March Break (Vacation) 2010

(25 February - 7 March 2010)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.


Thursday Evening, 25th February 2010, 4h01 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:

Felt like a kid at school, again... on the last day of school!  LOL


Left work at 4h01, dropped by Tim Horton's for a couple of "Timmies", for Gilbert.

Just relaxing, while sipping coffee. 


Supper was early - speghetti and veggie meatballs.  I stayed downstairs and finally made the "label" for my Madeline Schnibbles - calling it "finished"!!!  And then, I worked on the polka dot circles (baby quilt).


Around 7h30 p.m., I came upstairs and worked on the "Blues "N Brights" quilt - hand quilting around the edge, and watched a God-awful movie... even Gilbert didn't care for it.


Went to bed around midnight.


NOTE:  Big wind storm going on outside, right now. 

Friday, 26th February 2010


Woke up this morning around 7h15 - WOW, I overslept!!!!   LOL

Rain has now been added to the "wind".  I honestly don't know if I've ever seen it this windy before.

Wind and rain didn't stop me from jumping in the car to go pick up 2 "Timmies", though. *VBG*


Headed downstairs, in my Studio around 9h00 a.m. and worked on my polka dot quilt.


By 11h00 a.m., Gilbert and I headed out to do our errands, in the wind and rain.

Went to Subway and ordered 2 subs. Usually, we take them home but this time, we decided to eat them there.




They were YUMMY!!!!


Went to Staples and exchanged an old ink cartridge for a free, plastic shopping bag.

Stopped by at Cox Electronics and Communications, to browse around and look at the iPhones.

And then, went to Irving to pick up 2 lottery tickets for tonight - one for us and one for my parents.


And we arrived home around 1h00 p.m. and it's STILL raining and windy!


Spent some time working on my polka dot quilt and then, around 3 p.m., I got bored. Time to do something else.


I pulled out the gifty that I had won last month. The package of "Dimes", in 30's fabrics and a pattern for a table center piece. Well, I managed to finish the top. Okay, it's only 20" X 21", but it's still DONE! Will probably add a 3 inch border on it, tomorrow and quilt it.


Came upstairs, around 8h00 p.m. and watched a funny movie with Gilbert. By 11h30, went to bed. 


It's still quite windy and the rain is still falling. Let's hope it's a nicer day, tomorrow.



Go to Subway, for dinner. Done!

Staples. Done!

Take Thunder (our dog) to our local beach and BRUSH him!!!!   Weather permitting, of course. *s*


Saturday, 27th February 2010


Got up around 7h00 a.m. and went out for coffee, again.


Are we addicted to Timmies? I'd say YES, but Gilbert would say NO.

Does it cost money? YES!!

Do I plan on stopping?  OH YES - In fact, it's part of my "Big Picture" .... the one that I have 1 million dollarz built up, for my Retirement Fund.


Rain has finally stopped and the sky is overcast but OH MY GOODNESS, it's nice and mild out there!  And we're at the end of February, imagine!!!!  UN-BAH-LEEVAH-BULL!!!!


Well, by 11h00 a.m., James STILL hadn't called us, to make arrangements to move his final stuff, uptown!  So, Gilbert and I decided to go uptown and do OUR stuff, anyhow.


We went to the coin cabinet.


Yep - that's me in crocks!

And SEE?!?!?!??!   NO SNOW!!!!!


From there, we went to Brunswick Square and had dinner - that's what we call our 12 noon meal.   I had Chineese food and Gilbert ate a veggie pocket, at Mother Nature's.


Here's a picture of King Street, in Uptown Saint John.

See the lighter colored building, in the middle?

The one with the long black sign, on the side?

It actually reads, "Brunswick Square".

It's one of our 2 malls, in my city center.


Well, from there, we grabbed a couple Tim Horton coffees and high tailed it home.


I relaxed, while sipping my Timmie and re-organizing my stamps.


Gilbert has quite a few coins to put in their cardboard sleaves...


(Front Left) "Toonies" - that's our 2 dollar coins


(Front Right) "Loonies" - that's our 1 dollar coins.

In back of those are some of our missing pennies and nickels,

that we picked up, at the Coin Cabinet.


And here's a picture of our coin album:

(These are our pennies).


Well, it's now 5h22 and my 20 year son, who likes to think of himself as mature, hasn't called us yet!!!

(Can you read my frustration?!??)


Oh well, his move will have to wait till tomorrow, now.


By 6h00 p.m., Gilbert and I decided to eat some nachos and then watch a couple movies.

