggy and no Bay of Fundy breeze, to cool us off.



Saturday, 27th August 2011


5h30 a.m. - Woke up, took a shower and Gilbert made some house coffee.  We decided that I wouldn't go near my quilt studio and that he would stay away from Bertha, his longarm machine, today.




Well, Gilbert had to work on other stuff, in Bertha's room and I decided to give in and finish my 3rd Baby quilt, done in 30's (blue) fabrics. 


We left the house around 11 a.m. and went mattress testing, had dinner, almost mailed some parcels to my friends till I realized that NEXT week I will be in Maine and it's a lot cheaper and quicker to mail from there.  (Sorry Buddettes.....)


We took a vote and now know where we will order our mattress, on Monday.


We also went to the last place on our list for eye glasses and finally went back to the first place we had visited, yesterday.  The nice guy there suggested we come back on Monday, since my insurance company would be open then and he would know for sure what was covered and what wasn't. Now, THAT'S service!  *VBG*


Got home around 4 p.m.


Since we have picked up some more sticky alphabet letters, Gilbert was able to continue organizing his pantographs, for the longarm room.


He decided that it was high time that my Brother sewing machine have his name on it!  I approved that motion!  LOL



I had picked up the display cardboard, while at Michael's today.  I figured this would help with our photos.



It folds flat, for easy storage.  And it comes in different colors. I just figured that black would be better, for pictures.


While at Michael's, I picked up a magazine that my friend Karen had introduced me to.  Can't wait to sit back and read it!


(NOTE:  While editing this picture, I just realzed that there's a Singer's featherweight on the cover!!!!)



It's kinda an artsy, collage, funky sculpture, doing weird stuff with fabric kinda magazine... *VBG*


By the time that we put all our "stuff" away and I took the picture of the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, I pulled out my Batik (king sized) batik quilt and decided to measure it and add the missing borders on.... ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!



By 6 p.m., I had 3 borders on this Batik quilt and Gilbert announced he was having a special drinky poo - his favorite... a dry martini.  I then announced that I was going to stop sewing and join him with a Blue Ocean drink!



We then headed upstairs and watched a movie.


It's now 10 p.m. and Gilbert's down for the count and I've got one foot in our bed, too!


Looking over my itinerary, I can see that I didn't even come close to doing what I wanted to do... and that's okay, too!  Tomorrow's another day!  *grin*





Morning - Laundry and Playing in my studio.

Afternoon - Visit Indigo, sit and drink a Starbucks coffee while reading my (new) magazine, shop for eye glasses and a new bed mattress. Just out and about, in my city. Pick up some soap at Sudsmuffin, while it's on sale!

Go to Shoppers to mail a few items.


Sunday, 28th August 2011


Awake and up at 5h45, I left to get us our Timmies.  Yes, we love our Timmies and we don't usually have a Tim Hortons coffee this much, but I'm on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N and I feel that I deserve it!  *VBG*


Gilbert and I slurped our coffees, while surfing the net.  I read my new Cloth Paper Scissors magazine from cover to cover and got a couple ideas that I would LOVE to work on.... someday soon.


Gilbert did some filing of our papers, as well.


We're also holding tight and waiting for our Storm-du-Jour to pass by - "Irene"....  I think the rain and winds are supposed to start this morning, with possibility of thunder, this afternoon.  Dunno.


Gilbert and I headed downstairs around 9 a.m.  


Gilbert worked on a custom quilt...


I finished the batik quilt and handed it over to Gilbert, to quilt it.   In the meantime, Barb H. had sent me a blog link of a lady doing a "Lego" quilt.   OH MY GOD!!!  I really should NOT have clicked on that link!!!


As I got truly hooked, I started cutting out my Lego pieces.


And designated this basket as my OFFICIAL Lego block holder.  *grin*


And then, I started sewing blocks and blocks and blocks...  And managed to make two 6-1/2 inch blocks!


It doesn't look like much but TRUST ME.... once there's more - it'll be incredible!!!


After Gilbert's custom job on that quilt, he picked one of mine, to quilt!!!  How neat is that, eh?   I'm always impressed with myself when I see MY quilt on the longarm machine and I'm impressed with Gilbert, when I see the magic he and Bertha create!


After supper, we headed upstairs to watch a movie and I started hand sewing the binding on this baby quilt!


