September (Vacation) 2008

(5 September - 21 September 2008)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st -  It's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.


Friday Evening, 5 September, 4h16 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:
Had to work 16 minutes overtime, before I could leave work.... Since we're waiting for "Hanna" - a wind and rain storm that's supposed to hit our neck of the woods, Saturday and especially Sunday, we probably won't be leaving for any trips till it's all over. *grin*


Gilbert arrived with 2 LARGE Tim Horton's coffees!!!  Great start to our vacation!


Gilbert played on the computer, while I headed downstairs and worked on my FFFs - Fabulous Fall Frolics Dear Jane Swap blocks.


Around 8 p.m., Gilbert made us a wonderful "poutine" - that's french fries with cheese curds and gravy, on top. Then, we watched "La Brunante", a new French (Quebec) film, about a lady who has alzheimers. It was a very good movie, IMHO.


In bed by 11h30.




 Saturday, 6 September 2008

Got up around 6 a.m. and I picked up 2 morning coffees + 2 bagels.


I sewed a bit, this morning and around 11 a.m., Gilbert and I left to do a bit of shopping.


Grabbed lunch at McAllister Mall - out East - that's our biggest malls, in my city.


(Gilbert getting ready to eat.)


(Me, in front of my combo!)


 Then, we went to to one of Gilbert's favorite stores, looking for a "projector".


(Arrow pointing at Gilbert, in front of Future Shop)


He wanted to be able to project his computer television on our home screen. Those projector things are expensive!!! The lowest cost for one of them was $500.00 (approx.) and we STILL weren't sure what kind of image it would give us.  So, we started looking around at those "thin" televisions. Now, THOSE prices have gone done.

(Gilbert trying out one of those fake living room

with television areas, in Future Shop.)


Anyhow, to make a long story short and 5 more trip to different stores, we came home with a 32" television along with a "bracket" to hang it on our wall, in our office. Time of arrival?  Around 5 p.m. My feet were KILLING me!!!



(Here's Gilbert's new toy...)


Television is not hanging on the wall, yet. Gilbert plans on working on it, tomorrow. Hopefully we won't loose power, with Hanna (the storm) on it's way.


Weather wise, so far... we've had thick fog, cloudy skies, sunshine tried to peak through later on this afternoon and as I'm typing this, at 8h10 p.m. the fog has rolled back in.


I finished my 4th set of FFFs (Fabulous Fall Frolic Dear Jane Swap blocks) and started working on my 5th set.


Anyhow, since we had a HUGE supper, we decided to munch on chips and pop tonight. Yes, I know it's not the best.... but sometimes you just gotta ride the wave!  HEY!! we're on vacation!!!  LOL


Gilbert continued to work on his new toy... trying to get the bestest image, possible... for him, while I sewed downstairs, for a bit. Around 9h30, I figured I had enough sewing for the evening and came upstairs, to relax.


Tomorrow's another day...




Sunday, 7 September 2008

Well, around 11 p.m., last night the rain started.  Woke up this morning around 7 a.m. and it was still raining - no winds, thank God!


Went out and picked up 2 coffees for Gilbert and I. Then, around 8 a.m., I went downstairs and worked on the FFF blocks, again.


Around 10h30 a.m., Gilbert comes downstairs and we start getting breakfast/dinner ready and he says to me, "I should go outside (in the rain) and check on our sub-pump, just in case.   I checked it, yesterday afternoon and everything was dry down there, at the time."


We have a (dirt) crawl space, for a basement and our sub-pump sometimes gets full of little bits of dirt and it blocks. Well, guess what?!?!?  Our basement was FLOODED, with maybe 4 feet of water and the sub-pump had gone on the blink, again. *GROAN*


(Some of the water had already been pumped out before I took this picture)


To make a long story short, our neigbour lent us HIS sub-pump and we started evacuating the water from the basement.


(Another view of our basement)


(Here you see the long fireman hose that Gilbert used, to re-direct the basement water.)


