March Break (Vacation) 2008

(29 February - 9 March 2008)



I decided to write a journal, for 3 reasons:

1st - it's fun!

2nd - Vacations just whiz by and you quickly forget what you did. *s*

3rd - To share with friends and family.




Friday Evening, 29 February 2008, 4 p.m. - Vacation STARTS!!!:
Decided to drop by the grocery store, after work to pick up some cat food. Four cats sure do eat a LOT!  Gilbert was already home, by then, and had picked up 2 LARGE Tim Horton's coffees!  What a great way to start my holiday!


Gilbert had picked up, across the street, an old computer that our neigbours were throwing away, with their regular garbage. This evening, he plugged it in and "played" with that, for a bit.


I worked on my 2nd DJ-Heart Block and finished it. It was an appliqué that I had started during my break, at work.  Got my 3rd one ready - another appliqué.


Managed to get another package ready, to send to Australia. As I'm cutting out my plain triangles and sewing my triangles together, for my Dear Jane quilt, I'm putting aside some fabric "chunks" to share with others. Hope to mail this one out, this weekend. *s*


We've got errands to do, tomorrow. Not sure if we'll get a chance - they're calling for ANOTHER snow storm, starting tomorrow morning.


Went to bed around 10h30 p.m. 



 Saturday, 1st March 2008


Got up around 6h30 and I went out to pick up our traditional Saturday morning coffee. Snow hasn't started yet, but it sure is cold!   Thunder, our German Shepherd dog, came along for the ride and was treated to 2 Tim bits! Those are the "holes", from donuts.


Gilbert and I had some errands to do and he wanted to do some "maintenance" on a couple of his caches. This has to do with our other hobby/sport -


Well, they were announcing another snow storm, so we high-tailed it out of the house around 8 a.m., did his 2 caches and our errands and YES, it did snow while we were on the road, and some roads were rather tricky, but we made it back home around 1 p.m., safe and sound.


Added another blog, on my "", about computer maintenance. Will be doing my regular Hard Drive maintenance, shortly and then, doing the monthly backup, afterwards. 


Spent most of the afternoon, working on my Dear Jane triangles - working on my 3rd row!  Major snow storm started up, in earnest, around 3 p.m.  and there's blowing snow, out there, too!  Gilbert fiddled around with his old computers.


Gilbert had his weekend "drinky-poo" and I decided to join him. His favorite drink is a Martini - stirred NOT shaken 'cause we couldn't be bothered to use our shaker thingy! He puts in equal parts of Vermouth (white) and Tangueray Gin, with 3 queen-sized, stuffed green olives and 2 or 3 ice cubes. As there was no "mix" in the house for MY drink (living with an 18 yro son makes all pop and juices, mysteriously disappear.. *LOL*), I had a cinzano on ice.


During supper, we then had a glass of red wine. I figured that it was Saturday and if I didn't get any sewing/appliqué'ing done, later, it would be okay. Would you believe that I was able to work on one of my DJ Heart Block (appliqué), later on in the evening?!??  LOL


NOTE:  Diet has been blown to hell, in the past 3 days - gotta get back on track with THAT!  *grin*


Anyhow, hit the sack around 10h30 p.m. Snow had finally stopped and streets weren't plowed, by then.


Probably gonna need to shovel, sometime during the day, tomorrow.


Sunday, 2 March 2008


Got up around 7h30 and there was LOTS of snow.  Our neighbour, BLESS HIS HEART, cleaned our communal driveway, with his snow blower, around 9 a.m.


Had a late breakfast - okay, it was noon time by the time that we ate!  Haven't really done much, so far and it's now 1h20 p.m.  Need to hawl my butt, out there, and shovel... *groan*



Okay, Gilbert and I spent about 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes shoveling and cleaning up our cars.


Left around 2h30 to go pick up the computer stuff, that Gilbert wanted... grabbed a coffee on our way back.


Did some laundry and sat down to do some DJ appliqué's, on my "Heart Blocks", while watching some TV.


Seems like  I really didn't do much, today.... I guess I'll have to call it a "relaxing day". *grin*


Went to bed around 10h45 p.m.


Gilbert goes to work, tomorrow and I stay home!  *grin*


Monday, 3 March 2008


Got up early - 6 a.m. and Gilbert left for work. Sun is shining.....


Okay, sometimes the best plans never come to fruition. James, my 18yro son, told me at 8 a.m. that he had the stomach flu, during the night. *sigh*


Cleaned up his mess and decided to clean up the kitty litter box, sweep their floor, give them fresh food, etc.