Only managed to do 1/2 of the binding, on this quilt.  It'll have to wait till tomorrow evening.  S'now 11h20 p.m. and I want to upload a few pictures on my blog.  Gilbert's already in bed.  *s*



P.S. As for Irene, we got a bit of rain this afternoon and there's some wind outside at the moment... but nothing to write home about. *s*



Probably sewing all day as "Irene" the Hurricane is supposed to hit my city, today and tomorrow. It will probably just be a bit of wind and rain, but HONESTLY!!!   Who wants to go out in yucky rain, unless you have to, right?


Monday, 29th August 2011


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I slept in this morning!!!  We both did, actually!  Got up around 7h30 a.m. 


Made our phone call to the city and YES, they pick up old mattresses!  We just need to advise them, ahead of time.


Headed out of the house around 10 a.m. to go buy our "Dream" mattress.  Once we got there, the saleslady had us try a computerized bed, to test how firm we require our mattress to be.


Turns out we both need or require a firm mattress and that's EXACTLY what we had chosen, Saturday!


Well, once we paid for the mattress, we headed to Winners, to pick up a new set of bed sheets.


We finally chose the burnt orange set. 650 thread count - 100% Egypian cotton, for approx. $75.00 - a real decent price, in my opinion.


From there, we decided to grab a bite to eat, at one of our new restaurant, called the "Maple Leaf Queen's Buffet".


You'll never believe what my fortune cookie read?!?!??!



Kismet or Karma or what?!?!?


I plan on following this to the LETTER... else something happens to me!




From there, we had to head home and meet up with a lady who was picking up her quilt - around 12h30.


At 1 p.m., we left to get order our eye glasses!


The lady there had to put a pin point, to indicate where our pupils are.



From there, we picked up a few groceries, grabbed a Timmies on the way home and then.... Gilbert stayed downstairs and continued painting the quilt blocks, on the back of his ironing board and I went upstairs, did laundry and finished hand binding the baby quilt that Gilbert had finished yesterday evening. I can now proudly state that it's finished!






Call the city to see if they will pick up our old mattress.  Go and buy the mattress of our "dreams" - YUP - I purposely chose that word!  LOL

Go back and make arrangements for our eyeglasses!

Laundry... and Pack for Neguac - Gee!  That rhymes! LOL

Enter POI's in GPS!!!


Tuesday, 30th August 2011


Got up around 7h30 and then the phone calls started.  Mom and Dad were in Neguac, at their rented cottage and MANY THANKS TO IRENE.... they didn't have electricity in their home, 4 hours drive away!  As 30 hours had now gone by, without any power, Dad was concerned about the food in their freezer(s) and fridge! 


And I sat by the telephone, waiting to see if they were coming BACK to their home to get their generators going, to save their food, or if the Power Commission was finally going to fix their problem!


Finally, around 12 noon, Mom called.  They finally got a hold of Dad's brother (and neighbour) and HE was going to get the generators going, for the freezer(s) and fridge.


So, I called up my Aunt Marceline, took a shower, packed REAL quick and she picked me up.  We left for Neguac around 1 p.m.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we were two gals on a VACATION trip!


Made it to my Aunt Eugenie and Uncle Aurele's camper around 3h30.  They were nice enough to invite us for supper!



(This is my cousin's son, Nick and my Aunt Eugenie)


We had a LOVELY barbeque meal with my Aunt and Uncle, my cousin Ginette and her son!  Unfortunately, we weren't able to dilly dally too much as we still had another hour or so of driving and I certainly didn't want to drive in the dark!


Got to my parent's cottage around 7h30.



(My Aunt Marceline. She was talking and describing something.  Can't remember what it was. LOL)


We then relaxed and had a glass of wine and Dad served us all "Hot Shot" shooters.  My Aunt Rosemary and her hubby, Camille showed up, for a quick visit and Aunt Marceline left with them.  She was sleeping over there.



Sunset at their cottage.  They had an INCREDIBLE view of the Atlantic Ocean!!!


Dad, Mom and I played a card game called "Hockey", till midnight.  We then hit the sack.... exhausted!




9h00 - Leave for Neguac, with my Aunt Marcelline.

On the way there, stop at my Aunt Eugenie and my cousin Ginette.

Stop at fabric store, in Miramichi.

Walk the boardwalk, by the Mighty Miramichi River!!!

