March Break (Vacation) 2009

(27 March - 5 April 2009)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.


Friday Evening, 27th March 2009, 4h01 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:

Arrived home and Gilbert was waiting for me. We jumped into my car, picked up dog food, got gas - my car was "hungry", mailed off 7 "Special" Heart 2 Heart packages to my friends and then, swung by Tim Horton's to pick up TWO LARGE coffees! 


Yes - SIR!!!!  What better way to start off my vacation, eh?!??!   *VBG*


Okay, around 6h30, Gilbert and I went downstairs and he cooked up some "Nouilles Etirantes" or "Stretchy Noodles".


After supper, came back upstairs and we watched some tv, but by 9h30 pm, I was in bed - EXHAUSTED.... don't know why....


Saturday, 28th March 2009


Well, I KNEW that would happen, if I went to bed too early. I woke up around 2 a.m. and stayed awake till around 4h30 a.m.


I finally musta dozed off 'cause Gilbert woke me up around 7h30 - I usually NEVER sleep past 6 a.m.!


We left around 9h30, to go pick up my BOM (Block Of the Month), in Quispamsis.  Picked up a package of fabric for 2 bucks, while I was there - BONUS!


We then grabbed something to eat and headed back home.


I spent most of my day, in my sewing studio.... machine sewed the binding on my Spidron and added red, non-shop quality fabric around the baby quilt - it's needed for my friends, to long arm quilt it.  I sorted out and tidied up my sewing studio.


Gilbert played with his computer and computer programs and trying out "stuff" - don't ask.... it's almost too geekish for me, even! LOL


Around 7 or 8 pm, we were in our little office, watching television and I worked on sewing (by hand) the other side of the binding, for my Spidron.


I also found 4 (new) geocaches, in our immediate area that we hadn't "found" yet. Weather permitting, we will be heading out tomorrow morning to "find" these.... 


Went to bed around 10 p.m..... ALMOST finished the binding on my Spidron....


Sunday, 29th March 2009


Woke up, around 6 a.m., to a foggy morning.


My sleep was only interrupted once... 'round 4h30 am and after about 1/2 hour or so, I finally fell back asleep.


I did some blogging, while sipping my coffee.....


Well, by 10h30, Gilbert and I left to go geocaching and afterwards, grocery shopping. We had 4 caches in mind, but managed to find only 2. But HEY!  Thunder, our "Geo-Dawg" had fun!  LOL


Actually, so did we...  *grin*


But the time we arrived from caching and grocery, put groceries away and logged our caches, it was 2h00 p.m. and Gilbert announced that it was too late to bottle the wine.  Oh well, it will be for another day, I guess. *s*


So, around 4 p.m., Gilbert and I headed downstairs and we decided to try a new recipe (Tex-Mex Supper), PLUS make an "Italian Cream Cake".  Supper was EXCELLENT but cake was so-so.


Sewing feats, for the day?  Managed to finish off the binding on my Spidron and started the FINAL special heart quilt block - this one is mine, and I only have 1 more little heart to do.


That's about it... Never seen a day go by so fast, with really not much accomplished.... 'cept some Geocaching and Grocery.


OH YAH!...... R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N.... too! 




Monday, 30th March 2009


Got up around 6 a.m., and it's raining out there!


Played around on the computer and finished MY special "Heart 2 Heart" block. Around 10 a.m., started washing wine bottles and by 1 p.m., we had bottled 2 batches of wine!


Then, went to our bank, to set up an appointment for tomorrow and dropped off my baby quilt, at work, for my friend's hubby to long arm quilt it. Dropped off some clothes at the Salvation Army, too!


Well, around 4 p.m., I went downstairs into my studio and started a new quilty project - an "Eye-Spy" quilt for Gilbert's grandaughter!  By 8h45, I called it quits, for the evening - having had supper, within that time period - and went upstairs to watch a bit of television, with Gilbert.


Okay... 95% of the blocks were pre-cut, I still managed to "almost" finish this top. Hope to work on it, in the morning.


Bed time?  11 p.m. (approx.)


Tuesday, 31st March 2009


Woke up this morning, around 6 a.m. and there was a bit of snow on the ground and some falling. OH CRUD!... Well, at least I don't have to go to work, eh?!??  LOL


I managed to get a few hours of sewing, this morning and finished off the "Eye Spy" quilt.  Just need to find a backing and re-measure the whole thing. *s*


Gilbert and I left the house around 11 a.m. First stop? Canadian Tire - it's a hardware store. Anyhow, he picked up some camouflage tape, to fix up one of his "Geocaches".  Then, we went to Shopper's Drug Mart - it's a pharmacy store that sells a lot of other stuff, too. Anyhow, we got our passport pictures taken, there and he mailed off his package to Quebec.


