February 2011

(11th to 27th February 2011)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.



What's on our Florida agenda?


Quilting / sewing / hand quilting / chatting / laughter / sharing / eating / learning new techniques / teaching new techniques.

(Repeat these activities, many, MANY times over!)


 A visit to Butterfly World !!!


A visit to the World's Biggest Flea Market !!!


Toe dipping in the Atlantic Ocean (only!!!)  I've been recently advised that there are sharks in those waters.  I can ASSURE YOU that this gal will NOT be swimming there!  LOL


And Frummie will be arranging for us to have our OWN private teacher, in Frummie's home, to make an artistic type of wall hanging !!!

(How cool is that, eh??!?  We don't even have to leave the house !!!)



Friday Evening, 11th February 2011, 3h00 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:

Got to leave an hour early, today!  WOW!!!!


Rushed to Tim Hortons for a couple coffees and relaxed, while tidying up my sewing studio.  I worked a bit on my "Lucy the Lobster", while Gilbert worked on "Bertha", our Long Arm.  We're having a few "issues" with Bertha, at this point.


We made a home made pizza, for supper and that's about it.


Headed off to bed around 11 p.m. 


Saturday, 12 February 2011


Got up around 7h00 a.m. and read emails, drank coffee and had a slow morning. 


Started packing and un-packing and re-packing.


What to take - What to leave behind - What will the TSA(?) accept on the flight - Will it fit in either my carry on or my check on...  A whole bunch of questions brought forth and a whole bunch of decisions required.


Around 10 a.m., Gilbert and I went to Munroe Electronics, to pick up a part for Bertha.   Here, I took a picture of the icicles, hanging from their roof.





















From there, we went to get some groceries, at Sobey's, on the West Side and then, we headed off to Lancaster Mall.  Gilbert needed to pick up a couple parts, for Bertha again, at what was formerly called Radio Shack but is now called "The Source". 


Then, we stopped at The Coffee Mill - it's a great family restaurant, in the mall.   Today's my birthday and I truly enjoyed my meal!

(NOTE: Got LOTS of birthday e-cards and phone calls, today!!!  Made me feel EXTRA special!!!!)


Once outside, you would have thought that we were stuck in a HUGE blizzard!!!!  We had trouble seeing where we were going. 


Off to Tim Hortons, for a couple "Timmies" and HOME!!! 


Gilbert worked on Bertha and I finished sewing "Lucy the Lobster"....

















Did some more packing and stuff, late afternoon.  Gilbert had to go up into the attic and grab one of our old, vinyl suitcases.  I didn't realize that I'd need that much luggage space.


Supper was melted cheese on top of Nachos, with salsa on the side.


Back upstairs for some Saturday evening TV.


Exciting, eh?   It's gonna get even MORE exciting, as I get closer to the day that I leave on the bus, for Bangor!!!


In bed around 11 p.m.


Sunday, 13 February 2011


Got up at 8 a.m. - WOW!!  aren't I the lazy one!  LOL


Beautiful sunshiny, yet cold, morning!


Laundry's washing away....  re-started re-arranging my luggage - GOSH, but this is nerve racking!!!  LOL



Well, I'm finally caught up on my laundry - did that this afternoon!


Finished off a few quilty things and decided to work on some embroidery.


In the meantime, this afternoon, Frummie sent us a picture of the front of her home.





Certainly NOT what the front of OUR home looks like, right now!




Ordered a pizza for supper and watched a home video, on Long Arm quilting, in the evening.


Tomorrow, my travel adventure will FINALLY begin!!!


Off to bed around 11 p.m.


Monday, 14 February 2011


Got up around 7h00 a.m. and there was snow on the ground.  Snow has stopped and we will be getting rain by the time I board the bus, heading towards Bangor, Maine.


Took a shower and got changed into my traveling clothes....


Downsized my luggage and now I have my "carry on" and my "check-on"!



Left the house around 1h45 p.m.


(picture taken previously... when I had picked up my ticket)


Gilbert drove me to the bus station and I boarded the bus at 2h20.

I was pretty darn nervous!   Imagine, ME?!?!?  Traveling ALONE?!??

Well, we finally got to Bangor, Maine at approx. 7h00 p.m., grabbed a cab to
Howard Johnson's Hotel and checked in.

Ever see a bathroom so WHITE?!??  I was impressed! LOL

After I went and grabbed a burger at the hotel restaurant, Gilbert called me
and we chatted for a bit.  