(And another picture of our water fiasco.)


Sun came out around 12 noon... Adam, my oldest son, dropped in for a visit and as I write, the sun is still out and it's hot and rather muggy, too.


Hanna, the storm, didn't turn out to be too, too bad, after all... when you read what damages she caused in other parts of the world.


Anyhow, just when you think you have a nice, peaceful (read SEWING day) in front of you, something always happens, to change your plans.... I sometimes call it "Life got in the way".  *grin*


Well, it took up until 6 p.m.(?) till our basement was completely pumped out!  And Gilbert kept checking on it and when he finally managed to reach OUR pump and he checked it out, it was fine!  We think that there was just too much water coming in and the city sewerage pipes were just TOO full, during Saturday night and Sunday morning to be able to evacuate all that water. Thank God!


After supper, we started packing for our trip to Neguac, tomorrow morning. *grin*


Went to bed around 11 p.m....


Monday, 8 September 2008

Got up early, finished packing our bags and the car and left around 7h30 a.m.


Stopped off in Sussex, around 8h25 a.m. and grabbed a couple Tim Horton's coffees - AKA "Timmies" along with a couple bagels.


Arrived in Moncton around 11h00 a.m. and found a geocache that a fellow cacher had placed and named it after us. Luckily, we were able to find it and sign the log book. But it was a fairly long hike in the woods. I'm SOOO out of shape that I was exhausted, by then! LOL


(Thunder and me, on the way to the geocache)


Then, Gilbert had promised himself to buy a more powerful sub-pump, for "emergencies". So, we went to "Princess Auto".... spent about an hour there and then, went to Subway for a couple veggie subs.


Left Moncton around 2h00 p.m. and only stopped at Rogersville around 3h15. Once again, Thunder, our German Shepherd needed to get out and stretch his legs and we decided to look for another geocache. Found it and signed the log on that one, too. *s*


Arrived in Miramichi (pronounced Mairy-Mah-shee) around 4h00 p.m., checked into our hotel room and high-tailed it to the local fabric store, in Miramichi. I figured they closed around 5h00 p.m., which they did!  Anyhow, I picked up a few pieces of fabrics - mostly polka dots and batiks and a few "trimmings" for the "Heart to Heart" block swap.


Arrived in Neguac around 5h30 p.m. and went to find another cache. OH MY GOD!!!!  We were only out of the car for maybe 5 minutes and the SKEETERS came out, in full force! I have never, EVER seen that many skeeters, all at once!  We RAN back to the car and unfortunately, once doors were closed and windows rolled up, we had taken along maybe 50 new passengers!!!  Gilbert drove out of there, while I, as co-pilot, became the "Skeeter Killer"... slapping my hands and sometimes squishing them against our windshield. It was like a horror movie!  LOL


Then, went to visit my aunt Rosemarie and her family, and my other aunt, Edith.


Went to eat at Chez Raymond's, a spot where Gilbert LOVES the "poutines"! By then, it was around 7h15 p.m.


Sun was setting and we were in a hurry to get back to our hotel room, in Miramichi and Gilbert got stopped by the Neguac RCMP. We had been following the car ahead of us, for about 20 minutes. The cop said Gilbert was doing 112 km/hr and we were in a 80 km/hr zone. We told him that we were following the car ahead. He argued that they were going a lot slower than us!


Heck!  If we were going THAT much faster, we would have ran him down, by then, right??!?  LOL


Anyhow, THANK GOODNESS he gave Gilbert a "warning" and not a ticket!


Finally made it back to our hotel room - this time, following the speed limits (LOL), unpacked, checked our emails and I crawled into bed by 10h or so. I was EXHAUSTED!


(Thunder was exhausted too!)


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Once again, we got up early, grabbed the free breakfast at the hotel, packed the car back up and left the hotel room. We had a lovely ground floor room, with a sliding patio door. Easy for me and Thunder!

