September's Vacation


(2 September - 13 September 2009)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.


Things I "wanna" do, but probably won't have the time, nor the energy, nor the money to do it all... But HEY! it's fun to dream, right?

(NOTE:  Some activities are "weather related"...)



Going to Calais, USA (shopping for fabric, grocery, mail some parcels and picking up to items from Derringer's Warehouse)

Getting winter tires on my car

Going in the country and buying some FRESH veggies!

Going to Wickham - overnight sleepy

Weeding my parking spot

Going to Moncton with Gilbert for a day trip.



Tuesday Evening, 1st September 2009, 4h01 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:


Got home around 4h20, with 2 Timmies!!!  Then, spent almost the WHOLE evening replying to "Basket Block" invitation requests. Today was our 1st day with our BOM (Block Of the Month) Basket Blocks. Watched a bit of TV, with Gilbert, while I chipped away at my emails and Basket BOM requests. *grin*


Went to bed around 11 p.m.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009


We left for Moncton around 8h15 a.m. and had a GREAT TIME!!! 

(NOTE: It takes about 1h30 to 2 hours drive, to get to Moncton, from here.)


The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS.... sunny, but with a nice warm breeze!!!!


We went to Princess Auto and spent a good hour there, looking over their "stuff" and deciding on whether this or that was a good price and whether we'd need it or if the person's name that we got for Christmas... whether THEY'D need it, or not.

(NOTE: Princess Auto is a BIG hard ware store, but they also carry other items... usually, good quality stuff at an great price!)


(I've recently fallen in love with these kind of plastic totes -

they're EXCELLENT for grocery and putting in

"Yard Sale" items... or whatever!  LOL


Anyhow, Gilbert and I picked up a couple of these bags, at PA.


Then, we went to Harvey's, where we had a couple burgers.  Gilbert LOVES Harvey's 'cause they have an EXCELLENT veggie burger!  *grin*


(Me, getting ready to chomp into a burger)



After that, we headed off to Costco.  Last mini vacation, we had gone to Costco and I had become a member, remember?


Gilbert saw this HUGE machine and took a picture of me, on it... with his cell phone.


As you can see by my "shape", I truly DO need a machine, like this...

But, first I'd need to find the spare $1,000.00 AND the room in our home!




Now, the running joke that Gilbert and I have, is that Costco

sells "Fred Flintstone" size packages and portions!


Take a look at just ONE of the foot pedals, on this machine!!!





Anyhow, 2 hours and 227 dollars later, we left Costco - happy, but tired!  LOL


Well, we arrived home around 5 p.m. and Thunder (our dog) sure was happy to see us!   And we were happy to get home and un-pack the car, stretch our legs and look at our purchased "treasures", from Moncton.  *VBG*


We cooked up a Costco (frozen) pizza, for supper and had a piece of Costco apple pie... HOLY SMOKES, but their apple pies are HUGE!!!  LOL


Throughout the evening, I read and replied and/or deleted a bunch of emails...


I got my fabrics prepped for September's Basket BOM (Block Of the Month), watched TV and started to appliqué this cute little BOM block together.


Went to bed around 1 a.m. 'cause I really wasn't tired!   LOL


Thursday, 3 September 2009


Got up around 5h30 a.m. and went and got coffee at Timmies.


Sooooo, we finally got dressed and out the door, for my dentist appointment - that was for 11h30 a.m.


Afterwards, we headed off to Giant Tiger and Gilbert bought himself a pair of shorts and "muscle" shirts, that were on sale - end of the season sale, of course.


From there, we went to "Richard's", where he picked up 2 small brushes, for his drill - don't ask - I barely understand the concept, myself! LOL


Then, back to the West side, where we went to Staples.  I had been eyeing the iTouch for about a year, now. Well, after a lot of discussion and I was ready to put some money on the table - costs had since gone done, since last year.... the young fellow checks and tells me that they didn't have any in stock. I was a bit disappointed....


By then, it was 3h30 and we headed back home....


Well, after one of our "Family Meetings" and a few phone calls, where we had our "fingers do the walking", for price checks and availability, we decided to head out, for Future Shop.


I FINALLY picked my iPod iTouch!!!!



Nope, it's not actually pink - that's the case that I purchased.  *grin*



Sorry, this pic's a bit blurry, but you can see that

my new toy is REAL thin!!!!


Well, by the time that we got home, started supper and sat down to eat, I think it was 8 p.m.!