From there, we headed over to the Vet's. I needed to pick up some flea medication, for Thunder, our dog. *s*


We then headed over to our bank. We had a meeting at 2 p.m., with 1 of the gals, there.


After the bank thingy, we went to the grocery store to pick up some potatoes and a few other items.


Arrived home around 3h30 - 4h00 p.m.... We started filling out our passport application and then, realized that we needed a "grantor" - basically, someone that knows you and can attest to it.  And since we can now use family members, I figured that my sister, Tina, would be the ideal person to help us out.


Headed over to Tina's, where she (kindly) filled out her part and then, returned home.


By then, it was 6 p.m. and Gilbert decided to do some "cooking". He made up tonight's supper, while cooking a "Paté Chinois", for tomorrow evening's supper .. that's something like a Shepherd's Pie and made up a potato salad... no doubt, we'll be eating that during our lunches, this week.  I decided to catch up on dishes.


Anyhow, by the time these meals were cooked and we had eaten supper, it was 9h30 p.m.




Wednesday, 1st April 2009


Well, woke up this morning and the sun came out and WHAT A GORGEOUS SPRING DAY!!!


I played on the computer, answering emails, went downstairs and started playing with Eye Spy fabrics, till Gilbert came and got me. We needed to get ready to leave, for our "errands".


Where DOES the time fly, when you're playing in your sewing studio, eh?!?!?   LOL


Anyhow, 1st stop was Tim Horton's, for a bagel and coffee. That was around 10 a.m.


Next stop, was the Main Post Office, to drop off our Passport applications. Gilbert's photo and application was perfect. Mine had a "whitish" shadow around my cheeks and on my shoulders.


Okay, on the left, is the picture that I had had taken. It's dated 2007.  And Gilbert's picture, at the time, was no better.

OH MY GOODNESS, but it was wicked!!!! 

Honestly, is there anyone out there that LOVES their passport pic?!??

Anyhow, this time around, we were bound and determined to FINALIZE our passport applications.  Tuesday's picture is on the right and I thought it was MUCH better, right?   WRONG!!!  The gal at the Post Office said there was "whitish" shadows around the side of my (lower) face and on my shadows.



So, we head BACK to Shopper's Drug Mart, to get a THIRD picture of me.... go BACK to the Post Office, to submit the 3rd picture, which they accepted, along with my application!  FINALLY !!!!   I'll have my first EVER passport!!!  *VBG*


You're probably wondering WHY I want a passport, right?  Well, the American government decided that IF we wish to visit the USA, starting June 1st 2009, we will need a valid Canadian passport.  And NO, unfortunately, my budget doesn't permit me to travel far, but I do, on occasion, cross over to the USA side (near the border), to shop for fabric and other stuff. *s*


From there, we headed off to the East part of town, to replace one of Gilbert's "Geocaches".  It was like 1/20th of a mile, along a nice path in the woods and Thunder had been invited to come along.  He enjoyed his trek in the woods - as did we - and we even saw some rabbit tracks, in the recent snow fall.


From there, we went to the 1st Shopper's Drug Mart, for a money refund on my picture - the one with the whitish shadows.... and then, we headed home.


By then, I think it was 2 p.m. and I headed downstairs to my studio and played with the 2nd Eye Spy quilt.  Gilbert played with his computer stuff, amongst other things.


At around 6 p.m., I told Gilbert that I had decided NOT to go to my Quilt Guild meeting. Yes, I know it would do me good to meet up with other quilters AND I'm on vacation AND it might do us good, to be separated for a couple hours AND it's only once a month... but GOSH DARN!  I DO enjoy staying at home, too!   *VBG*


By 7 p.m., we had our "Paté Chinois"... that's almost like a "Shepherd's Pie", and then, went for a short little walk, with Thunder (our dog). What a lovely evening, outside!!!!


Afterwards, we headed upstairs to watch some TV.


I think I was snoring, by 10h30.  *grin*


Thursday, 2nd April 2009


Got up around 6h45 a.m. and answered some emails, while drinking my coffee and wrote yesterday's journal. I then realized that we skipped our "forecasted" computer backup!  That will have to be done, today. *s*


Worked on my 2nd Eye-Spy quilt, this morning and by 1h15 p.m., we headed off to the Credit Union, to get our "Income Taxes" filled out.  Turns out we were missing 2 documents. Rushed back home and made a few phone calls and then, returned to the Credit Union. *s*


Gilbert did my monthly computer back-up, in the meantime.


I decided to do a bit of cleaning up, with all the enveloppes and packages, that I had accumulated, in my sewing studio.


Watched TV, with Gilbert, while adding addresses from these enveloppes, and that's about it....


Friday, 3rd April 2009


Got up this morning and my computer was acting up. Gilbert decided to do his magic and it took most of the day to fix it up.

While he worked on my puter, I was in my sewing studio, most of the day....