(Here's Thunder making his way back to our hotel room.)


We decided to grab a geocache, in Miramichi, before we left the area. What a lovely spot!  It's a nice wooden, walkway, beside the Miramichi river... sometimes called "The Mighty Miramichi".


(Here's Gilbert and Thunder)


They built a "fake" ship, with benches around it. Talk about neat!  *grin*

Geocaching sometimes takes you to places where you would normally have not visited.


(Here's a better picture of Gilbert and Thunder)


(And here's one, of me and Thunder)


9h50 - we were driving by "Baie Sainte-Anne"

10h06 - we stopped at "Pointe Sapin". Tried to find a geocache, but couldn't find it. We figure it was MIA.


(Here's me, trying to find the geocache amongst those BIG boulders!)


(But, on the other hand, even though we didn't find the cache,

look at the gorgeous scenery we got to see!  *VBG*)


11h32 - we were in Saint-Louis-de-Kent.

12h noon - in Richibucto. We did a pit stop and got directions.


Afterwards, we made it to Bouctouche and had a BIG slice of pizza at Greco's. By then the clouds were rolling in and we decided to cut our trip short and take the quickest way back home. Scenic tour of the coast was cut short. *s*

Cut through to Saint-Paul, then Moncton and after Moncton, we stopped at Salisbury, at the "Silver Fox" Irving Convenience and Restaurant. We grabbed a Timmies, there and hightailed it, back home.


Arrived home around 4h30, unpacked the car, checked our mail and emails, had supper and just relaxed in front out our computer/television.


All in all, it was a long but GREAT day!  *grin*




Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Got up around 7h15 a.m. and did a coffee run.  On vacation, I just don't feel like drinking our "house" coffee... *grin*


I cleaned out my "office" space, as Gilbert wanted to "hang" our new television on the wall, also got a few parcels ready, to mail out tomorrow and sewed, most of the afternoon, on my FFF blocks. I'm doing my last set of 5 and can see the finish line! *VBG*


Gilbert worked mostly all day on hanging up the television and cleaning our "stuff", before putting everything back.  My office space has changed a bit, and for the better, I believe.  I am going to "try" and keep it clean, this time.  Gilbert doesn't believe me - maybe he knows me better than I do! LOL


Adam, my oldest son, came over to borrow Gilbert's long ladder and then, returned shortly afterwards, with the ladder.


Gilbert and I built ourselves a pizza for supper. Didn't feel like doing that, but he encouraged me and it got done and YES, it was good. *s*


Today was basically one of those relaxing days, where we didn't stop but it certainly wasn't stressful.


I "was" going to go to our sewing guild and work on "whatever" - apparently it's open on Thursday's from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., and you can work on whatever you wish.  Changed my mind - didn't feel up to it.  We will be going out tomorrow to do some errands, instead.


Went to bed around 10 p.m. - once again, I was exhausted!  Sure it tiring to be on vacation!  LOL




Thursday, 11 September 2008

Got up around 6 a.m. and did another coffee run. *s*


We left the house around 10h30, and went to the bank. Gilbert had some rolled coins that he wanted to cash in. From there, we went to my work to pick up some "window clingies" that I wanted to give to my sister, Tina and my niece. Then, we went to Brunswick Square, where Gilbert returned a cable he had purchased at Radio Shack, a few days ago. In that same mall, I was able to mail out a few packages/enveloppes.  THEN, we went out East, to eat at Swiss Chalet. YUMMY!  And from there, we stopped at my sister Tina's, to drop off some French books and the window clingies.


Back home around 3 p.m. I read my emails and then, went downstairs to sew!  Did a few Siggies and straightened out my sewing room, at bit.


Gilbert came downstairs around 6 p.m. and prepared 3 caseroles - 2 to freeze.


I went back to the sewing room for about an hour, after supper and came back upstairs around 9h30.