Matrix - We didn't care for it, so after 3/4 of the movie, we stopped it and played another one, that we LOVED.


I worked on handquilting, at the same time.


By 11h30, I was in bed.



We're supposed to move James' last items.  He's moving uptown.

Pick up more "stuff" from the Coin Cabinet, uptown. - DONE!


Sunday, 28th February 2010


Up at 7h26 a.m. and headed off to grab a couple Timmies (Tim Horton) coffees. 


It's kinda wet and humid and dank and cold and spitting rain outside. Not a very nice morning, so far.


Spent a good part of the morning updating blogs and my personal web pages and helping Gilbert with updating our coin albums.


Well, around 3h00 p.m., my friend Elaine sent me an email. Actually, she had mentioned in yesterday's email that her and her hubby were getting ready to watch the 2010 Winter Olympic hockey game, scheduled for 4h00 p.m., this afternoon. I told her that Gilbert and I never watch any sports on TV - too boring, in OUR opinions. Sorry to all you sport fans out there...


Anyhow, we decided to watch it and after each team scored, she and I would email each other back and forth, along with some photos, too!  And I called her up during the intermissions.  Sooooo, it was actually fun and I can now brag, along with I don't know HOW many other people around the world, that I watched the Olympic 2010 hockey game - Canada won over the USA, BTW. *grin*


 Here I am, watching the hockey game, while hand quilting.


Watched TV till around 11h30 p.m., while working on the "Blues 'N Brights" quilt. I'm hand quilting some designs, along the border.


That's about it.  A VERY un-physical day... meaning I was sitting on my butt most of the day.


NOTE:  Still no phone call from James!  *shaking my head*



Work on some web paging / blogging. - DONE!!!

Work in my Sewing Studio.  Didn't get near it, today!.

Possibly move James' last stuff ... IF he decides to call us. - He didn't call!!!


Monday, 1st March 2010


Got up this morning around 7h30. FIRST of MARCH and there's a wicked snow/wind storm going on, outside!


YEAH!!!   I can stay home today and play!   *grin*


Okay, my friend Elaine has generously offered to mail me some fabric. She's spring cleaning.  Anyhow, she will have 4 boxes shipped to Calais, Maine. These 4 boxes "should" be in Calais, by Thursday or Friday.  So, Gilbert and I have decided to skip the trip to Moncton and go to Calais, by the end of this week.


Did laundry and spent most of my "free" time in my Sewing Studio. I finished ... FINALLY... appliqueing those darn circles and basted the 30's charm package - that's the table center pattern that I had won, in January.


Around 3h00 p.m., we went to Quispamsis and picked up a box of "stuff", that had been offered on Freecycle. We then went to Staples and picked up a paper shredder.


By 7h00 p.m., Gilbert came downstairs, we ate while watching TV and then, went upstairs to watch our Monday night line-up of favorite shows.  I, once again, worked on my "Brights 'N Blues" quilt.


In bed by 11h20 p.m.



Laundry and playing in my Sewing Studio!

Go to Quispamsis and pick up a box of "stuff", that was posted on Freecycle.

Supposed to go to Moncton - Depending on the weather, of course. - Cancelled.


Tuesday, 2nd March 2010


Well, it looks like 7h30 a.m. is MY time to get up. I wonder if I was retired, would it still be MY time, eh?


No plans for today - YIPPEE!!!   s'now 9h05 a.m.  Had my Timmies and now I'm heading downstairs, to do some serious sewing!



Well, I'm writing this at 10h25 p.m and I had a MAH-VAH-LUSS day!!!  Spent most of my day in my Studio.


Completed the "Polka Dot" quilt top - FINALLY.  Gilbert helped me select which block should go beside each other. *grin*




I counted how many pieces are in my "Sparkling Jane" quilt. I needed to know that for it's label.


And that's about it.  A nice, quiet day at home. I truly like that!  *grin*





Wednesday, 3rd March 2010


Got up around 7h00 a.m. and still not too sure on our plans for the day.  We had mentioned going Geocaching - perhaps later in the day.


Replied and forwarded quite a bit of email, this morning.


Well, around 9 a.m., I headed downstairs and basted my polka dot quilt and then, I machine quilted it. This quilt will need to be HEAVILY quilted - it might help with the stiffness of these circles.


Had dinner. Went upstairs to check on my emails and such and then, I was really, really tired.


HEY!  I'm on vacation!!!  So, I laid down for a little nappy and got up around 3 p.m.