By the time we made it upstairs to our little office, it was almost 9 p.m. - FINALLY!!!!   I was able to play with my new iTouch!!!!


What a beaut!!!  I've never had one before, and there's SOOOO much to explore - I'll probably be blogging about this, for month's to come!  LOL


Went to bed around 11 p.m. - eyes were having a hard time to stay open!  LOL


P.S. Oh yah!  Gilbert picked up a toy for himself. He had been studying and researching an "Internet Radio".  He, too, finally got one! *grin*


Friday, 4 September 2009 


Awake at 6h15 a.m.  We made home made coffee, this morning.  Gilbert and I played with our toys, while sipping our coffee, this morning.


By 9h30, we decided it was time to head downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast... Gilbert started a double batch of wine, while I was in my Sewing Studio, sorting out, throwing out and clearing out.... sewing "stuff"... laces, threads, ribbons, bindings/rick racks, etc, etc. 


Gilbert came downstairs to put a 2nd coat of white paint, on the downstairs bathroom walls, while I finished the top of an Eye Spy quilt, for Princess Sophia - my niece.


At 3 p.m., we came back upstairs and we watched a pre-recorded show of "Monk".  It was pretty good!  We're Monk fans!!!  *VBG*


Well, we puttered around - Gilbert did his thing while I continued work, in my Sewing Studio. I got both the EYE SPY quilt's batting and backing.... along with my Sparkling Jane's quilt batting and backing ready.... for my Long Arm visit, with my friend... *grin*


Gilbert made a batch of white rice and a veggie wrap, each, for supper. Supper was around 8 p.m. 'cause we didn't realize what time it was and WHOA!!!!!  where did the day go!??!?   *grin*


I managed to figure out how to put my BESTEST music, on my iTouch and each day I seem to be learning more, on my new toy.


Into bed, around 11 p.m.


Saturday, 5 September 2009


Up at 6 a.m.  Gilbert and I sat in front of our computers, sipping coffee till about 8 a.m.  We got dressed and ready to go "Yard Sailing", when Gilbert checked our phone and there was NO SIGNAL. Come back upstairs, call our "Rogers" - that's our internet and telephone provider and they PROMISED that it would be fixed ASAP.  Well, I really don't think I need to write this, but EVERYONE knows that it takes FOREVER to get a "Human Voice" with these kind of people!!!!


Anyhow, we finally slipped out of the house around 9 a.m. and managed to do a few Garage Sales.


Arrived back home around 11 a.m., I gobbled down a quick brunch and ran out the door to go pick up "K-J McLean".... another GeoCacher. We were going to a GeoCaching Event.... a Corn Boil!


Made it to the GeoCaching Corn Boil around 12h30.... socialized with a LOT of other GeoCachers. I even won a TB (Travel Bug) - It was a Door Prize! *VBG*


Then, K-J McLean and I went out and found a few GeoCaches!!!  


Me, logging a "Cache".

Photographer?  K-J McLean, of course!



By 3h00 p.m., we were pooped so we decided to call it a day.


Got home and I logged in my GeoCaches and at 6 p.m., Gilbert said, "Should we be thinking about making supper?"


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Where DOES the time fly?!?!   LOL


Sooooo... headed downstairs and while he made supper, I tried to play "catch up" with our dirty dishes.  The dishes seem to always win, BTW. LOL


Once supper was finished, we headed BACK upstairs and watched a movie, on TV.


I hit the hay, around 11 p.m.


Sunday, 6 September 2009


Okay.... got up REAL early 'cause apparently I was disturbing Gilbert with my early morning (nasal) music....


(Muttering to myself..) "One of these days, I'll get a single bed and move downstairs... *sigh*


Anyhow, we were supposed to go play ... and I use the term "play" loosely, here.... a game of tennis, this morning but it was soooo cold out there and McEnroe (AKA Gilbert) insisted on playing tennis with shorts on - well, we postponed the game till the afternoon.


So, I watched the 2nd Harry Potter movie, in the morning and worked on my Basket BOM (Basket Of the Month)... almost finished THAT block!


We left for our tennis game, around 1h00 p.m.


At 1h20, we were back home.  LOL


A 10 to 15 minute game wasn't too bad, eh?



See the yellow/lime ball?  Gilbert took some pictures of me, practicing....

Well, this proves that I can at LEAST serve!!!