Not too long afterwards, Gilbert went to bed. He was EXHAUSTED!  *grin*


I stayed up till 11 p.m. and at one point, was chatting with a few friends, on Yahoo Messenger.


That's about it, for my day.  Nice and relaxing!




Friday, 12 September 2008

Well, we got up at 7h00 and started getting ready to go visit my Mom and Dad. They live in Wickham and that's about 1 hour's drive away, in the country.


Once there, Gilbert started working on her computer. She needed a new anti-virus, a program installed for her external DH, for backups and a few other software items. And you all know what computers are like. You think it'll only take 30 minutes and WHOOSH... the whole day's gone by! LOL


Actually, it wasn't that bad, in her case. *s*


Around 11h30, Mom sent me outside to go pick some string beans, for dinner - that's our noon meal. She grabbed some baby carrots and baby potatoes.  We got those cleaned up and ready and then sat down for a scrumptious meal.  Gilbert's a vegetarian but that didn't stop us from having "salt cod", with our meal.  No?  You've never had that before?  Well, you gotta come to the Maritimes to try it out - it's delicous!


I took a few pictures of the pond, in their back yard:


Everything's so lush and green - probably from all the rain that we've had, this summer!


They've got a small, hand made deck, there.  And Dad stocks the pond with trout.


Just before we left, I snapped a picture of my parents:

They are now both retired, living in the country and are EXTREMELY happy!

(I think I envy them, at bit.... LOL)


Anyhow, we finally left their place around 5 p.m.


Took a picture of the ferry that we take, to get to their place.



Figured it'd be pretty neat to show you a picture of THIS ferry, as we're supposed to take a much larger one, next week... on another one of our trips. *grin*


Anyhow, got home and unpacked the car. Gilbert decided to watch t.v. and I went downstairs to sew some Christmas Siggies and watch the news about "Ike", the storm, as it was supposed to hit Texas at it's max., around 2 a.m., their time.  I was quite worried about some of my Janiac friends, living in that area.


Anyhow, I stayed up, sewing till about 1 a.m. Managed to make 50 (blank) siggies to send off.




Saturday, 13 September 2008

Got up at 6h20 a.m and I think we'll be sticking around, today - actually, for the next couple days. They're announcing rain till Tuesday, I believe.


Well, by 10h15 a.m., I updated my 2nd Dear Jane web page - "Dear Jane Has Friends" and updated my blog, also.


Still overcast and yucky, outside...


Finished up the extra siggies to make a bundle of 60 (blank) Christmas siggies, to send off to the Swap Mommy and packaged them up. I've decided to go to Calais, Maine to mail them, and invited Barb Honey to come with me. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish off the FFFs (Fabulous Fall Frolic swap blocks) tomorrow and get them ready, also, to mail off from Calais.


Gilbert and I had a little nappy around 4 p.m. For some reason, we were tired. Slept about an hour, or so.


Went to deliver some food items uptown, for James, my youngest son. He's been having difficulty, lately.


Then, 1/2 cleaned up my Studio. By then, it was 8 p.m. and Gilbert wanted to watch a movie. So, I left the Studio there, for tomorrow.


Watched the movie and went to bed around 10 p.m., or so.


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Got up around 6 a.m.


Cleaned up my sewing space and by 9 p.m., I had finally finished my FFFs and packaged them up, to send to Frummie. Yes, I know they're only due in January 2009, but I wanted them OUT OF THE WAY!! LOL


What a crazy day, today was!  Seems like I was on the phone all day... compared to most days! *grin*


Mom called me up maybe 4 or 5 times. My Aunt called up twice and came to visit twice. My sister called me up, once. I, myself, made several phone calls. Dropped off my "Angel" quilt, to my cousin Alice and even went to visit my sister, afterwards!


Anyhow, all in all, it was another great day.... tomorrow, I leave (alone) to go visit Barb Honey and then, we scoot over across the border, to do some shopping. *grin*


Should be fun.