Looks like I won't be able to do my errands, today. But there's still FOUR MORE DAYS!  *VBG*


Pieced some more triangles and got a whole bunch of parcels, for "swapping" ready to be mailed out, this week. Finished off yesterday's laundry and did some dishes.


I then made a DJ block, for my 2nd DJ quilt - the one that is done mostly with swaps from our Janiacs.


Gilbert had arrived home, from work with 2 Tim Horton coffees - Thank God! I didn't get my "real" caffeine fix, yet, today!


We ended up having a late supper as he was busy with his old computer stuff and I was working on my DJ block.


Updated the web page for my 2nd DJ.... and that's about it. Not too exciting and VERY relaxing!  *grin*



Plans for the day:

See family doctor for regular check-up.

Get James' I.D. picture taken, up town.

Pick up eye glass lens

Make appointment to bring in my sewing machine for it's annual cleanup/maintenance.


Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Got up a bit late, this morning, with Gilbert and plan on sewing, unless I get off my butt and do the errands, that I've promised myself, would get done this week.


Its a + 5 Celsius outside and it's only 8h30 am - snow seems to be melting but the sky is grey and covered. Tomorrow is supposed to be a crappy (read: more snow) day, so it might be best if I do these errands, today.


Made a DJ block (E-4 = Buffalo Tree Hopper) for Shirley, as a swap, in the morning. Got all the parcels ready, to mail out.  *s*


Okay, around 11 a.m I decided to get out of the house.


Went to take my sewing machine - it was due for it's annual (1st one free) maintenance, to the store where I had purchased it, December 2006. To make a long story short, the owner and I kind of got into an argument and I will definitely NOT be going there again!  Even if I have to drive to the nearest one (2 hours away), I will!!!


From there, went to my Aunt's to show her my progress on my "Angel" quilt and for a little visit. Afterwards, went to Shopper's and mailed off some parcels - swap items with other Janiacs. Then, I went to the "eye glasses" store, where I left them my glasses... one of the lenses was scratched and they're going to replace it. Left with my old eye glasses - took a bit getting used to. *s*


Apparently, they'll be ready by 4h30, tomorrow and they're not far from here, so that's really no big deal.


Came home, read some emails... and still upset with the previous argument.... then, about 45 minutes later, got a call from the sewing place that my machine was ready to be picked up.


Left the house, went up town, picked up the machine... stopped at Olsen's - our local "vegetable and meat" store, came home and started cooking up a batch of Uncle Ben's oven rice.


Rice went into the oven around 4h30, Gilbert arrived around 4h40 and it's now 6 p.m.


Now I understand why retired people say they don't have "time" to do "anything" and "WHERE DID THE TIME GO??!?"   LOL


Oh, and the doctor's out this week. I called up and have booked an appointment for the 19th. Sooooo, all my "to-do" things, have been done. Now, I've got Wednesday and Thursday to sew to my heart's content!  *VBG*


Friday, Gilbert is taking the day off and I know we have a few errands lined up, for that day. *s*






Book appointment for family doctor - regular check-up - Done: appointment for the 19th.

Get James' I.D. picture taken, up town - He wants to go on his own - Fine by me! LOL

Drop off eye glasses for a new lens - Done! Will need to pick them up, tomorrow.

Bring in my sewing machine for it's annual cleanup/maintenance. - Done!.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Okay, got up with Gilbert around 6h55 a.m. Slept in a bit, which meant that he had to rush, a bit, to get ready for work.  Roads didn't look all that great, this morning. We had more snow during the night - maybe 2 or 3 inches and we're supposed to have freezing rain, this morning.


Played on the computer, answered emails, updated Jo Spindle's DJ Christmas web page (she's my friend), and concluded 2 DJ swap contracts! I now have 10 DJ blocks to sew for EACH of these gals!YOOPEE!! I love swapping.. can't figure out which I prefer - when they receive my package, or when I receive theirs!  LOL  Either way, I figure that it's much better than receiving bills and junk, in my mail box!  *VBG*


Almost dinner time (that's 12 noon meal, for us) and I need to get moving!



Okay, had dinner with James, did a lot of dishes and tried out a new recipe, for supper - Mushroom Turnovers... A LOT of preparation for so-so taste.... Put THAT recipe back on the shelf! *s*


Came back upstairs and did some more computer stuff. Really didn't get to sew, today...


But tomorrow, I'll be working on those DJ swap blocks!