Probably arrive in Neguac around 6 p.m.


NOTE:  Unable to do some of these things as we had Saint John too late.


Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Got up around 7 a.m. and I left to go pick up 2 Tim Horton's coffees.  YES!!!  There was a Timmies nearby!!!


Mom, Dad and I left to go pick up Aunt Marceline, at Aunt Rosemary's. 


Today, we were on a mission.... VISIT and see people and things!


Off to visit my Dad's family home, where we visited with his sisters and brother.

Left to right: Uncle Otto, my Dad, Aunt Edith...

In the back: Aunt Régine and Aunt Amanda)


From there, we tried to visit my cousin Camille, at his work place.... but he wasn't there, unfortunately.


Right next door (almost) to where Camille works, is an adorable boutique called "Su-Nadine" that I ALWAYS try and visit, when I'm in Neguac.



(Aunt Marceline and Aunt Rosemary... posing for me)



(Mom... posing as well...)


This is the kind of boutique that you could go round and round and STILL see new nick nacks and brick-a-brack and all SORTS of things.  AND, they also sell some fabric, too!  No, I didn't get any fabric but sure had a great time looking and drooling! *grin*


We decided to go have dinner at "Chez Raymond" - delish!


Dad decided to go back to the cottage and rest while us gals continued with our "visits".


Home Hardware was our next stop. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but this store has clothes, home decorations, a myriad of other items and YES, hardware items as well.   Nope, didn't buy anything.


Next destination?  Covedell.  My grandfather was brought up there and I wanted to get "in touch" with some past.  My aunts showed me the house where he was brought up and other relatives' homes, on his side.


While we were driving in that area, there was the strangest thing we had ever seen. We HAD to stop the car and take pictures!


(This is one of the few pictures that is "clickable" .... 

You'll get too see it in bigger format, if you CLICK on it.)


We went to visit my aunts' cousin, Patsy.  Patsy's in a nursing home, the poor thing.  We spent half an hour there, chatting with her.


Aunt Rosemary then asked to be brought back home.  She had stuff to do at home.


Me, Mom and Aunt Marceline were tuckered out, as well but got our 2nd wind when I mentioned "Hey!  Let's go to Hay Island!"


Off we went for a short visit, there.  Aunt Marceline and Mom chatted about how their parents - my grandparents - used to come to Hay Island, for picnics and for car drives.


(That's Mom walking towards us...)


And then, our "visits" were finished.  We headed back to the cottage to rest.


Around 6h30 p.m., Dad, Mom, Aunt Marceline and I went to the "Brookside Restaurant", for supper.... EXCELLENT FOOD, by the way!


As planned, after supper we headed off to my Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Camille's for a bonfire get-together!



(Aunt Rosemary, Me and Mom)                         (1/2 of Aunt Marceline, Uncle Aurele, Dad and cousin Michel)



(Aunt Marceline, Me and Uncle Aurele)                    (Uncle Aurele, Me and Dad)


Well, we had a few drinky poos... and the night was beautiful and cool.... the campfire nice and toasty warm... the stories and jokes and laughter was amongst us...


I thoroughly enjoyed myself!


We got back to the cottage and almost immediately hit the sack!   *VBG*



Wake up and go visit relatives! 

Hopefully get a chance to go walk on "Hay Island"!


Thursday, 1st September 2011


Got up around 7 a.m., packed and as pre-agreed upon, we all met at "Chez Raymond", for 9 a.m. breakfast.


After breakfast, Aunt Marceline and I left Neguac - that was around 10h30.


Made it to Miramichi around 11h30 and I wanted to visit one of my favorite quilt stores. I picked up some "horsey" fabric to make a pillow case dress for a special little girl. 


We stopped in Salisbury, at the "Silver Fox" and had a mini sub, at Subway, and a drink to carry us through till we got home.


As we were getting into the car, this guy was walking his dog.  I asked him if his dog was a puppy and he said, "No. She was 3 years old.)   Then, I recognized him!  He's one of our favorite radio announcers/disc jockey!!!  I asked if I could have my picture taken with him!



(Elide, from CHOQ FM - French Community Radio)


Well, we got home around 3h30.


I unpacked, took a shower and basically chilled out.


Had a couple toasts with Peanut Butter, for supper and drank my glass of water...  Read some emails and hit the sack around 9 p.m. - I was EXHAUSTED!!!