Monday, 15 September 2008

Okay, the previous evening I had called up Barb Honey, as I was to pick her up this morning, between 8 and 9 a.m.

And I HATE to be late. Guess what?  I got up at 7h34 - don't ask me how I over-slept, but I did! Had to call her up, as soon as my eyes had focused a bit and told her that I would be a bit late. *grin*


Anyhow, eventually made it to Barb's home.... had a quick tour and then we were off to Calais, Maine, USA, for some serious shopping!


We first went to the USA post office, where I mailed a parcel to Frummie, Judi and Phyllis. Then, we headed off to Mardens' where I picked up (approx.) 20 different polka dot fabrics!  They're GORGEOUS!!!


After about 1-1/2 hours there, we went to eat at "The Sandwich Man" - great subs for a great price!


Then, off to IGA, where we picked up a bit of groceries.


I dropped Barb back at her place around 3h30 p.m. and arrived at my place, around 5 p.m.


Once home, I put away groceries and showed Gilbert all the wonderful things that I had picked up. He then informs me that our hub switch had gone on the blink and that he needed to go to Staples and pick one up. Was I interested in going with him, he asked me. Well, not really, but I hopped in the car with him and we picked up a new "hub switch". NOTE: For you non-geeks out there, that's a little black box that switches the internet connections within the house. At least, that's what I understood it was for! LOL


Came home, cooked up supper and then, prepared ourselves for our trip to Grand Manan... Leaving early in the morning.


That's about it.... had an EXCELLENT time with Barb!!! We chatted up a storm and rarely was there a pause, in our conversations. LOL




Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Got up early and packed up the car as quickly as possible. Time of departure? 7h20 a.m. Grabbed a Timmies - that's a Tim Horton's coffee, in Saint John, for our trip to Black's Harbour.


Arrived in Black's Harbour at 8h08. You have to go to Black's Harbour to take the ferry to Grand Manan - New Brunswick's biggest island.


Took a few pictures, as we were waiting for the ferry:

(Beautiful scenery)


(Along the shores, in Black's Harbour)


(Many, MANY, little islands scattered here and there.)


(A billboard with lots of businesses listed, for Grand Manan)


(And here's OUR motel, listed on the billboard!)


(Finally, we get to board the ferry!!!)


(Gilbert with Thunder.... )


(Me, with Thunder.)


Yes, I know I've got my old rain coat on, but we're planning on doing some geocaching,

while on Grand Manan!  *grin*


Anyhow, we got off the ferry and onto Grand Manan Island around 11h a.m. Tried to find our motel - GPS wasn't really doing it's job and as they say, sometimes it's fun to get lost - you get to find new spots! *grin*

(Gilbert, at Whistle Point, Grand Manan, looking out at the sea.)


This ended up being our favorite spot, for Gilbert and I!


(Another view, at Whistle Point, on Grand Manan.)


Anyhow, one of the locals showed up, while we were at Whistle Point and gave us instructions on where our motel was located.


So, we headed back to North Head, stopped at a craft boutique and picked up a $3.00 map of Grand Manan.


(North Head Wharf)


Finally made it to our motel room, where we re-grouped and figured out what we'd do

and where we'd go. Lady at the counter gave us a FREE map of Grand Manan Island.... *groan*


(Gilbert un-locking the motel door)


(Picture taken from the OUTSIDE of our motel room.)


From there, we headed off to Anchorage Provincial Park, to do a "virtual" cache.


(Anchorage Provincial Park - What a lovely spot!!!)


Well, Gilbert and I left that spot and realized that we needed gas, DESPERATELY!


Anyhow, on the road, looking for a gas station, we spotted these beauties, in front of someone's house. We couldn't resist!  We stopped and took a few pictures!  *grin*


(New Zealand Red Deer)


(Another picture of the New Zealand Red Deer. These ones appeared to be a bit skittish.)