Afterwards, my friend Frummie called me and then,
added our friend Elaine, on a 3-way call.

As nervous as I was, I still managed to fall asleep around 11 a.m.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Well, I sure was nervous this morning!

I did NOT want to wake up late!  I had the hotel give me a wake up call and
set the room radio alarm to go off at 4h00 a.m.

Taxi picked me up at 5 a.m., for the airport.  Got security checked and was
able to keep both my "framboise" (AKA "raspberry") luggage with me, as carry-ons!
BONUS - saved money there!  LOL

Since I was early and didn't get a chance to have any coffee, I picked up an
English Muffin and a cup of coffee.

OH MY GOD!!  I was finally able to see the front and back of our airplane!!!
My knees buckled!

I hadn't flown in over 10 years!!!


Arrived into Philadelphia and got help from the attendants to make it to my next
plane connection.  But there was perhaps a 2 hour wait here.  I was able to grab
a muffin and smoothie.

Here's a picture of Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, I had to check in my bigger luggage and OH LOOK - the
ticket's the same color as "Framboise"!!!!

Well the plane to Philadelphia was MUCH bigger!

Finally in Florida!!!!!!!


MY JAW DROPPED!!!  Look at ALL the palm trees!!!!

Once in Florida airport, Frummie was waiting from me.  I wasn't aware but Charlie, her hubby, had fainted a few times and was in the hospital!

Sooooo, we dropped off my luggage at her home, grabbed a couple sub sandwiches
and went to visit Charlie at the hospital, for an hour, perhaps.

From there, we went to the OTHER airport to pick up Elaine!


From the airport, we went back to the hospital.... this time with Elaine.
Charlie appeared to be much better, much to everyone's relief!

After we left the hospital, Frummie took us to a restaurant called "Deck 84",
and we ate outside on their deck.  What a LOVELY place.  There was a water way
and everything was all lit up and magical!


We all ordered fancy drinks, to help us unwind.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I truly had to pinch myself.  

Rosa in FLORIDA?!?!?  


My jaw would drop every time I would see a palm tree!  Here's how
the restaurant "decorated" their palm trees, in the parking lot!

Came home and we sat and chatted for a bit.  Kevin, Charlie's son, arrived
around midnight from a flight from upper New York state..... He wanted to visit
with his Dad.

We all chatted, and relaxed and then, went to bed around 2 a.m.



Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I got up around 7 a.m.  Couldn't sleep anymore and was too excited.  I wanted to
ENJOY Florida and not waste too much time in bed!!!


When I opened up my eyes, here's what I saw outside of my bedroom window!

When we all got home yesterday evening, we had exchanged a few gifts and since
my birthday was the 12th of February, I had received LOTS of gifts!  Plus,
Elaine had cleaned out some more of her fabrics and had sent them (previously)
by mail, to Frummie's house.  TWO FULL BOXES of fabrics!!!!

Well, as the others were sleeping, I played around with my fabrics!


Everybody finally woke up, showers were taken and around 10 a.m. Frummie left to
go visit Charlie, at the hospital.  Kevin, his son, also left.  He spent the whole day at the hospital with his Dad.

Elaine and I piddled around and chatted.  Elaine took a picture of me, bonding with Frummie's neighbour's palm tree!

Frummie arrived from the hospital and Frummie, Elaine and I left to go have
dinner - OOOOPS!!!!  It's called "LUNCH", here.....!!!!  LOL

Anyhow, we all left to go eat at the Olive Garden!  One of my FAVORITEST

From there, we went to "My Quilt Shop", and spent a couple hours there - NO


Once we got home from the quilt shop, Frummie left to go visit Charlie.  After she got back, she told us that he was getting better and better and would probably be discharged from the hospital, the next morning. 




We had started naming ourselves "Charlie's Angels", but needed him with US!!!! 



Kevin, Charlie's son, had spent the whole day at the hospital and had come back with Frummie.


We then left to go eat at Kevin's favorite restaurant, "Dean Anthony's Pizzeria and Restaurant".

(Elaine and Frummie waving at the camera)



We had an EXCELLENT meal!



There was a singer there, as well!  I don't EVER remember having a meal with a live singer!  *grin*



I tried, for the first time, antipasta!!!  DELISH!!!!


And their HUGE pizza was DELISH, as well!!!


