(Updated: 2 March 2010)

NOTE: " * " after the names, means "completed kites"

Plain Janes   -   0 Triangles

Fancy Janes   -   1 Triangle Completed (or more)
Mary Carole Allen (1) Scrapolicious Jane
Madelyn Anderson in IL (3) Challenge From The Past
Bev Austin in Colorado (1) Happy Days Jane
Peggy Sue Aydelotte (1) Trip Around the Rainbow Jane
Brigitte Baierl in Poland * Moni's Assisted take-off
Brigitte Baierl in Poland (1) my MERRY-GO-ROUND
Celine Bailly in UK (3) Travelling Jane
Marianna Bergkamp in the Netherlands (2) * Love, Sweat & Tears
Polly Birmingham in WV (9) I am Jane in Jewels
Dianne Bowles in Australia (3) Am I Insane for Jane
Bernadette Brickley in Australia (5) * UN-NAMED
Judy Cain, upstate NY (2) Humility Jane
Julia Camilleri in Australia (5) * Getting To Know You, Jane
Tina Chelgren (2) Baby Jane Meets Aunt Grace
Debbie Collarin (3) Debbie's Very Long Jane Journey
Cindy Collum (2) UN-NAMED
Darlene Cott in MA (2) UN-NAMED
Verity Creekmore in SC (2) UN-NAMED
Debra Crine in NJ (1) Sweet Baby Jane
Brenda Cunningham (8) Dear Jane is Sew Delightful
Steffini Dameron in WV (7) Scrappy Jane
Rebecca Daniels (1) * UN-NAMED
Lindy Dare (7) Sewing my DJ Together As I Go
Annette DeBose in TX (9) * Therapy Jane
Joyce DeLucia (5) UN-NAMED
Sarah Doty in TX (2) * The Recent Unpleasantness
Elly Dunbar (7) * Cow's Tail Jane
Lori Ehrman * UN-NAMED
Jennifer Elder (5) UN-NAMED
Liz Fitzgerald (2) UN-NAMED
Jean Folkes Pray for Peace
Cynthia Forrest (3) * UN-NAMED
Jenn Friesen (3) Java Jane
Glenys Gallagher in Lancashire, UK (7) Reawakening with Jane
Jenny Gilbert Australia (3) UN-NAMED
Maree Graff in Australia (7) ** Scrappy Jane in 1930
GrammyKathy (2) I've Got To Be Nuts
Cindy Gray in Illinois (5) Konfetti Partay
Kay Greene (5) Delaware Jane
Karen Groves in Alberta, Canada (3) UN-NAMED
Cynthia Hague in Saanichton, BC, Canada (2) In Memory of Granny
Cynthia Hague in Saanichton, BC, Canada (1) Freddie
Suzanne Hansen (1) Perfection is Highly Over-Rated Jane
Amy Hart in Ont., Canada (3) UN-NAMED
Becky Hebert (4) ** My Prozac
Kimberley Hess (3) Dear Jane, See Spot
Jeri Holt (7) * UN-NAMED
Joanne Hopwood (2) * Where's My Kit?
Ingrid in Northern Ireland (6) No I'm Not Doing it Again Dear Jane
Cathy Jackson in SW FL (4) UN-NAMED
Kathy Jones in SC (4) UN-NAMED
Inga Helene Juul in Kvaefjord, Norway (1) Arctic Jane and Blog
Randy Keenan in NJ (9) UN-NAMED
Annemiek van Kuik, Netherlands (4) * UN-NAMED
Valerie Langue in Illinois (2) UN-NAMED
Lynda LaRoche in CT (5) ** Memories with Jane
Dee Locke (4) UN-NAMED (#2)
Marilyn in GA (1) In Jane Asylum
Fran Martinez (1) UN-NAMED
Monica Massanyi in Ohio (1) For Clara Jane
Carolynn Maupin (2) UN-NAMED (BOM JANE)
Melissa in NJ (8) Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows
Lisa Miller in CO (3) Jane in the Style of Lisa
Janet Monnett (7) Holding Hands with Jane and Martha Jane
Cyndie Alvarez Necoechea (2)  UN-NAMED
Molly Nelson in WA (5) UN-NAMED and 2nd Web Site
Judy Norman (8) Scrappy Jane Dough
Lynette O'Rourke in Australia (3) * UN-NAMED
Reichel O'Rourke * A Study in Black in White
Reichel O'Rourke (6) ** Jump In and Do It Jane
Ellen O'Sullivan in MA (2) UN-NAMED
Nancy Patout (8) * Happy Jane
Kathy Patterson in Midwest USA (1) My Baby Jane Keepsake
Joanne Pereira (2) A Vanilla Bar Special Jane
Christina Pomeroy (2) UN-NAMED
Wanda Putnam (8) Positively Jane
Wanda Putnam (8) Jane's Not Negative
Lynn Ramstad (4) UN-NAMED
Jeanette Rees in NC (2) Life with Jane
Kathy Rees in FL (2) UN-NAMED
Teri Reymann (4) * Somewhere in Time
Susan Rinaldi (7) To Thine Own Jane Be True
Diane Russell (7) UN-NAMED
RVJan (1) Travels with Jane
Sharon Sample (2) Simply Sample-Jane
Beverly Sherman (1) UN-NAMED
Jill Snyder in WV (2) *** UN-NAMED
ShJuanda St.Clair (8) UN-NAMED
Barb Starkey in WV (2) UN-NAMED
Cindy Temple in WA (4) UN-NAMED
Theresia in Oregon (2) UN-NAMED
Anne Tomanelli in CA (1) UN-NAMED
VaNella (Nell Benton) in VA (8) * In Remembrance
Kimberly Whispell (1) My Misfit Jane
Elaine Wicks in Australia (9) Jane in Blue
Rosemary Youngs ****