Well, by 2h00 p.m., after asking directions, we were told that there was only ONE gas station, on the entire island. We finally located it - gas was at $1.45/litre!!! But, we had no choice.


After gassing up, we decided to go grab  a bite to eat. We had been told that "Gallaways" was an excellent family restaurant. Soooo, we high-tailed it back to North Head.


I had fried clams and chips and Gilbert had a poutine with garlic bread and cole slaw. And YES, it WAS an excellent spot, for lunch!  *grin*


(Doesn't it look yummy?!??!)


(Even Thunder was permitted to be with us, on their deck!)


Well, after lunch - it was around 2h30 p.m., by then, we decided to do a couple geocaches. One was way, deep in the woods and we didn't care to do any bushwacking for a cache, but the 2nd one was called, "Overlooking Whale Cove"... and YES, we found the cache container!


Time?  It was around 4h45 p.m., by then.


(Gilbert reading the logs written in the geocache container. What a view, eh?!??!)


(Another pic of Gilbert with the cache content's spread out.)



The lady at the motel had recommended a few spots to go see, on Grand Manan Island. One of them was "Dark Harbour) - on the OTHER side of the island.


(Dark Harbour.)


(Another picture of Dark Harbour)


What a lovely pictoresque spot!  While we were there, a few fisherman arrived and prepared their boats and took off. It was the strangest thing. We couldn't figure out "why".  It was around 5h30, by then....


Anyhow, by then we were getting a bit tired. Probably the fact that we got up early to catch the ferry, all that fresh air on the ferry, then all that hiking to find geocaches.... we decided to head back to our motel room and rest for the evening.


But, before we did, we went to the ferry ticket office and pre-paid/reserved our trip back, on the 7h30 a.m. ferry ride - for the next morning.


(Gilbert in our tiny room, checking his emails.)


(I'm sorry, but I HAD to take a picture of the toilet paper, in our motel room - it was PAPER THIN!!!!)



Well, that's about it. The television remote didn't work - thank goodness the room was small! 

We didn't have far to go to change channels!




In bed by 9h00 p.m.  I was EXHAUSTED!!!!




Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Well, we were up by 5h00 a.m. We both didn't sleep very well. Gilbert kept nudging me because he said I was snoring to lift the room off - Who ME?!?!?  (LOL)... and I didn't get much sleep 'cause he kept nudging me!


Anyhow, we quickly got dressed and packed, made it to the ferry terminal around 6h30 a.m. and I scooted across the yard to a restaurant there... grabbed us a couple coffees and then, at 7h00 a.m., they started getting the cars onto the ferry, for the 7h30 crossing. It takes about 1.5 hours, for the ferry trip.


(Picture of wharf, at ferry terminal, to show you how high the tides go.)


Arrived in Black's Harbour, commonly known as "Blacks" or the "mainland",

by 9h00 a.m. and in Saint John, by 10h30 a.m.  Boy!  I hate to admit it, but it's fun to go on a trip, but it SURE is NICE to be BACK HOME!!!  *VBG*


Unpacked the car and put away our items....


After dinner, Gilbert and I puttered around in our own "stuff". I played around with my (new) polka dot fabrics and prepared packages to be mailed out to Jacqui - we're swapping polka dot fabrics.


Later on, around 1h00 p.m., we went out to do some errands: mail off a parcel to Jacqui, pick up a couple car parts for my car, another trip to Staples - don't ask (LOL) and then, back home, again!


Gilbert prepared a nice supper - pasta with salad and he even took the time to light up one of my candles!  *grin*


Afterwards, we watched a bit of television and I updated some of my vacation journal but was too tired to do it all.


Went to bed around 10h00 p.m.




Thursday, 18 September 2008

I woke up at 6h30 a.m. and patiently waited for Gilbert to wake up. He finally opened his eyes at 7h30 and I went and got us some Tim Horton's coffee.  *grin*


There's no Tim Horton's on Grand Manan Island - I sure missed my timmies! LOL


I puttered around in my studio most of the day.... sorting out and preparing packages of fabric to send off to Australia, in the coming weeks and cleaning up my studio. I also made my last FFF block, for me!