And, once again, I tried something new - "cannoli" - it was to DIE for!!!!  Took a picture of the cannoli:



After supper, we went to Star Bucks and Barnes and Noble.  We closed their store at 10 p.m. - LOL


Got home and we all chatted, while looking at quilting magazines and hit the sack around 1 a.m.




Thursday, 17 February 2011


Well, I woke up at 6h30 and physically got out of bed at 7 a.m.  It's just still soooo hard to believe that I'm in this gorgeous place and that back home, it's freezing cold!


Grabbed coffee and chatted with everyone, as they woke up.


In the meantime, Charlie had called and he was able to LEAVE the darn hospital, FINALLY!!!  


Frummie and Kevin left, around 10 a.m. and arrived an hour later, with Charlie!!!!


After talking with Charlie and Frummie, Elaine and I left in their car to go visit Harley Davidson's.... Elaine bought some "stuff" for her hubby.



We then went to the (big) Joann's store.  I bought some cute "coffee" fabric there and plan on making some curtains or whatever, in our kitchen!


Just as we were about to get into our car, after shopping at Joann's, we saw this CUTE little animal!!!  We later found out that it was a "Cuban Lizard"!!!




I was able to take a picture of it, but it quickly scurried away, afterwards.


As we hadn't eaten and it was 3 p.m., we opted to grab a quick burger at McDonald's.  Yep!  same kind of Big Mac as we have and YES, that hit the spot! 




We got home around 5 p.m., met Frummie and Charlie's friend and neigbour, Gerry, while Charlie cooked supper - oooops!  They call it "dinner" here!  *grin*


YEP - you read it right!  Charlie was well enough to cook an INCREDIBLE dinner for us!




On the menu?


Filet mignon, with a bit of "jus", baked sweet potato and asparagus.



Almond cheese cake streusel and a bundt marble cake.... with coffee.


Here we are, around the table - Gerry had joined us for dinner.



We sat around and chatted.  I cut up some of the civil war fabrics that Elaine had given me.... to share with Frummie.  Elaine was the "fabric folder".  *grin*


Frummie reading a magazine:




And here's Elaine, resting from folding fabric....  *grin*



And we chatted and chatted till 11h30.  I read, in bed, till 2 a.m.




Friday, 18 February 2011


Everybody got up fairly early, took showers and we went to "Cracker Barrel"

for breakfast.


WHAT GREAT FOOD!!!!  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!  I just LOVED it there!!!!





Here's Elaine, Frummie and Charlie.  Kevin was absent from the picture - he had to speak on his cell phone.



They have an INCREDIBLE country store there, as well!  The men left in Kevin's rented car and Frummie, Elaine and I spent some time browsing and shopping in that store.



We then took off to Buttonwood Quilts.  It wasn't as big as the first quilt store we had been to - "My Quilt Store" - but I just LOVED this store!



(ssssshhhhh..... notice what store was BESIDE the quilt store?!???   LOL


From there, we went (again) to Jo-Ann's.... but this time, the one that's smaller and closer to Frummie's.



From there, we went to "Boynton Beach".... THE beach!!!


Elaine was able to realize one of her "Bucket List" wishes.... dip her toes into the Atlantic ocean!!!



They had the strangest, in MY eyes, jellyfish.  Ours don't even CLOSELY ressemble these, and I live near the Atlantic ocean, as well!!!



And here's Elaine, dipping her toes!



After a quick toe dipping visit to the beach, we came back home.

Frummie and Charlie are SO well loved!  Neighbours and friends kept popping in - they were concerned about Charlie AND wanted to visit with them!

I played with my coffee fabric, while chatting with everyone!  I was in "my zone"!  LOL

By dinner, Elaine had a slight headache and opted on staying home.

As Kevin was going out with his friends, for dinner, Frummie, Charlie decided to take me to "Hurricane Alley".

Another SUPER spot!

Frummie told me that in 2004, Florida had 1 tropical storm and 4 hurricanes!!!
Tropical Storm Bonnie
Ivan (the Terrible)

We had a 1/2 hour wait.... There was a LOT of people wanting to eat here!


Here's Frummie and Charlie, patiently waiting to get seated.  Don't they make an ADORABLE couple?!?!? 




And here's a picture of one of their windows:

They even allow you to bring your dog and have a menu for them!!!  How cool is that, eh?!??!