After that, Gilbert went downstairs and continued work on our downstairs bathroom. He's renovating it: you know? fresh paint, major spring cleaning, etc, etc.


I followed him and prepped ANOTHER Basket BOM, in my Sewing Studio.


At 6 p.m., we were in the kitchen, cooking up some pasta and garlic bread.


After supper, I uploaded a bunch of caches into my portable GPS, for tomorrow. 


K-J McLean and I are going on a major Geocaching expedition....


We're hoping for 35 caches but will probably only snag 15!  LOL


Replied to emails and surfed the net - In bed by 11h20 p.m.


New Tennis hobby????  Go click here, for explanation:

"Rosa's World"


Monday, 7 September 2009 - LABOUR DAY!!!!


Up at 6 a.m. and roaring to go caching!!!!


8 a.m. - KJ-McLean arrived here and we took off in my car.  I did (approx.) 15 caches and she did 20, I believe.  Anyhow, her total caches found is 290 and she's trying REAL hard to make it to 300.  Shouldn't be too hard. *s*


We had dinner (that's our 12 noon meal), at the Evansdale Inn:

New owners have taken it over and are still in the process of renovating it.

This inn/restaurant isn't too, too far from where my parents live.


Geocaching led us to yet ANOTHER gorgeous spot !!!


This place is called: "Gerow's Warf",

and is near where my parents live, but I didn't know about this peaceful place!

(yes, that's my car fender...)


Around 4 p.m., we finally made it to my parents, in Wickham, where my Mom had cooked one of my favorite meals:

Salt cod, boiled potatoes with the peeling still on them, crispy (fried) salt fat backs AND a lovely, from-scratch, blueberry cake, with brown sugar sauce!


An ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY French Acadian meal!  I think KJ enjoyed it, as well!


In the meantime, my boss called me up. There was a minor change of plans and she asked if I could go to work on Tuesday (the next day) and Wednesday.  No problem, says I.


Soooo, instead of dilly dalling after supper, we almost had to rush out the door.  Besides, KJ had an on-line meeting to attend, at 9 p.m. and I knew I had to work the next day.


8 p.m. - Left Wickham.


Once home, I took a bath/shower combination, read a few emails and hit the sack (approx. 10h30 p.m.) - I was beyond exhausted - I was BURNT!!!  LOL


Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Change of plans.  I headed into work, today....  Same ole, same ole.


When I got home, I decided to "log" my Geocaching "finds.  That took a good part of the evening, but was fun!


Managed to do quite a bit of dishes, while Gilbert cooked supper.


Yep - I called up Derringer, in Calais, Maine and YES, one of my parcels has arrived!


Went to bed around 11 p.m.


Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Back to work again, today.


When I got home, my parents were just pulling into the front of our home. They stayed for a small visit, dropped off some items and picked up a few of our "yard sale DVD's".


We had supper and afterwards, came back upstairs and watched some TV.


Gilbert went to bed early and I worked on finishing my first Basket block, while watching Harry Potter's 3rd movie.


I went to bed late - 1h30 a.m.  !!!!


Thursday, 10 September 2009


Well, we lost our telephone again, yesterday. Gilbert had called our telephone company and their technician was supposed to drop in between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  And you know what it's like... you don't really want to get "into something" 'cause you KNOW they'll show up, in the middle of whatever you had decided to do.


Anyhow, they showed up around 12 noon and left at 4 p.m.  Our telephone problem was a bit more complicated than what the technician originally thought it was.... At one point, there were THREE TECHNICIANS here!  LOL


Other than getting our telephone fixed.... WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF A GOOD VACATION DAY!!!


*long sigh*


I DID manage to make the BOM (Block Of the Month), from our local quilt shop and start a 2nd one that I'll be needing, for the quilt that I'll be making with these blocks.


Well, after our technician left, I told Gilbert that I wanted to go out - shopping, of all things!!!  LOL


He said, "Let me put things back in order."  The technician had to move a lot of things around here, to get to the phone wires.


*another long sigh*


Well, by the time that Gilbert had finished, it was 6h45 p.m. Most of our shopping malls close at 9 p.m.  It really wasn't worth it.  Soooo, we had another sit-down and decided that I would go pick up some "take-out" food, from Bobbie's and we would go shopping tomorrow.


Jumped in the car and came back shortly with some yummy food.


Watched TV and I worked on my 2nd Basket BOM (Block Of the Month).  Went to bed around 11 p.m.


