Summer Vacation 2009

(26 June - 5 July 2009)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.


Friday, 26th June 2009, 7 a.m. - Sick Day:

Woke up this morning and I was feeling like CRAP!!!  Called in sick.

Stayed in bed, most of the day - sneezing, blowing nose, shivering and aching body.... Well, you know what I mean.


Mine started with a sore throat, Wednesday evening, and HEY!!!  Guess WHAT?!??!  Gilbert now has a sore throat, too!


Saturday, 27th June 2009


Got up this morning, after a miserable night of waking up, almost every hour!  I think the worst is over - THANK GOD!


Around 9 a.m., Gilbert wanted me to go with him to a local yard sale... just a few houses from ours.  He picked up some electrical "thing-ah-mah-jig".  I didn't find anything too interesting, through my blurry eyes.


Managed to get a bit of sewing done, today.


Hey... even by 2 p.m., I felt a LOT better and suggested to Gilbert that we go to our local quilt shop and pick up this month's BOM.... which we did.


Around 5 p.m., though my batteries were running down and I went to sleep for a 1/2 hour.  Gilbert woke me up for supper.


We then watched a movie, on t.v., while I did some hand-sewing stuff.  *s*


Off to bed, past midnight.


Sunday, 28th June 2009


Well, got up this morning, feeling a wee bit better AND I had a good sleep, too!


Went to get our Tim Horton's (morning) coffee and I made a list of things that I wanted to do, today... with respect to sewing:

BOM (Block of the Month)

BOM (Block of the Month) - Houses = 1/2 done

Basket Block X 2 - June's BOM

Basket Block X 2 - July's BOM

Finish - Heart Midget Block

Get #s for finished Midget Blocks

Finish Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block #4 (X 2)

Prepare another "Snowman" block

Baste and quilt "Sheep Quilt"

Log Cabin - cut ivory strips

Continue work on Sparkling Jane - that's my Christmas Dear Jane quilt = on going

Start Princess Sophia's Eye Spy Quilt

Finish Princess Sophia's Purse

Work on Fall D.J. (swapped) blocks

Easter placemats or table runner

Finish Anne's lawn chair = 1/2 done


I wrote this list around 10 a.m.... went downstairs and cleaned up my sewing room.... Finished the Heart Midget Block and started making MORE Midget Christmas blocks... and sashing what I had already finished. For some silly reason, I can't stop working on this Sparkly quilt!  :-)


By 1 p.m., I suggested to Gilbert that we do some maintenance on 2 of our "Geocaches".  On our way back, we stopped at the "Pumpkin Patch" and grabbed ourselves ice cream cones!


Once home, I continued to work on my Christmas DJ/Midget Blocks.


Had supper and I decided to continue to "sew". Well, by 8h30 p.m., I figured that it was time that I head upstairs to do some blogging and uploading of my Christmas blocks, to my blog.


Here's what I have done, so far, with this DJ/Midget quilt that I've called "Sparkling Jane"....







Monday, 29th June 2009


Got up this morning feeling much better!   Played around on the computer, uploaded 2 items, to sell on EBay - McCall's patterns....


Around 10 a.m., Gilbert and I decided to start work on that lawn chair, that I need to "re-cover", for Anne, my co-worker.


Well, around 1 p.m., I was sick and tired of working on that chair, so we'll be doing the rest of it, tomorrow.


I went into my Sewing Studio and decided to work on my "Crumb" blocks... I needed some mindless sewing and this was just the cure! *s*


Had supper around 6 p.m., took a shower and Gilbert and I headed off to see a movie - "Hangover".  I thought it was funny and crazy!


I'd give it a 8 out of 10.


BTW, I hadn't gone to the movie theatre in a LONG time!!!  So, it was nice getting "out".  *grin*


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  They're calling for rain and periods of rain, all this week. I can tell you that we had NO rain, today and that tonight, it was a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS summer evening.


Went to bed around 1 a.m.


Tuesday, 30th June 2009


Worked on the lawn chair, until we ran out of yarn.  And since I was still in the mood, I started a smaller chair.


I've been asked to put up an on-line tutorial.... so, I've been taking pictures, as I'm working on the chairs.