Katie Ziegelmayer (4)


Kid Janes (formerly Baby Janes)   -  

10 Triangles Completed

     Deanna Ahern in Michigan  

Baby Bright Lights ****

     Deanna Ahern in Michigan

Baby Flirty Thirties **

Debbie Albers SweetPea Jane & Sanity Acre
Connie Anderson in IL UN-NAMED
Lorraine Anderson in Sask., Canada UN-NAMED
Babes in MN UN-NAMED
Debbie Baumgartner UN-NAMED
Sally Behrend UN-NAMED
Sheila Belyea in Maine * UN-NAMED
Carol in Southern California Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Cindy Boring in NC Lou Jane
 Joyce Bruce Indicision
Cheryl Camp** UN-NAMED
Charlsey UN-NAMED
Lukie Chapman Skool Daze
Betty Chen in NYC UN-NAMED
Jennifer Chiaverini * UN-NAMED
Brian D. Clements in Colorado UN-NAMED
Betsy Cooksey UN-NAMED
denise/deBrat In Time of Sorrow
Claudia Donolli * Bella Janee
Fran Donophan in VA & MD UN-NAMED
Lynda Doring in NY Moving Along With Jane
Susan Evans in Florida Just Susan's Jane
Pam Fisher in Phoenix Freedom's Child
Beth Garner * UN-NAMED
Ruth Garrett in OH (7) UN-NAMED
Corinne Geller in CA ** My Celebration with Jane
Fiona Gray UN-NAMED
Nancy Guilfoil **** Thoroughly Modern Jane
Jean Hammons* UN-NAMED
Wendy Hausauer in Alberta, Canada #1 - UN-NAMED (30's)
Wendy Hausauer in Alberta, Canada #2 - UN-NAMED (CW)
Ann Hillis UN-NAMED
Barb Honey in B.C., Canada Janiac Insomniac
Nancy Huggins in Missouri * UN-NAMED
Jenifer in Missouri UN-NAMED
Marie Johansen UN-NAMED
Sandy Johnson in MN UN-NAMED
Annette Johnston in Alberta, Canada Remembering Elizabeth
Judi Kipling *