Friday, 11 September 2009


Got up early again. Gilbert made coffee and we sat in front of our computers, sipping our coffee till around 9 a.m.

Got dressed and left for the East part of my city, for some shopping.

We went to:

Future Shop, to return my iTouch (pink) protector case. It really wasn't useful and I wanted the arm-band one... more practical, for me.

Canadian Tire - Gilbert needed to pick up a few items, for our TV.

Value Village - to waste time, till Pizza Delight opened up. Here I picked up 18 "Wade Whimsies". I don't really "collect" anything... but these are so adorable and I remember seeing them, when I was a kid.  *grin*

Pizza Delight - Gilbert and I gorged out on their dinner (lunch meal) buffet. It was DELISH!!!

McAllister Mall - Rogers, for Gilbert's Cell phone and hopeful update, for an iPhone. No such luck!  You can get one if you're a NEW client, but not if you've been with them for 10 or 15 years.....  Let's not go there - it's still a sore point with me.  :-(

Petro Canada - We had collected enough "Petro Points" to get ourselves a $100 gift card for Home Depot.  We'll be buying a new bathroom sink, along with the plumbing items required, with this card!  Cool, eh?!?

On the Vine - A fruit and vegetable market that we had never had the time, before, to drop in. Here we picked up a LOT of veggies. We'll be making "Tourtières aux légumes" (Veggie Pies), tomorrow afternoon.



Gilbert took this picture of me, while we were in McAllister Mall.

  I'm in front of a little boutique that repairs clothes.

Isn't that the NEATEST spool of thread?!?!?



Arrived home around 4 p.m. and un-packed our goodies.  Played around with my emails - read, replied and/or deleted them.


At one point, I went downstairs and finished off the extra block, for my BOM.


Gilbert and I decided to try something different. We had (home made, of course) sweet potato French Fries, and YES, they were YUMMY!!!!


Went to bed around 10h30 p.m.


Saturday, 12 September 2009


Up around 5 a.m., I left to get some Tim Horton's coffee.


Did some reading, replying and deleting of emails.  We left to go yard sailing, around 8h00 a.m.


Got to our first place at 8h07 and I asked the lady if we were the first people there. She said, "No. There were 3 others before you."


HEY!!!  Come on, people!!!  I thought "Early Birds" were strongly discouraged!!!!




Picked up a few bargains - nothing to write home about.  Came home around 10h30....  We had decided to put off grocery shopping and baking, for today.


We puttered around until my cousin's hubby, David and Robert (my other cousin) came by, with his 1/2 ton and took around our swing.


By the time he and Robert left, it was noon time - time for dinner!!!!


We ate and Gilbert went outside and cleaned up our backyard. I sat down at my sewing machine and sewed a few Siggies (Signature Blocks). Well, to be honest, from 12h45 till 3h30, all's I could think about was a little "nappy".


Finally at 3h30, I listened to that little voice in my head and laid down. Read a bit of Harry Potter and then, I nodded off for a few minutes. *grin*


Gilbert and I watched one of our (new) yard sale DVD's.... "The Sentinel".  There was quite a bit of action. When it gets too scarey, I get out my embroidery or appliqués - and keep my head lowered!  LOL


Due to my little nappy, looks like I'll be in bed by 11h30.


Sunday, 13 September 2009


For the past 2 or 3 mornings, Gilbert's been waking up at around 5 a.m. and therefore, waking ME up at that time.  This morning, we managed to sleep in!  Well, at least till 7h30, anyhow!  LOL


Got up and surfed the net (reading emails, replying to emails and/or deleting emails, reading my favorite blogs, etc, etc.), while sipping on a Timmies.


Went downstairs around 9 a.m. and started working on my siggies. I had 7 to make up but only managed to make up 6.  These will be mailed off tomorrow, from the USA.


At 12h30, we left to go do the groceries. Once we came back and unpacked the groceries, Gilbert started making our tortières (veggie pies).  6 of these had been preplanned and that's what we ended up with.  And guess what we ate for supper?!??  LOL


While he made these up, I tried to play catch up with dishes again.... and almost succeeded, this time!  *grin*


And after Gilbert finished the tortières, he made an unpside down pineapple cake!!!


(Cake's not turned upside down, yet.)


Yep, I know there's only 4 pies in the picture, but trust me - he made 6 of these.  *grin*


Well, I worked some more on the siggies, after supper, while watching the "Bewitch" movie on TV.  By the time that I made it upstairs, around 10 p.m., Gilbert was already asleep!