Around 4 p.m., I zipped out and grabbed us a Timmies and then, continued quilting on that "dotty" quilt.  Decided to turn the machine off, around 8h30 and head upstairs to watch some TV and continue hand quilting my "Blues 'N Brights" quilt.


Well, with the nappy and the Timmies coffee, I was finally tired around 12h30 (midnight).  LOL





Thursday, 4th March 2010


Awake around 7h15 - YEP!  This seems to be "my" time.


Yesterday, they - the weather experts - said that we were to have strong gusts of wind and flurries, last night and into today.


S'now 9 a.m. and still no signs of snow. Gilbert and I had decided to only go to Calais TOMORROW, due to the forecasted weather.


Well, did some more machine quilting, on that polka dot quilt.... had dinner and then Gilbert and I FINALLY finished that lawn chair!



The so-called wind and snow storm really wasn't all THAT bad and only started late in the afternoon, anyhow.


So far, today, I can proudly declare that I finished Anne's lawn chair and YAHOO... finally made that label for my "Sparkling Jane" and sewed in on the back!!!  Oh yes... And I even paper pieced a label for my "Blues 'N Brights" quilt, too!   But it's not hand sewn on, yet.  I still have a bit of machine quilting on that one, to finish up. *grin*



I'll share pictures of Sparkling Jane, later.


S'now 10h55 p.m. and I'm off to bed.





Go to Bank to exchange Canadian money for US.  Put this one off till tomorrow.

Finish off Anne's lawn chair, with Gilbert. DONE!!!

Quilt - Did that, too!!!


Friday, 5th March 2010


Well, up around 7 a.m. and my first thoughts were, "Oh MY!  Today, we might be going to Calais, Maine!!!"


I'm waiting for my friend Elaine's 5 boxes to arrive at Deringer's - that's a holding warehouse, in Calais. So far, only 2 boxes have straggled in.  We'll call Deringer's around 11 a.m. to see if they finally arrived.



Well, we finally found out that the last 3 boxes were delivered this morning and we left here, around 11 a.m. But before we left, I stopped off at the Credit Union (that's one of our banks) and exchanged Canadian money to US dollars.


Once in Calais, we went directly to Deringer's and picked up the 5 boxes!  OMG, but they were heavy and unfortunately, we didn't have time to stop and open them up... but oh GOSH, I sure was curious!  LOL


Left Deringer's and got the car gassed up, visited Mardens and picked up a few items there and NO, I didn't grab any fabric, either!!! Even Gilbert was proud of me!  LOL


From there, we went and found our FIRST INTERNATIONAL GeoCache!!!!  Gilbert's the one that found it, actually!


Here's Gilbert "signing" the log sheet, in that GeoCache!



And here he is, re-hiding the cache.



We then grabbed a submarine sandwich at "The Sandwich Man".  Tasty and fresh and at an EXCELLENT price!  I highly recommend this spot for a good meal!!!


It's just a small little restaurant, that serve INCREDIBLE subs...

trust me, on this!  *grin*



Then, we went to "Family Dollar", where the line-up, at the cash, was incredibly slow and after 5 or 10 minutes, we walked out. I don't believe in waiting too long, at a cash register.


Our final stop was IGA, for grocery.  S'nice to visit a grocery store where they have different items.


And then, through Canada Customs, stopped off at Timmies for 2 coffees and we were on our way home.


We got home around 6h30, unpacked the car and then, unpacked the groceries.... AND THEN, and ONLY THEN... managed to open up Elaine's 5 boxes.  My heart dropped to my feet!  The most INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL fabrics!!!!



*long sigh*


I'll be blogging pictures of these fabrics, in the near future.


Well, that's about it for today.  S'now midnight and I think I should hit the hay soon.


Over and out.





Go to Bank to exchange Canadian money to US funds. DONE!

Trip to Calais, Maine, to pick up 5 boxes and to do some geocaching! DONE!!!


Saturday, 6th March 2010


Well, we got up around 7h30, this morning and we FINALLY see lovely, bright, eye-blinding sunshine!!!!  I honestly didn't want to complain too much, while on vacation because, I was after all... OFF and LOVE to stay inside and play in my sewing studio, but after awhile, overcast skies and strong winds and cold - well, you know what I mean, it sorta gets to a person, eh?


My mother called us up, yesterday evening. You see, my city is building a COSTCO - should be open the beginning of April.... They have a "Job Fair" that started yesterday. It will run from Friday to Sunday. Gilbert wants to apply for a job there and yesterday, we had to go to Calais, Maine. We plan on going there, today, where he will drop off his resumé.