Around 12 noon, we took off to the barbershop - Gilbert needed a haircut. From there, we went to Lawton's, where I mailed one of the parcel's to Australia and then, came back home.


By then, we decided to have a bite to eat. Gilbert made us some coffee, on our coffee machine. He noticed that it was dripping, at all. Anyhow, we had our meal then, I took off to Tim Horton's AGAIN, for coffee, while he took the coffee machine down from under our kitchen cupboard and brought it upstairs in his workshop, to see what the problem was. Mind you, the machine's about 10 years old.


Anyhow, machine is caput!  We'll be shopping for a new coffee machine, tomorrow.


Spent some time, sorting out my patterns, printed from the internet - heart blocks, basket blocks and flower blocks patterns and put them in plastic, transparent pockets and into a binder.


Gilbert decided to cook potatoes, fresh asparagus and fresh string beans, for supper. YUMMY!


We came back upstairs, to our "office" around 8h30 p.m. He watched television while I updated my "Vacation" web page AND updated my "Birthday Siggie Swap" web page.


Went to bed around 11h30 p.m.


Friday, 19 September 2008

Good GRIEF!!!  Friday already!!!


Got up around 7h00 p.m. - it's a gorgeous, fall day!


We left around 11h00 a.m. and first went to Sears. Didn't care for the coffee makers, there. After that, Future Shop - they had 1 that we were interested in, but decided to check at Winner's, just in case.


Well, Winners was the "winner".... we picked up a nice coffee machine!  Thank goodness!


Afterwards, we went to eat at Harvey's and then, made it home by 1h30 or so.


Arrived home, unpacked our new coffee machine and made some coffee.... NICE brew!  *grin*


I did some laundry but spent most of the afternoon on the computer, doing some web page work - almost finished my "Quilt Page" - finally!  It's a "split" web page and rather complicated, but Gilbert helped me to understand the basics of it and once I got the hang of it... it was fairly easy. *grin*


Watched a movie at 9h00 p.m. .... "Deal" - a movie with Bert Reynolds.


That's about it....


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Got up around 6h15 a.m. and decided NOT to go to Fredericton, for the Geocaching event. Budgetary reasons PLUS I wanted to stay home and sew. *grin*


Finished working on my "Quilt" web page... And around 10h00 a.m, went downstairs and worked on my "WOVEN" Tumbling blocks table runner. I want to submit this to our Quilt Guild, for a Christmas exposition and Mom suddenly took a REAL liking for it.  I wonder what SHE'LL be getting for Christmas, eh?... LOL


Adam, my oldest son, showed up for a visit and then, around 4h00 p.m., we left to go visit my sister, Tina. Her hubby needed help setting up his home web cam.


We left there around 6h30 p.m. and picked up a U-Bake pizza and U-Bake garlic fingers, at "Big Daddy's Pizza".  Once we were in the door, we popped them in the oven and had a delicious meal, with beer. *grin*


I finished putting the binding on my table runner and brought it upstairs, to hand sew the rest of the binding, while we watched some television. *grin*


Didn't get to finish it, as I was getting tired. Went to bed around 10h30 p.m. and that, folks, was my Saturday.  *s*




Sunday, 21 September 2008

Got up around 7h00 a.m. and headed out to pick up 2 Tim Horton's coffees. Another gorgeous, fall day.


Okay... updated my "Woven Tumbling Blocks" table runner, on my blog this morning and replied to a few emails.  Around 10h00 a.m., I headed downstairs and sewed on my "Heart to Heart" block swap. At the end of the day, I had made 4 heart to heart blocks!



For some reason, I can't seem to find the correct settings, on my camera.

The above picture is with the flash and the one below is

WITHOUT the flash.



And that's about it. Nothing more exciting... back to work, tomorrow...