9h00 - pack up and leave Neguac.

Arrive in my city around 3 or 4 p.m.

Go to Saint John Exhibition and possibly see the Dog Agility show.


Friday, 2 September 2011


Woke up at 6h36 with Mr. Sunshine coming through my window!


Gilbert made house coffee, which I slurped, while catching up on some emails and FaceBook messages.


Not much exciting happened today...  Gilbert worked with Bertha and I did 2 loads of laundry, dishes, worked in my quilting studio on my "Lego Quilt Blocks".


I made a batch of "Mexican Beans", in my crock pot.  Talk about GOOD!!!  Loved it!


I DID go out for an hour to pick up a few items at the grocery store and pick up our original eye glass prescription, from Vogue Optical.  Apparently, my insurance company insisted that the original prescription needed to be attached to my form. Go figure?!?


We had 4 quilting friends come, yesterday... either for pick-ups or deliveries!  That was the interesting and fun part of my day!!! *VBG*


Watched TV, later on in the evening, while I finished off another embroidered "red work" tea towel.


In bed by 11h30.



Saturday, 3 September 2011


Got up at 7h30. This seems to be my "magic hour", while on vacation.


Gilbert went downstairs early this morning and started work on our cutting table, in our Longarm Room.



Picture on the left shows my old sewing machine that USED to hold the cutting board.  Gilbert decided that if we removed the old sewing machine - that my Mom wants, anyhow - we could put up to 10 plastic totes, full of my fabric stash - as you can see in the picture on right side - and that would give us more breathing room.  NOTE: he will be painting those wooden "legs" white, to match the rest of the Longarm room.


I went downstairs to my Sewing Studio and worked on my Lego Quilt blocks. 


1 p.m. rolled around and I volunteered to make a nice BIG salad, with everything but the kitchen sink in it!


As Gilbert had finished revamping/re-designing our cutting table, he then continued work in the painted blocks, on the back of his ironing board.




We had 2 quilting friends come over, during the afternoon.


Since Gilbert had finished with the cutting board, we took the time and removed and replaced my display quilts, in our Longarm Room.


Me?  Well, I made 11 or more Lego blocks and decided to make a pillow case dress, with "horsey" fabric. Steffanie, my oldest son Adam's girlfriend, has the cutest little girl and she ADORES horses!


This dress took me 2 hours perhaps to make and I drove over to Adam's house and delivered it to her.  WOW!!!  She was bouncing around!!!



Once home, Gilbert and I made a pizza, with less cheese that we would normally have had and it was still delicious, nevertheless!


Prepared a wooly pincushion kit to work on, this evening, while watching TV.


Went upstairs and would you believe that I was sooooo tired, I didn't even work on the wooly project?!??


Went to bed around 12 midnight.



Expecting 1 or 2 more quilting friends in, today.


Sunday, 4 September 2011


Got up around 7h30.  Had a CRAPPY sleep!!!!


Idiots across the street were yelling and screaming and slamming car doors as well as banging on the hoods(?) of their cars and even smashed their own car window.... screamings were well laced with the "f" word!!!  And this occurred between 2 a.m. and 3h30 a.m.!!!  At one point, I got up and shut the bedroom window and then, I could STILL hear them and it was hot in the bedroom... *LONG SIGH*


Gilbert and I were both a bit grumpy, during the day.... needless to say.


Gilbert worked the Bertha, during the day and I worked on my Lego quilt blocks, in my sewing studio.  Later on, in the afternoon, Gilbert worked on putting the finishing touches on the painted blocks.


Around 5 or 6 p.m., he and I went for a drive in Lorneville.  That's a small little village about 15 minutes from here.


On our way back home, we picked up some Subway subs, to take home.


After supper was out of the way, my cousin Gisele came over for a visit.  She brought over her laptop computer. The fan wasn't working.


Gilbert and I hit the hay around 10 p.m.   We were BOTH exhausted from lack of sleep!


Monday, 5 September 2011




Gilbert woke up early... around 5h35 and went downstairs to make coffee.


He worked on Gisele's laptop and found the culprit to her non-running fan - a HUGE dustball!!!


Afterwards, he worked with Bertha and I decided to continue sewing my Lego Blocks quilt. 


By 2h30, I had 5 strips done!