Worked on my crumb quilt blocks, after a bit.  Darn!  I WAS going to put away the leftover blocks, but I couldn't help myself and started sewing them, again!  DEAR GOODNESS, but these blocks are addictive!  LOL


I decided to pick up some fast food, at our local fish 'n chip spot - Bobbie's Corner Takeout.  It was delish, as usual!!!!


And finally, I did some blogging, yesterday evening and updated my 2nd Dear Jane web page.


Hit the sack around midnight....


Wednesday, 1st July 2009


CANADA DAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


We headed out to 1 yard sale this morning, in our area, but didn't buy anything.


I managed to put away my crumb blocks and NOT sew on them, again!  I finished the BOM (Block of the Month) that comes from our local quilt shop AND I finished 1/2 of the "house" BOM.


James, my youngest son, didn't move yesterday evening. It's been put off till Friday.


We're planning a little trip, tomorrow.  Should be fun!


Thursday, 2nd July 2009


Well, we got up around 6 a.m. and after drinking our house coffee and waking up, in front of our computers, we left the house around 8 a.m. to go to Moncton, for a day trip.


We first stopped at Tim Horton's in Sussex, New Brunswick.


Now, Sussex is not only lovely with rolling hills of greens and wonderful countryside - VERY PICTORESQUE... but it's also "cow" country.


Grabbed this pic from the car window.  Bear in mind that it was overcast, drizzling at times and we could see low-laying fog, at times.



Here's Gilbert, outside of the Tim Horton's (AKA Timmies) parking lot.  We were leaving Sussex and continuing our journey, onto Moncton.



Then, our first stop in Moncton was "Princess Auto".  This is like a BIG hardware/auto/gardening store.  Even "I" enjoy going there!  Besides, I can usually spot a rather inexpensive and useful, yet "different" item (or gadget?) for the men in my life - future Birthday and Christmas gifts!  *grin*


Popped into Gilbert's favorite computer store (The Parlour), where I picked up a copy of "National Treasurer", the movie, for $5.98.  We loved this movie and Mom and Dad wanted to see it... soooooo, I figured I'd lent it to them and we would start our own DVD library! *s*


From there, we went to XS Cargo.  It's like a BIG store with lots of "stuff", at an EXCELLENT price!  Big and small screen TV's, stereos, small kitchen appliances.... and there's a constant turnover in products.  I grabbed myself a big black umbrella for 5 bucks (approx.) and Gilbert bought his very first Desktop Digital Photo Frame... Okay, it's only 2.7 inches but it was ALSO "only" $14.99!


From there, we went to Mike's Restaurant, in Dieppe.... that's right beside Moncton. We were getting pretty hungry by then.


Gilbert ordered the Pizza and caesar salad and I got a 4 cheese "gondola".



Well, as full as we were, we just HAD to have dessert. Gilbert got himself some kind of apple crisp, with lots of cinnamon and vanilla ice cream and I got a crepe with strawberry frozen yoghurt and raspberry coulis, drizzled over it.  *VBG*




And from there, we went to our last spot..... Club Price / Costco !!!!   I know this is silly, but since I've ALWAYS wanted to become a member there, I decided to break down and JOIN !!!!


Well, Gilbert and I must have spent a good 3 hours, browsing and shopping in Costco.


On our way back, Gilbert noticed some "Sweet Grass" growing along side the highway.  So, we stopped and grabbed some, for our home... and will also try and transplant some, too, in front of our home.


NOTE: "Sweet Grass" is a wild plant that grows here and there.  Gilbert likes to tie up a bundle and hang it up, in our home. It has a nice, natural smell.   My Mom told me that the natives (Canadian Indians) use this plant for ceremonies, over a fire, and for cleansing of spirits... something like that, anyhow. *s*


Arrived home around 6h30, unpacked the car, transplanted the "Sweet Grass", put groceries away, went upstairs to sit our tired butts into our chairs.


Gilbert hit the hay around 11h30 and I, at 12 midnight.


All in all, we had a GREAT time!  *grin*


Friday, 3rd July 2009


Got up around 5h30, to thunder and lightning.... Went to my bank and grabbed some cash, then to Tim Horton's and back home, by 6h15!