Well, after an INCREDIBLE dinner - I had fried clams and chips - we came home and I worked on my coffee table topper and chatted with the girls.

Went to bed around midnight, but read a bit.



Saturday, 19 February 2011


Everybody slept in this morning.


Once up and dressed, we decided to go to Target - Frummie and Charlie needed a few things and I had never been to a Target, before.


I picked up a bigger suitcase so that I could bring more "stuff" back with me.


Around here, there are LOADS of sports cars!  I'm not a car enthusiast but my eyes popped out, nevertheless!



We ate lunch at a deli called "West Side Deli" - OH MY GOD, but the sandwiches were humungous and DELICIOUS!!!



I had matzah ball soup, for the FIRST time!



Once home, we just sat back, basically and RELAXED....


Frummie gave us a quick tutorial on how the AccuQuilt Go Machine works, and cut out some cute flowers to appliqué, as well!



I managed to take a couple pictures of Frumme and Charlie's home.




The girls read magazines and surfed the web for quilty items and such and NO, they didn't buy!  LOL


I worked on my my coffee "Rainbow Flower".


Charlie cooked an incredible dinner - a HUGE pot of chili, with corn cake.


Gerry, their friend and neighbour came over for supper.


We went to bed around 1 a.m.




Sunday, 20 February 2011


I got up around 7 a.m., once again.  I washed and dried my clothes, this morning.


We all left around 10h30 a.m. and went to this incredible mall, called "Boca Town Center"!!!




A Luis Vuitton store!!!  Elaine and I went inside to "smell".  LOL

(note: purses are approx. $1,000.00 each!!)



A REAL "Apple" store!!!



Saks Fifth Avenue!!!



They even had palm trees, growing INSIDE of the mall!!!



Coach, a store mainly for purses!!!  These 2 purses were my favorites, but their prices certainly weren't in my budget, unfortunately.




Victoria's Secret!!!



And a cazillion other lovely stores, too many to mention here. *grin*


We met up with Frummie's 2 lovely daughters for 12h30, at "Stir Crazy"....  an incredibly entertaining and different restaurant!

Their food is Mongolian/Asian.




I took a picture of Frummie and her 2 daughters, after lunch...



We got home around 2 p.m. and I changed into more comfortable clothes.


Hand sewing was our main activity till 5 p.m.


Frummie then invited us to go view their Club House, so we took a short walk to go view it.


Once again, I was FLOORED by the beauty of their location, and how lucky they were to live here!


Here's the main entrance:



SEVEN tennis courts!!!


And their pool area.... to DIE for!!!!



A community (for them) computer room, even!



A room to play pool.



And many, many other activity rooms!


Dinner was left overs: Charlie's chili, yesterday's leftover sandwiches from the Deli, and other various food items.


Afterwards, we lazed around and chatted.  Elaine helped Frummie with some teeny, weeny wool appliqué flowers... They selected wool colors and Frummie cut them out.  I continued working on my Coffee Rainbow Flower table topper.


Frummie, working on her wool flowers:



Elaine's hands, with Frummie's wool flowers:




Charlie with their 2 dogs:



The crew watched a drama/suspense movie on TV and I went to bed early and read a wee bit, falling asleep quite quickly -  I was exhausted!




Monday, 21 February 2011


I got up around 7h30 and updated my journal, while the others slept.


Once everyone was up, Frummie, Elaine and I went to our banks to update our wallets... LOL


From there, we headed over to Delray, on the same street where we had had supper, our first evening... 'cept now, we got to see it in the daylight!  Lots and LOTS of restaurants and boutiques... my eyes didn't blink ONCE!!!  LOL


IMAGINE?!??  A place called "Cupcake Couture"!??!?



Another lovely building!



We went into this building that had a few boutiques but upstairs, there was an antique store.  None of us bought anything, but it sure was fun to browse!  *grin*


The streets were decorated in Valentine's Day deco!



Frummie, at Star Buck:


After our afternoon of shopping, we came home... got changed and went to the pool!  Charlie and I went into the water and met up with Gerry, their friend and neighbour.  Elaine and Frummie did some chatting and hand sewing, on the lounge chairs.


Pictures of me, in the (heated) pool.... having a GREAT TIME!!!!




 Look at me and those INCREDIBLE palm trees!??!?!?  I'm still madly in love with those trees!  *grin*



We all went - Charlie, Frummie, Gerry, Elaine and I to the "Carolina Ale House", for ribs.



