This page was meant to be a tribute to St. Patrick's Day, but then quickly evolved into something slightly bigger.

I've always felt a "closeness" to all things Irish and Scottish, although I'm a French Canadian Acadian, with no Irish or Scottish roots, at all...

Bagpipes, celtic knots, the different varieties of tartans, their beautiful accent, their myths, their humor, and the list goes on and on and on.

I've never been to Ireland or Scotland, but I hope some day to actually see these beautiful countries,


Anyhow, all this to introduce you to my special web page.


I've tried to select links with very few (if none) popup windows, and easy to use. 
Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I. *s*
St. Patrick (about the Saint)
             Customs and Traditions
      St. Patrick's Day (at Alphabet Soup)
           Map of Ireland    
             Ireland Travel (Excellent site!)
           Map of Scotland    
             Gateway to Scotland (About Scotland)
MIDI sounds
              Bagpipes at Best
       Scottish MIDI Music
Tartans (or Plaids)
              Canadian Tartans
      TartanWeb (Irish Tartans)
              Tartans of Scotland
If some of these "links" become inactive, would you be so kind as to send me an email?  Thanks!



Dear Lord,

     Be good to me -

            The sea is so wide

     And my boat is so small.

                 - Irish Fisherman's Prayer

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