Seriously, when you look at them close up, it kinda looks like a "Vomit Quilt".... know what I mean?!?!?




But in reality, when I stepped back and looked at it with my stranger's eyes, it didn't look half bad.


Then, Gisele came over to pick up her laptop computer. She was quite pleased.  *grin*


After she left, I made a pot of vegetable soup, which simmered while I did the dishes.



(Sorry... this was the only interesting stuff that I could think of taking a picture, for today.)


While I did the soup and dishes, Gilbert finished painting the black lines on his 3 blocks...



Supper was early, for us.... 5h30 p.m.


We then had a quilting friend come over and after they left, we climbed the stairs and surfed the web, watched TV.  And I updated my Vacation Journal!


Went to bed 'round midnight.







Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Got up around 6h30 and picked up coffee and bagels.  GEEZE!  I can't believe that it's now dark outside, at this time of the morning!  Seems like it was light outside at this time... 2 weeks ago!!!


Gilbert and I removed our bedding and mattress and the board underneath it and cleaned up the headboard, vacuumed the carpet under the bed and then, Gilbert realized that the light UNDER the bed (at the foot of the bed) wasn't working properly.... He replaced the fluorescent ballast but that didn't work either.  We would need to go out today and get another one.


Around 11 a.m., one of our quilting friends arrived and the new mattress was finally delivered... almost simultaneously!  Things were hectic here, for a bit!  *grin*


Mattress got brought inside.  Quilting friend left.  We had dinner and then, took off to Michael's to pick up a new (and bigger) cutting mat and to pick up another ballast at "Restore".


Get home. Gilbert replaces the ballast and this one doesn't work, either.  Decisions, decisions... we head off to Canadian Tire and can't find what we need.  We then swing by Home Hardware and we get a brand new fluorescent lighting fixture - ballast included - and Gilbert is able to FINALLY get the light to work!!!



By now, it's 4 p.m. and we're able to put the NEW mattress on our bed, do the bedding, head downstairs and start supper.



Back upstairs around 7h30 p.m.  Grab the old mattress and DRAG it down the outside stairs and to the curb for garbage pick-up tomorrow.


PHEW!!!  Sounds like all of this shouldn't have taken THIS long, but our day was FULL and now, at 11h30 p.m.... I'm EXHAUSTED!!!


Tomorrow's another day.

(In bed by midnight!)



P.S. Rereading my itinerary, I realized that YES, I managed to get my batch of beans cooked in the oven and YES, I managed to cut more fabric strips for my Lego Block quilt and YES... the envelop got mailed!  By golly, I DID do a lot today!  LOL



Remove old mattress and clean out space in preparation for our new mattress - to be delivered today!!!!

Pick up a new cutting board at Michaels - they have a 50% coupon going on!!!

Mail my envelop to my insurance company.

Quilting client expected around 11 a.m.

Bake a batch of beans.

Sew - if I have time.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Up by 7h00 a.m.  Had a GREAT sleep in our new bed PLUS our neighbours seemed to have behaved.  BONUS!


Gilbert headed downstairs around 8h00 a.m. and finished up our "cutting board". We had bought a BIG cutting mat, yesterday at Michael's and he cut it up, glued it on top of our table and sanded down the edges.





Afterwards, he worked with Bertha on a quilting friend's quilt.


I went downstairs around 8h30 a.m. and worked on my Lego Blocks.


Around 9 a.m., the city dumpster swung by and picked up our old mattress.






We had dinner around 11h30, worked some more on our "projects" and then, left the house around 2 p.m. for a business meeting.


Came back home around 4h00 p.m., and we both went right back into our previous projects... I worked on my Lego Blocks and Gilbert worked on organizing Bertha's room and her pantographs.


Mary Jo, one of our quilting friends dropped by for a quick visit.


We had supper and hauled our butts upstairs.


Last night's sleep was incredible, on our new mattress!  Yet, we were exhausted at 8h00 p.m.!!!


Watched some TV, surfed the internet and off to bed....





City is to PICK UP old mattress!!!

Trip to Calais, Maine - put off till tomorrow.


Thursday, 8 September 2011


Boys, I had a difficult time, during the night!  I kept waking up 'cause I was afraid of sleeping right through!


Anyhow, got up at 6h45 a.m., and picked up my quilting buddy, Alice, at 8 a.m. for our trip to Calais!