Charlie, Frummie and Gerry.... patiently waiting for a table.



Came home, chatted with the ladies and in bed by 11 p.m. or so.  I was EXHAUSTED!!!




Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Oh dear.... what can I say?


I didn't take too many pictures today.... it was just plain sad.


Woke up at 5 a.m., read a bit and fell back asleep.  I got up at 7h35 and updated my Vacation Journal notes.


Frummie and Charlie left at 10h30 for an 11h00 appointment, with Charlie's doctor.... and Elaine and I started packing.


Took a picture of their two dogs, waiting at the door for them.  *grin*


"Lovey" is on the carpet... she's the baby.  "Happy" is the one that got up to see me and my camera.  She WAS previously flopped out on Frummie's carpet, too!



It turned out to be the hottest and/or most humid day of all!


Frummie and Charlie returned from the Doctor's, with good news.  Charlie was "okay"!!!!


I packed and re-packed and re-re-packed, with Elaine and Frummie's help.  First my big suitcase was packed good enough, then, it was over-weight... according to the airplane requirements.  Finally got all suitcases packed correctly!


We munched on leftovers, for lunch, while packing and getting stuff ready and chatting.   As I said, it was rather sad - the next day, Elaine and I would be leaving.


Charlie started to prepare supper... filet mignon and sweet potato, but had to walk the dogs.


Once he got back home with the dogs, he told Fummie that "Happy" was having a problem breathing.  Well, it didn't take long for Charlie and Frummie to head off to the vet with Happy.  Elaine and I stayed behind.  We were quite worried about Happy.


About an hour later, all 3 arrived back home. Happy had got a "tick" and had a bad reaction to it. The Vet gave her a needle and Happy's breathing had returned to normal.... THANK GOD!!!!


Frummie and Charlie grabbed us all some subs and wraps, from "Jersey Mikes".


We finished off the evening with a few "SCI" shows, on TV and went to bed around 11h00 p.m.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Once again, I had such an INCREDIBLE visit with Frummie and Charlie.....  my heart broke, to leave my friends.....


I got up at 5h15 a.m.



Charlie drove me to the West Palm Beach airport.  My plane took off and as I looked out the window, I tried to remember each and every palm tree and every magical moment, with my friends....


*long sigh*


Once in Philadelphia, I had a 2 or 3 hour wait and managed to FINALLY eat a "Philly Steak Sandwich".  Honestly, it was just "okay".... I don't know what I was expecting but I had heard about these sandwiches for such a long time... and it was just "okay"...



My plane for Bangor was at least half an hour late.



Arrived in Bangor around 3h15 p.m. and I grabbed a taxi to Howard Johnson's Hotel. 


Went downstairs for a hamburger and came back up my room to watch TV and do some hand sewing.


Fell into bed around 10 p.m. - EXHAUSTED!


Thursday, 24 February 2011


Got up at 5h30, got dressed, watched the news on TV and then headed downstairs for coffee and breakfast. I was eager to "Get The Show On the Road".... in other words, get ON the bus and head HOME!


Once breakfast finished... and I DID purposely take my time, as my bus was only leaving at 11h55!


Got back to room, straightened up and packed my "stuff"... looked at clock... okay, turned TV back on and took out my hand sewing project and tried to relax, while keeping an eye on my watch.


FINALLY, around 10h30, grabbed a cab and headed out to the bus station.


Bus left on time and I was getting REALLY EXCITED!!! 


OH?  Did I mention that my body almost went into SHOCK, when I got off the plane, in Bangor?!??!?  It was COLD!!!!!


And there was SNOW on the ground!!!!!

(in Bangor, Maine)


On the bus, rolling on the highway.  See the snow?!??



The bus stopped for an hour, at the Red Rooster, in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.



I grabbed a coffee and a piece of butterscotch pie.


The bus FINALLY arrived in Saint John, at 5h20 p.m. and Gilbert was there, waiting for me!!!!


I was soooooo happy to see him!


We chatted all the way home!!!!


Opened up my suitcases and gave him his gifties and showed him what I had bought myself and the showed him the lovely gifties that my friends had given me.


Supper was served a bit late. We watched TV and then, went to bed around 10 p.m.....  New Brunswick time!



Friday, 25 February 2011


Gilbert and I got up at 7h30 and as Gilbert went downstairs to get our coffee, he quickly realized that we had a problem with one of our computer thingies.