It started to rain/freezing rain, all afternoon - therefore, I didn't dare go out and pick up my glasses. Probably will do that, with Gilbert on Friday.


Gilbert went to bed around 10 p.m. ... I stayed up - wasn't tired. *s*



Pick up my eye glasses, around 4h30.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Got up early, with Gilbert and the minute he left, I started sewing!


Figured that I had best get going ASAP on those 20 DJ blocks, since I was off and didn't plan on leaving the house, today... even though it was a gorgeous, sunny day, today......


Anyhow, managed to make 7 DJ blocks, total, and have 3 all prep'd and ready to appliqué!  Cool, eh?


Gilbert arrived around 4h45, with 2 (large) Tim Horton's Coffees, to start his mini vacation!  First time he's had a "long weekend"/vacation, since last September!  He had even worked Monday through Friday during the Christmas/New Year's period!


Anyhow, he fiddled around with his computer stuff and I sewed some more....


Went to bed around 11h30... All in all, a GREAT day, in MY books!  LOL


Friday, 7 March 2008

Gilbert's OFF today!!!!!  *VBG*


Got up around 7 am and I went to Tim Hortons, for 2 Xtra Large coffees. *VBG*


Headed out the door, around 11 a.m. James had to bring in paperwork and pick up his new uniform. He got a job at McDonald's and starts his "orientation" on Monday!


Anyhow, dropped James off at Simms' Corner and Gilbert and I then headed to the barber shop - he needed a hair cut. Afterwards, we went to (finally) pick up my eye-glasses.  Headed off to the North End of the city and ate at Pizza Delight.


Well... our diet was blown to hell, with their WONDERFUL and DELICIOUS buffet!  LOL


Left there, and we were STUFFED!  LOL


Went to pick up a few items at the grocery store and headed home.


Once home and since it was a GORGEOUS spring-like day, Gilbert (finally) fixed the kitchen door, so that I can now lock it, from the outside!  That, in itself, is a HUGE improvement to my life!  *grin*


Then, he went upstairs and fiddled around with his computer stuff and I went into my sewing room. This was around 2 pm. Worked on my DJ blocks, for the block swap, and Gilbert finally came downstairs, around 6h30 and asked if I was going to finish soon and if I wanted a "drinky-poo" - our weekend "drink".




Okay, shut off the sewing machine and my iron.... and we both had a rum with coke and tequila and a squirt of lime and lemon juice...  Yes, it was good. *grin*


Even though, after our buffet meal, we thought we'd NEVER eat again (LOL), we had nachos, melted cheese and salsa, around 9 pm, while watching a movie. Afterwards, I was able to work on some "appliqué" blocks, while watching the movie.


Gilbert headed off to bed around 11 pm and I, for some reason, wasn't tired and stayed up until 1h30 am.


P.S. As I read our list of "Errands", I realize that Gilbert and I had decided NOT to go to the "Re-Store" as that was in the East Side of the city and it really wasn't necessary. We were simply curious and wanted to see what this store had.



Haircut for Gilbert - DONE

Visit Re-Store - CANCELLED

Pick up my eye-glasses - DONE

James needs to drop off paperwork, for his new job - DONE


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Gilbert and I got up around 8h00 and I headed out to Tim Hortons. We had won 2 free coffees, with their promotion - "Roll Up The Rim".


Answered a couple emails, updated Jo Spindle's Christmas DJ web page and updated this site.


Worked on the DJ swap blocks, today... I'm almost finished - can't wait to send these little "darlings' off, to their new owners! *grin*


Around 3 pm, left to go to the funeral home. My cousin's mother-in-law passed away, suddenly and as I knew her and her hubby, popped in to pay my respects.


Blew the diet again, for supper. Gilbert made up a batch of french fries and we had a "Poutine Italienne" - pretty darn good, too!  LOL


Tonight, we change the clocks and more the time forward - hate those darn time changes!!


Worked on some of the appliqués, for the DJ blocks and watched TV.


Went to bed around 11 pm.


Sunday, 9 March 2008


Got up around 8 am - new time... Had coffee and answered a couple emails.


Have I got rocks in my head?!??  I had promised that I would NOT sign up for the DJ Siggie Swap, this year. I felt that I had too much going.


Yep!  You guessed 'er!  I just signed up!  LOL


That's over 100 blocks to make and sign and make sure that they receive it BEFORE April 30th!


Anyhow, got my 1st load of laundry, on the go...


9h50 am. - More to come....




TO DO (not in order of priority, unfortunately):

Sew - if I get a chance


House work

Get ready for work, tomorrow.... :-(