We had a GREAT time!  Went to the Deringers to pick up Gilbert's Longarm bobbins, to the US postal office, to mail some parcels, to Mardens where I bought a roll of batting and some minkee fabric and some black and some white fabric, too!  And a few Christmas gifts for my nieces!


From there, we went to Walmart to look around and I picked up a few food items there.


I spotted a BIG cutting mat, at Walmart, like we had picked up this week and look at the price!




It was a "Fiskars" and we now have an "Olfa" - We got a REAL good deal with our cutting mat, at Michael's - $17.00 (approx.)!!!


Then, to IGA for some food items.


Then, we filled up my car with gas and bought a couple USA lottery tickets.  And no, we're not any luckier with the US lotto than the Canadian one... s'just a bigger jackpot.... meaning, we get to dream bigger!  LOL


On our way home, we stopped in Pennfield and I got myself a freshly baked, incredibly delicious blueberry pie!!!


They have blueberry fields in Pennfield.



Would you believe that I had the camera with me, on my trip and I only thought to take these stupid pictures?!??!




Got home around 5 p.m. and Gilbert and I un-packed the car.  My cousin Alice dropped in, with 4 garden cucumbers and a visit.   We finally sat down for supper around 8 p.m. and we were both exhausted!


We certainly didn't stay up too late.  Bedtime was around 10 p.m., I believe...






Friday, 9 September 2011


Gilbert and I got up around 6h30, this morning.  We had important company coming over at 11h30 this morning so I didn't dilly dally too much. 


Did 2 loads of laundry and hung them out to dry.


Did the dishes, as well and tidied up the house, as well.


Gilbert worked with Bertha before and after our company visited with us. 


We then headed out to a meeting, at our bank - for 2 p.m.


Once we came back home, we both went to work - Gilbert with Bertha and me, in my sewing room. I decided to put my foot down and pick up the T-Shirt quilt again.



Got quite a bit done till it was time for supper.  We made a home made pizza that was delicious!


Upstairs to surf the web - check emails - update my Vacation Journal and ....


That's it for today, folks!





9h30 - Possible rug hooking with the Carnegie Rug Hookers  


Saturday, 10 September 2011


Awake early - 5h30.


Went and grabbed some Tim Horton's coffee.


Did 2 loads of laundry and then went downstairs to work on the T-Shirt quilt.  I promised I would have it all done or almost all done but the end of my vacation!


Here's the progress, so far.





We had to leave the house around 2h30, for another meeting in Lorneville!  Came back to our house with the person that we met... chatted for a bit and then, she left.


By then, it was 5h00 p.m. and we decided to go eat at Vito's uptown.




Gilbert had a vegetarian lasagna and I had a souvlaki with greek salad.  YUMMY!!!


Headed home, did some paperwork, updated my Vacation Journal and ....


Hit the sack around 11 p.m.



Caton's Island 400th Anniversary - DIDN'T GO... too much to do!

(ceremonies commence at 11h30 a.m.)


Sunday 11 September 2011


Got up a bit later, this morning.


Jumped in the car and came back with 2 Timmies and 2 apple cinnamon muffins.


I figured that since it was such a gorgeous day, I'd start laundry early.


Gilbert headed downstairs and started quilting, with Bertha.


I finally made it downstairs to continue working on the T-Shirt quilt.  Not long after that, Gilbert told me that the iron was kaput!


He took it apart, only to find out that it was the "thermal fuse" that had bit the dust!



So, we had a quick meeting, as most couples do.... and we decided to have dinner and head out to pick up a new iron. After all, we definitely NEED an iron, right?


So, we picked one up at Zellers and from there, got our weekly groceries, headed back home, unpacked groceries and quickly went back to our respective corners - me, in my sewing studio - Gilbert in the longarm room, with Bertha.


I managed to sew the 3 rows on the T-Shirt quilt and then, it was time to help Gilbert with supper.





Had supper and headed upstairs to relax.


I worked on my stamp collection, while watching some TV and then, updated my Vacation Journal.


Will hit the sack at 11h00 p.m. and as the pig in the cartoons said....


"A Bed-ditte, A bed-ditte, A Bed-ditte.... 


That's All Folks!"






8h30 - 2h00.. Queen's Square Farmers Market

NOTE - Didn't get to go... too much to do!





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