My Journey with Jane,

One Step at a Time

Janet Klipp in Missouri ** Nearly Jane
Dianne Latendresse in Sask., Canada CW Fresh Start
Kathy Leake in No. California UN-NAMED
Eileen Leonard UN-NAMED
Dee Locke ** Jane in the Shadow
Kathy Dahme-Lorch in SD * In Times of War, Make Piece
Lorraine in IA UN-NAMED
Wendy Lugo UN-NAMED
Nancee Marchinowski in Michigan * Amish Sentiments
Joan Markowitz in PA **** Jane is Almost Amish
Gisa Maruhn in Germany Challenge in Red
Kathy Messner from CT UN-NAMED
Sandee Moline in NJ * Betty Jane
Susan Moore in Australia In Times To Come
Caron Mosey in Michigan ** Dear Sammy Jane
Suzanne Nezworski UN-NAMED
Kathryn Noland UN-NAMED
Juanita Olson UN-NAMED
Shirley Osewalt in FL Scrappy Blue & Brown Jane
Patty in Augusta, Georgia Live Happily Ever - Now
Joan Pettett UN-NAMED
Carol Pittman (x2) UN-NAMED
Jane Renton from South Africa UN-NAMED
Kathy Smith in Maryland UN-NAMED
Caroljoy Spensley in IL * Plum Crazy
Steffi **** UN-NAMED
Sylvia Stranahan * UN-NAMED
Susan-Jane in Portland UN-NAMED
Betsy Taylor in CA UN-NAMED
Carmela Thompson in North Carolina**** Jane's Addiction
Inger Menne-Thomsen DK UN-NAMED
Rosemary Turner * UN-NAMED
Jeri Wagner in MO Liberty Jane
Denise Werner* UN-NAMED
Yvonne in Plymouth, UK ** Pilgrim Jane
Ruthann Zaroff  **
Dear Jane Visits Belleville

Teen Janes   -   20 Triangles Completed

Jean Amundsen Jean's Addiction
Jill Becker UN-NAMED
Mary Becker UN-NAMED
Annelies van den Bergh from the Netherlands Drôme provençale
Christine Brasacchio in NY A Stitch in Time
Connie Brooks in OH * Jinny Jane
Julia Callanan *** UN-NAMED
Susy Carpenter, WA **** Jane, Dear
Linda Clark in IN * Through Times of Trial Jane
Catharine Claytor DJ #1 *  & DJ #2 *
Natalie Collins ** UN-NAMED
Jean Critchley ** UN-NAMED
Veronique Crolus * UN-NAMED
Janell Crosslin in LA ** UN-NAMED
Kathleen Davidson in AZ * UN-NAMED
Kim Dublin AKA kim in ky Two Lane Jane *
Linda Egge * Learning from Jane
Jean Folkes Tripping Through the 30's
Pia Gade* UN-NAMED
Terrie Hawkins **

Done is Better than Perfect,

A Learning Experience

Jane Herbert* UN-NAMED
Sandy Johnson, MN UN-NAMED
Kathy in Nashville **** UN-NAMED
Judy Keim in CO UN-NAMED
Helen Marie Kirby Jane's Southern Accent
Marlene Knight * UN-NAMED
Andrea Koziol Pretty in Pink
Andrea Koziol 1800's Christmas Jane
Dianne Latendresse in Sask., Canada **** Sizzling Hot Jane, Baby!
Judy Lindsay from Lacey ** UN-NAMED
Margaret McCaughey UN-NAMED
Sherry Meyer ** UN-NAMED
Judy Miller **** UN-NAMED
Keri Minnick *** In Leornian Tide
Jane Monk in Tasmania **** Jane's Dear Jane
Judy Nelson Elizabeth
Virginia Ohr UN-NAMED
Janet Rausch *** Jane's Bali Holiday
Lynn Robitaille in Ont., Canada UN-NAMED
Terry Rogan in Kentucky Inspired by Jane
Sharon in Sydney UN-NAMED
Wilma Dunn Simons, in Western NY A Salute to Uncle Melville
Nancy Singer in Ont., Canada In a Time of Change
Jo Spindle ***

Dreamin' of Jane (Web Shots) and

Dreamin' of Jane (personal)

Diane Starr UN-NAMED
Ranette Tonsfeldt in OK Surviving 3 Teens Jane
Debra Van Dien Neilson *** War Time 2005 Another fight for Freedom
Margie West UN-NAMED

