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Gilbert & I didn't really get to go anywhere special, this summer, due to circumstances beyond our control. But we still managed to do a lot of fun things!


Towards the end of June, James, my sister Tina & I went to Calais, Maine, for the day.

We stopped off in St. Stephen and did some Letterboxing.

No, we didn't manage to find it, but we nevertheless had fun.

And once we were in Calais, AND since it was such a hot day -

We just HAD to stop at Dunkin' Donuts!!!


A butterfly that James saw on sidewalk, in Calais, Maine

James & Tina, at Dunkin' Donuts

Me, at Dunkin' Donuts



A few days after this trip,

my Aunt Agatha, James & I went to Wickham, New Brunswick,

for a day trip.

On the way there, we stopped off at "The Wood Shed", in Browns Flat, New Brunswick.

If ever you're in that area - his "shed" is open during summer months (he told us), you HAVE to stop there and chat with the Artist! 



James with Bear

Aunt Agatha, with Lion

A wall hanging

The Artist, explaining his works.



We even managed to have a few barbecues, this summer! 

And YES, there are some good Veggie Burgers, out there!  *s*


Table set up - ready for the barbecue!

Gilbert, bringing home 2 Timmies and Timbits, AFTER the Barbecue



We went to our first "Dog Agility Trials", held in Saint John, N.B.,

on the 1st of July weekend.

Once again, it was quite fascinating.

Even "Thunder" (our German Shepherd) was interested!


Dog Agility Trails -

1st July 2005




Then, of course, there's our new hobby and passion - Geocaching...

We started on the 30th of June 2005 and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS "SPORT"!!!

We purchased a couple of TB's (Travel Bugs) and even managed to "nab" a few

and send them on their merry way, in another cache!


Gilbert found the TB -

Broom Hilda the Good Witch

Rosa found the TB - Oscar

Irving Nature Park -

Nature Bin Cache

Overlook the Ball Field


A peace-ful View at Seaside Park



We took a drive down towards Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, one Sunday morning, in August.

We packed a picnic lunch, downloaded some coordinates into our GPS (the gadget

that is required to do Geocaching), instructions and we had a GREAT TIME!

It was a lovely day - not too hot! *s*


Big Comfy Couch Cache,

 in Saint Andrews, N.B.

Locationless Cache - Mural, in Saint Andrews, N.B.

Gilbert sitting in front of the Internet Store - Saint Andrews, N.B.

James & Gilbert - Picnic at St. George Falls, N.B.

St. George Falls, N.B.

James, at St. George Falls, N.B.



NOTE: We also went to Moncton, New Brunswick, to go shopping at Princess Auto

and to do some Geocaching. We managed to find 6 (easy) caches.

We were quite pleased, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures.




Our TBs (Travel Bugs), that we "started".

Follow it's progress, at it travels around the world

(or maybe just Canada... who knows??).


Rosa's TB - The Coffee TB

Gilbert's TB - La Boule Atomique








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