And to be honest, I crawled into bed around 10h45... exhausted!


Monday, 14 September 2009


Got up around 5h45 a.m. - eager to leave for Calais, Maine, USA. 


My friend, Ida, showed up here, at 8 a.m and we then took off. I can't remember a trip to Calais going by so quickly. We just gabbed and gabbed the whole trip down!


Now, Calais from here takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours to get there AND they're 1 hour behind us. So, usually we get there too early - the stores aren't open. So, we head off to Dunkin Donuts, for a breakfast, which we did. *s*


Soooo.... here's a list of our pit stops, with short explanations.


1 - U.S.A. Post Office: I had quite a few parcels and enveloppes to mail off. It's MUCH cheaper and faster to mail from the USA than through Canada!

2 - Dunkin Donut: Breakfast and I picked up some packaged (ground) coffee, to bring back.

3 - Dropped off Ida, at Mardens and I went to:

4 - Derringer: They're like a warehouse and what I call a "holding station". For 3 bucks, you can have your "stuff" mailed to them and they'll hold it for you.  You then go pick it up. Neat, eh?  Anyhow, 2 of my USA friends mailed me some "stuff" and I was picking this "stuff" up.


This beauty.... a 301A Featherweight.... came from my friend, Elaine!

Elaine ALSO sent me the instruction manual, with this beauty,

the box of ORIGINAL Singer attachments, a cute tin with Singer needles and 2 bobbins AND......

20 (Civil War) Fat Quarters!!!!

Incredible, eh?!??!?


In the meantime, my friend Frummie had received 3 BIG bags of fabric pieces.

Long story short, she asked if I wanted and I accepted.

In the meantime, she had this contest on her blog.

I had submitted my name and GUESS WHAT?

First time to win on a blog, and it was on Frummie's!!!!



TWO YARDS of the cutest fabric!!!!!

Chicken coop fabric and the chickens and rooster(?) fabric to go with it!!!!

She also included a "Hi-Tech" fan - I'll be blogging about that, in a bit.



5 - Mardens: Joined up with Ida and proceed to select and buy MORE fabric!  This time, I was on the lookout for "Bright" colors and coordinating fabrics to go my with "Boring BOM" quilt blocks. LOL

(Note: we were at Mardens for approx. 3 hours!!!)

6 - Walmart: Gilbert wanted a bag of "Cajun" trail mix. I've only ever seen them at Walmarts and he LOVES this mix! Got the trail mix and picked up 3 bags of "Dove" chocolates. He loves these, too! *s*

7 - IGA: Picked up some chicken breasts. Yes, I know Gilbert is a Vegetarian, but I LOVE chicken PLUS, I plan on giving some to my boys.

8 - Gas Station: Filled up the car with gas - needed some to get back home PLUS it's usually cheaper in the USA!

9 - Across the border, back into Canada.

10 - A & W Restaurant: By now, it was approx. 1/30 p.m. and we were getting hungry. Grabbed ourselves a "Teen" burger, a delicious root beer and shared a French Fry.

11 - Once in the city, we met up with her hubby and transferred HER stuff into their car.

12 - Picked up a Timmies, on my way home.


Well, finally got home around 4h00 p.m.  Gilbert helped me unpack the car and I told him about all my purchases. We also unpacked "Cali Elena" from her box and were amazed that she was barely scratched. In fact, she looked to be in pristine condition!


Had supper fairly early. I then returned to my sewing studio and proceeded to put away (and sort) my fabric and quilting purchases... trying to take pictures, along the way.


I managed to speak with my friends (on the phone), that were generous enough to have sent me these TWO big items - my Featherweight (with 20 fat quarters) and the HUGE box of fabric pieces (and hi-tech fan, too)!


Anyhow, after all this excitement and fun - better than Christmas ... almost....  I went to bed fairly late!


What a SUPER, FANTASTIC day!!!!!


Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Got up around 5h30 a.m. and picked up our last early morning Timmies treat, at 6h00.


On my Agenda?

Update my journal and do a blog or two, while sipping my Timmies.

Sorting out Frummie's fabrics. *grin*

Finish off my last siggie.

Do my "House" BOM

Start working on my last Blog winner's gifty.


Oh yah, laundry and dishes have to get done, too....


(more to come)


Motto for the day?

Last day of Vacation = SEWING!!!!

(Don't bother me.... LOL)