Lady Janes   -   30 Triangles Completed

Pat Boyle**** UN-NAMED
Karen Bonter in BC, Canada **** Eccentric Jane
Suzanne Dumontel **** UN-NAMED
Mary E. Hickory ** UN-NAMED
Catherine Klein ** UN-NAMED
Connie Lebel in NH **** Live Free with Jane
Robin Lindquist UN-NAMED
Sherrye Livingston UN-NAMED
Margaret McCaughey in Oak Flats, NSW Australia UN-NAMED
Kathi Massey in Georgia **** UN-NAMED
Melanie Montecillo UN-NAMED
 Sandra Morgan **  Brown Eyed Jane
Linda Nelson in NM ** See Jane Quilt
Marilyn Novaes UN-NAMED

Stacy Olivas *

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That
Diane Patry, Quebec, Canada * Fearless Jane
Linda Serle (x2) UN-NAMED
Bonny Stonemark in Colorado * UN-NAMED
Nancy Veach UN-NAMED
Vivs **** UN-NAMED

Princess Janes (formerly Fancy Janes)   -  

40 Triangles Completed

Darla Bohn UN-NAMED
Connie Boulay **** UN-NAMED
Mary Hartmann-Bowden ** Scrappy Happy
Irene Buechlein in NJ ** UN-NAMED
Billy Carmichael ** Jane's Whispered Prayers
Carolin in Oregon (x2) UN-NAMED
Pati Cook **** UN-NAMED
Jan Cotton **** UN-NAMED

Lesley Suzanne-Douglas **

Jane Made Me Blue
Nancy Eckrich **** UN-NAMED
Goldie in NH **** UN-NAMED
Lynne Gray UN-NAMED
Natalie H. in Australia **** UN-NAMED
Karen Harrison UN-NAMED
Bente Hawkins ***

All Shades of Blue

Nancy Hemstreet *** Dear Jane On Holiday
Ann Hillis **** UN-NAMED
Nancy Hoffman **** Dear Jane Visits PA
Janice Kelley **** UN-NAMED
Catherine Klein **** UN-NAMED

Lynnette Kleinau

Deb Kloss UN-NAMED
Linda Lowery **** UN-NAMED
Judy Lynn**** UN-NAMED
Jeanne Meddaugh **** UN-NAMED
Joes Meester UN-NAMED
Judy Meyer * UN-NAMED
Judy O'Connell **** UN-NAMED
Sherrill Pecere **** UN-NAMED
Samantha Rowan **** UN-NAMED
Ruth in West Michigan**** UN-NAMED
Susi Schaefer **** UN-NAMED

Mickie Sharkey in WY ****

Jane's Daring Adventure
Irene Sorensen in Australia *** Jane of Oz
Linda Speers **** UN-NAMED
Linda Sterle (x2) ***** UN-NAMED
Kathy Timmons in Nashville **** A Time of Change
Diana Voyer **** UN-NAMED
Jen Ward **** UN-NAMED
Irene Watson **** UN-NAMED
Trudy Wells in Southern New Jersey UN-NAMED
Winnie in Illinois UN-NAMED
Anky Zentjens **** UN-NAMED