We left around 10h30 a.m., since it appeared as if the rain and lightning show was over.


We had errands to do and in hindsight, I think we should have just stayed home.... Let me explain.


First place we went to was Walmart's. I wanted some pages, with little pockets to start collecting stamps. They didn't have any.

I also wanted some nylon yarn - you know, to re-cover the lawn chairs..?... well, they didn't have any.

We wanted 4 spaghetti bowls - you know, the kind that's a bit bigger than a cereal bowl and sometimes has Mexican or Italian designs on it?... well, they didn't have any.


We left there, empty handed.


Then, we went to Kent's and Gilbert picked up some metal screening, to repair a couple windows that our cats clawed to death. He also grabbed some moulding (small strips of wood) to fix up one of our windows.


Then, we went to Michael's (craft store), hoping to pick up that nylon yarn. Nope, they didn't have any.


We went to Staples and Gilbert picked up his laptop. It was repaired and Staples had called us, the day before to tell us that it was in. I checked in Staples, to see if they had any Stamp collecting items... and NO, they didn't.


Right beside Staples is Superstore, a grocery store. We did a small grocery.  Superstore also has clothes and dishes and other items for sale. We decided to look for Spaghetti bowls there.  Nope, they didn't have any, either!


From there, we went to the MAIN Post Office. I figured if anyone had stamp pages, for collectors, it would be them.  NOPE, they didn't have any, either!


Gilbert and I were getting pretty discouraged, by then. We stopped by City Road Bakery and grabbed 4 bagels, for tomato sandwiches.


Then, I asked Gilbert if he would swing by, up-town. I knew there was a store that specialized in coins and stamps. Well, you wouldn't believe it!  It was 12h10 and as we were stuck in heavy traffic, trying to locate a spot to park, we read the sign on the door.....






At that point, Gilbert said, "That's IT!!!  We're heading for home!"


Well, once home we grabbed a bite to eat and around 3h30, I decided to "let my fingers do the walking through the yellow pages" and found a proper coin and stamp store. Called them up and YES, they had the kind of pages that I was looking for!!!  Jumped in the car and picked up a few of those pages!


Around 7 pm., Gilbert and I picked up James at his work place and started moving him.  After several loads, we arrived back here, around 10h30... exhausted....


Tomorrow, we'll be doing a few more moves and that should be IT, for James!!!


Saturday, 4th July 2009


Got up around 7h30, picked up our morning coffee.  Once again, it was raining with lightning and thunder!


That cleared up around 9 a.m. and James called us at 9h30. Soooo, by 10h30 a.m., we were at this doorstep.  Would you believe that we only had to do 2 more loads... but last night, we were just too tired to continue!


Arrived here, around noon time... grabbed a bite to eat and I did a lot of sorting and re-organizing.... in my little office and a bit in my sewing studio. Did some dishes and 1 load of laundry, too!


Caught up on my "Vacation Journal" and blogged.


Well, as planned, we had some nachos, cheese and salsa for supper. Then, headed upstairs and watched T.V., and I hand-pieced a Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block.


We went to bed around 11 p.m.


Sunday, 5th July 2009


Last day of vacation and we woke up around 7h30 a.m.! 


WOW!  I NEVER get up that late - I think I could get used to staying at home!   LOL


And HEY!  Guess what?!???!?   The sun was finally shining, when we got up!!!! 


First day of sunshine and last day of vacation - Murphy's Law, eh?!?!?   LOL


Okay.. the sun shone for 1 hour, then the clouds rolled in.... AGAIN... and we got a couple nasty periods of DOWNPOUR and around 6 p.m. (approx.), the sun came out... and STAYED!


I was mostly in my sewing studio.. re-organizing and throwing out. By mid-afternoon, I was able to do a bit of sewing - FINALLY!


It's now almost 11 p.m. and as I read my "to-do" list (see last Sunday's entry), I realize that I didn't do ONE THIRD EVEN, of what I wanted to get done.....  but HEY!  I managed to do a whole bunch of OTHER stuff and STILL manage to relax!  LOL


Till next vacation!!!!