Anyhow, she calls up yesterday evening and tells us that according to the news, there were approx. 1,000 people that showed up, yesterday, looking for a job with Costco.  They will only be hiring, a total of 100 people!!!   And HEY!... the job fair is for THREE days!  Do the math, everyone!   Gilbert will need a bit of luck and a few prayers to get a job with them.... but he's applying, anyhow!



We left the house around 9 a.m. and headed straight for Costco. By the time that we got there, there were about 40 people standing in front of the door. They had enough people inside and weren't accepting any more.  After 5 minutes, the guy at the door started accepting resumés. Gilbert dropped off his resumé and from there, we went to Sears and Zellers, looking for a set of blades for his electric razor, without success.  He will probably have to buy a new razor as it appears as if the company is no longer making replacement blades for these.


All of the above was in the "East" side of our city. We then headed off to our city center - we call this "Uptown".  At Brunswick Square, we decided to be wise, grab dinner at Mother Nature's.  We  had a vegetable pita pocket, with a side of caesar salad, instead of french fries.


From there, we went back to the "Coin Cabinet".  Last Saturday, one of the salespeople had offered to look up some pennies for us.  So, we picked up 8 pennies and bought a coin book.


Groceries was next on our list and then, we high tailed it back home.


During the afternoon, I decided to tidy up my Sewing Studio and start looking closely at the lovely boxes that Elaine had sent me. I am humbled at her generosity!  These fabrics are INCREDIBLE!!!!


Around 6h30, Gilbert had to grab me by the hair and yank me out of my Sewing Studio - it was time to have supper... LOL


After supper, I blogged about the first 3 boxes of fabrics, and uploaded their pictures, while watching TV.


Went to bed fairly late - around 12h30.





Coin Cabinet, uptown.

Gilbert submits his resume, to work at Costco - keep your fingers crossed!



Sunday, 7th March 2010


Got up at 6h30. I think I was sleep walking the first 1/2 hour. Gilbert had gone to sleep around 9 p.m. last night so, OF COURSE he was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning!


Oh well, I will have to start getting up early, tomorrow.  I go back to work.


Well, this morning, it's now 7h37 a.m. and the sun is shining brightly outside.  This is gonna be a GREAT day!



Around 9h00, I went downstairs and took a bunch of pictures - Elaine's last 2 boxes of gifty fabrics needed to be examined, fondled, touched and photographed.  Once again, it was a rather intimate moment - We were "bonding"... LOL


Managed to start the final machine quilting, on the "Blues 'N Brights" quilt.


Gilbert and I left the house around 11h30 a.m. and went to Kent Building supplies. Gilbert had to return ten (10) floor tiles that we had picked up, yesterday. Yes, they were "grey", but not the same color "grey" as the ones that are on our office floor.  He has to replace a few of them. Anyhow, we exchanged those 10 for 10 that looked closer to the "grey" that we now have on our floor.


Then, we went to Future Shop and Canadian Tire. He wanted to buy himself an electric razor. Did you people know that EVERYONE under the sun is talking about recycling?  And that computer printers are cheaper to buy NEW, use up the provided ink, throw them out and buy ANOTHER brand new one... rather than pick up some printer ink?!?!?  Well, it appears as if electric razor companies are doing the same thing, now.  Gilbert could have bought a new Remington electric razor for 36 bucks (on sale) ... yet, the replacement blades or screens or whatever they're called.. that need to be replaced, cost 36 to 40 bucks?!?!?  Anyhow, he bought himself a no-name brand, for 22 bucks.  He was pleased with that.


From there, we made it home. We weren't going to pick up a Timmies, but my head was nodding off in the car... on the way home. Sooo, we stopped off at Tim Horton's, before we arrived home.


Once home and after I drank my coffee, I was a LOT better. Headed downstairs to finish off the FINAL machine quilting on that "Blues 'N Brights" quilt.  I had to stop for supper but that label was FINALLY sewn on by around 7 p.m.!!!


And in the washer and dryer it went.  I had caught Minou (our cat) snoozing on this quilt, several times. PLUS, I had added strips of chenille and I wanted to make sure that the chenille actually ended up LOOKING like chenille's supposed to!


Did some blogging, finalized my Vacation Log.   Talk about coming full circle, eh?


The FIRST day of Vacation is usually very exciting.

The LAST day of Vacation is usually very sad.


Okay, I'm signing out here.   Till next vacation...





Hoping to finish off my "Blues 'N Brights" quilt. DONE!!!

Photograph 4th and 5th box of fabrics.  DONE!!!



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