Triangle Queens   -   52 Triangles Completed

Mary Albino in Wash. State **** Jenny's Dear Jane

Judy Armfield ****

Fernande Authuys in Belgium **** UN-NAMED
Claire Baker **** (Goddess) UN-NAMED
Carol Bishop in TX **** Thoroughly Scrappy Jane
Kirsten Bjorneboe in Denmark **** Piece by Piece
Toni Brenker in PA **** UN-NAMED
Gayle Burkett (AKA Gayle in Georgia) **** It may take forever Jane
Angela Butler in NJ/FL **** Teal Batik
Julie Clarke in Australia **** UN-NAMED
Judy Clements **** Till We Meet Again
Leona Clissold in Australia **** Becoming Jane
June Coller in WA In Time of Unity
Pati Cook in Phx UN-NAMED
Jackey Creedon in MO **** A Trip with Baby Jane
PJ Davidson in WA *** Elnathan Jane
Ruth Davis in Utah UN-NAMED
Barbara DeNike in NJ **** UN-NAMED
Linda Dennison in NY * 1930's Dear Jane Quilt Journey
Michel Du Mont in FL **** Finally, Jane
Judy Ehrlich in AZ **** UN-NAMED
Denyse Eisenhardt **** Kiawah Jane
Elsie **** UN-NAMED
Cathie Farmer in Alberta, Canada ** UN-NAMED
Heidi Fisher in Missouri **** UN-NAMED
Karen Flanscha ** UN-NAMED
Karen Goad in Arkansas **** Insanity
Anne Gordon **** UN-NAMED
Linda Grosmeyer **** UN-NAMED
Karen H. from Ontario (AKA quiltbug) **** Morningside
Kathy Havelka in Kansas **** Ten Year Survivor Jane
Sue Hodge **** Joys of Retirement
Nancy Hodson in Bloomington, IN ** UN-NAMED
Linda Holzheuter **** UN-NAMED
Linda Hritz in OH * Conceived in Spirit and Love
Tomi Jane **** UN-NAMED
Penny Jones from SC **** With God's Grace
Louisa Jordan in SC **** The Impossible Dream
Sheila Juarez **** New Beginings
Sheri Klaich - Chicago **** My Soon To Be Done Jane
Patti Kilcullen **** I get by with a little help from my friends
Helen LeBlanc**** UN-NAMED
Patti Leal ** UN-NAMED
a.g.lindsay**** UN-NAMED
Tammy Lucas **** In My Time
Els Lunenberg from the Netherlands *** Jane for Dear Jana

Patti MacKinnon in Ontario (Canada)

Dear Edith
Millie McCullion **** UN-NAMED
Betty McPeck in MI *** Baby Kelsey
Marie from France **** UN-NAMED
Jody Marker **** Baby Steps
Mary Ann in Denmark **** UN-NAMED
Nancy in Colorado ** UN-NAMED
Jane Newble in Scotland **** Dear Jane for Dear Alan
Pat Nickless in IN **** Happy Heart Jane
Holly Nordeng **** Memories
Denise Oldham **** Baby Jane My Happiness
Becca Olson Love you Turtles
Carol Palazzo in WI **** UN-NAMED
Darlene Palmer **** UN-NAMED
Coral Pariso **** Recovering Jane
Wanda Putnam **** My Dear Jane
Rosa Robichaud **** Operation Jane
Constance Ross **** UN-NAMED
Susan Russell in IL **** What Was I Thinking???
S. E. Schaefer (Susi The Fussy Catter) **** The Hard Way and (Web Shots)
Sidney Sims **** UN-NAMED
Shar Snellman Reaching New Heights
Caroljoy Spensley in IL Piece in Times of Trials
Sol Stensland **** While My Boys are Sleeping
Susan Stickle **** UN-NAMED
Holly Sweet **** UN-NAMED
Jackie Veats in California **** UN-NAMED
Nancy Victory in Mississippi *** Autumn's Jane
Mary Wasilowski in Illinois UN-NAMED
Sara Woodward in Ohio **** UN-NAMED
Kim Worthington **** Purple Passion

Goddess   -   Completed (& Quilted)

Sue Baddley **** Jane's Old Glory
Paula (Polly) Barnett UN-NAMED
Maree Blanchard in Australia **** Tripping Around the World with Jane
Anita Bruno in Denmark UN-NAMED
Suzanne Dumontel in Sask., Canada Suzanne meets the challenge of Jane
Donna Farley Time Well Spent
Cindy Garcia No Pain, No Jane
Sandy Green in Toronto, Canada UN-NAMED
Nathalie Heath, Australia Stitch in Time
Linda Hritz in Ohio Snazzy Jane
Ann Jennings On My Way with Jane
Melissa Lamb in Florida Dear Jane's War-My Piece

Dianne Latendresse in Sask., Canada

Scraps in Time (with 4 extra triangles!!!!)
Jane Lindsay in Arizona Holding Hands With Jane
Judy Lynn Quiet Times and Special Thoughts
Lenore Matray in NY Magnum Opus
Cathi O'Neill in Ireland Frugal Jane
Hanne Schneider in Norway UN-NAMED
Caroljoy Spensley in IL Stitches in Time: Turn of the Century
Connie Steele in TN **** UN-NAMED
Susan Sweeten in Utah Tea With Jane
Marcie Thompson in Arkansas Facets
Ann Waugh in Australia Dear Jane Marie
Sharyn Woerz in Kalama Two Sides of Jane
Mary Ellen Zeitz Jane Sings the Blues



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