Snow storm forecasted for today started at approx. 10h30 a.m.




I continued to unpack and put away and tidy up.


After dinner - YEP.... I can now call our "noon" meal... "dinner"  -  I'm back home!  LOL


After dinner, Gilbert pinned a quilt, on Bertha, and started quilting.


I continued to put away, straighten up and tidy up.


By 4 o'clock, approx. the snow had stopped - THANK GOD!


I took the time to iron my "Rainbow Flower".... need to finish it, but here it is, partially completed:



But, as I type this at 10h30 p.m., the snow and wind have started up, once again... and it looks like a true blizzard outside.


Heading off to bed... s'now 10h32 p.m.






Saturday, 26 February 2011


Gilbert and I both woke up at 7h30 a.m. and he was nice enough to go downstairs to get the coffee.   Actually.... come to think of it, he got it yesterday morning, too!  LOL


After surfing the web, reading our emails and slurping our coffee, we headed downstairs.  Gilbert worked with "Bertha", our long arm machine and I worked on one of my "African" pillow case dresses, that was almost completed.


We left the house around 1 p.m. to go do our errands, AFTER we cleaned up the car, and our house entrance, from the previous night's snow storm!


We headed out "East" and our first stop was Harvey's Restaurant, for veggie burgers.


Second stop was Costco.  We needed a few items.


Third stop: Canadian Tire for fluorescent duct tape. Gilbert wanted to put some bright orange or whatever color, to indicate the little step in Bertha's room.... he didn't want our clients tripping over that little lip.  Anyhow, they didn't have any.  We DID pick up some winter windshield wipers - our had the biscuit!  Once outside in the parking lot, Gilbert easily put the new blades on. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!


From there, we went to Fabric World. I wanted to get some iron-on transfer paper, for embroidery.  Apparently, they don't carry that stuff.  Gilbert DID get 2 spools of very light yellow - almost cream - thread.


Then, we went to Michael's for the transfer paper. They didn't have any, either. The girl told me that they have a pen (or pencil?) that you write on paper and it transfers to fabric, but they had run out of it.  DARN! 


But, guess what?!??  We asked them if they had fluorescent duct tape and they sure did!!!!   We got a roll of BRIGHT in-you-face ORANGE.


We then went back home and un-loaded our groceries from Costco and headed out the door, for groceries.... on the West Side.


Came home, unpacked more groceries, had a beer 'cause we were BOTH thirsty and popped a Costco pizza in the oven.


While that was cooking, I finished the last stitches on that pillowcase dress. 



I decided to do a decorative stitch, on the hem...



By the time I had completely finished the dress, supper was cooked.


We then headed upstairs to watch TV.


In bed by 10 p.m.  Once again, I was EXHAUSTED!!!   I sure hope my energy level comes back before I head off to work!




Sunday, 27 February 2011


Awake at 3h30 a.m.... tossed and turned till around 5h30 and then, fell into a deep sleep until 8h30 a.m.  


Gilbert went downstairs and got coffee for us.


Once again, we sipped on our coffee, while reading our emails and reading the news on the web.


Sunday is usually our laundry day so I decided to start early, this morning.


Gilbert and I then went downstairs.... he puttered around in Bertha's room (our Long Arm room) and I puttered around in my sewing room.


Had leftover veggie pie, for dinner.


One of our clients arrived around 2h30, to pick up her quilt and, as soon as she left, we headed out the door to go to the funeral home.  My co-worker's Dad had passed away.


Once home, Gilbert got into the cooking mode.


He made 4 lasagnas:



And since we had bought a bag of, what we call "Triangle" bread, from Costco, he sliced them in half and added garlic butter to them, wrapped them in foil paper and popped them in our freezer. VOILA!  Instead garlic bread, when you need it! *s*



Afterwards, he rewarded himself with his every-other-weekend-drink.... his martini!!!



Now, while Gilbert was cooking, I did a whole BUNCH of dishes and then, went into my sewing room and finished sewing our chenille floor mat.



It doesn't look like much, right now, but TRUST ME.... Gilbert has to finish cutting up the "lines" - that's his job and then, we trim it up and I'll bind it.  Stick it in the washer and dryer and BINGO !!!!   You've got yourself a chenille floor rug!  Special thanks to Barb, for telling me about this technique!!!!


Watched a bit of TV and then, popped in an old movie - The Cable Guy.


(to follow)




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