I managed to do this month's BOM (Block Of the Month) and another "house" block - it's also a monthly thing, but on the net.  *s*




This is this month's BOM. I still don't care for the colors, but at least THIS month, the pattern was a bit more interesting.  I guess I just can't appreciate an "easy" pattern, for once. I'm so used to appliqués and embroidery (with my Heart 2 Heart swap) and paper pieceing teeny, weeny little blocks... *grin*


And the month before last... for the house BOM, well, I wasn't pleased with my fabric choice, in my appartment block. So, I re-did that one. Here's a pic of the House block, from 2 months ago:


The one on the far right, is the one that I re-did.


And here's a picture of our previous month's House/Appartment block:


So, you see, I've been fairly busy.....


It might not appear as if I've done much, in my sewing studio, but I did do some tidying up... I asked Gilbert and he said, "Hmm.. You DID?!??".... LOL


Well, it might not appear (at first glance) that I tidied up, but I DID - trust me!!!  *VBG*


I also took quite a few photos, which I wanted to upload and blog about, but couldn't get my computer to cooperate.... :-(


Watched a movie, with Gilbert, while I worked on my journal and blogged, a bit.


Saturday, 4th April 2009


Well, we got LOTS of heavy rain, during the night and our snow is almost ALL gone!!!!


I picked up 2 extra large Timmies (Tim Horton's coffee) and 2 muffins, this morning.


Since there's been a major screw-up with my computer. Gilbert worked on it most of yesterday and this morning. The "right click" mouse button won't work, on my desktop. It works in my email program, so it definitely WASN'T the mouse itself... although, we did replace it too.... just in case.


Anyhow, Gilbert (and I) realized that March 1st backup was done, separately, on our external hard drive. Sooooo, it took like 5 or 6 hours, but we re-installed the "image" copy from that date. By the late afternoon, I finally had my computer back to "normal" and was only missing a few emails, from the past month or so. No big deal, compared to our other options (i.e. re-install windows and loose EVERYTHING). *s*


In the meantime, I went downstairs in my Sewing Studio and started working on a Christmas table runner, and did a couple loads of laundry.


Around 10h30 or so, Gilbert and I left to do a few errands....

Breakfast/Lunch at Harvey's - Gilbert LOVES their veggie burgers!  They're the best in our city!

Went Geocaching and found ONE (nano) cache!!!

Picked up a piece of wood, at Home Depot. Gilbert wants to make a "wooden" box, for an external (internal) hard drive... for our backups. Don't ask - I barely understand his new project, myself!  LOL

Mailed 3 packages, from our Main Post Office.

Stopped at City Road Bakery and picked up 4 balls of pizza dough. 2 we'll be freezing but the other 2 are for tonight's pizzas.!


Arrived home around 1 p.m. or so and I went in my Sewing Studio and continued working on my Christmas Table Runner. Finished it, around 6 p.m., with turned out great 'cause by then, Gilbert came to join me downstairs, to start working on our pizzas.


Sooooo, we made our 2 pizzas, had supper and then, went upstairs to watch an action movie, while I worked on binding the Christmas Table runner.


Once the Table runner AND placemats are all finalized, I'll be posting pics of them on my blog.... not ready for it's picture shoot, as I haven't even started the placemats, yet. *s*


All in all, not too bad of an evening. Went to bed around 10 p.m.


Sunday, 5th April 2009


I think I went to bed too early, yesterday evening. I was awake at 3 a.m. and after 1 hour of tossing and turning, went downstairs for my "sleeping pill".... a bowl of cereal.  *grin*


That helped - but usually I "oversleep" when I go for the bowl of cereal.... LOL


Gilbert was the 1st to wake up, at 7h15 a.m. and YEP!  that's oversleeping, for me!  LOL


I went out and picked us up 2 Timmies (Tim Horton's) coffees and replied to some emails, updated this journal and blogged....




Dear goodness!  Would you believe that I spent the better half (and more) of this day, in front of my computer, replying to emails and just basically farting around??!? 


Anyhow, by 4 p.m., I FINALLY decided to drag my sorry butt, downstairs and started working on my 1st Christmas placemat. It will (hopefully) match the table runner. *grin*


During the evening, Gilbert and I watched a TV movie, with quite a bit of “action”…. I continued to surf, on the web, rather than pay too much attention to the movie…  Finished off some laundry and washed my hair.


Went to bed around 11h30 p.m.


Had a wonderful and restful week off!


NOTE:  I told Gilbert that I had mentioned, on this Vacation Journal, about his "box". He said it was a "NAS". This means "Network Attached Storage".  But between you and I, I'm glad that he's interested in these kind of projects. It usually makes my computer activities much easier and helpful... PLUS, while he's busy, I'm able to play in my Sewing Studio! 


It's a WIN-WIN situation!!!!    LOL