Gilbert and I love to cook and try out different recipes. He is a vegetarian and I am fast becoming one. 

Anyhow, the recipes that I've chosen and added on my web site are ones that I have personally tried MANY TIMES, are EASY and GOOD. I'm not one for 3 and 4 step recipes (usually) and will opt for the easy (lazy) stuff, if given the choice. I've also taken the time to re-do and upload all my recipes, so that they are now "printer friendly"... i.e. no fancy pictures.

Eating Like a Vegetarian

Many times, people ask us (in amazement)... "You don't eat meat, or chicken?? Not even fish?... What DO YOU EAT?!?!"

Well, we eat a lot of cheese, eggs, beans, pasta, some tofu (still experimenting with THAT ONE), and lots of vegetables, raw or cooked in many different ways. You don't necessarily need meat, chicken or fish to survive and besides all that, these foods clog up your digestive tract. It takes a long, long time for your body to digest and process these proteins. 

Cooking Tips and Tricks

Gilbert and I will purchase a bag of 9 inch submarine loaves, open them up, spread garlic butter (either pre-made or home made), wrap them back up INDIVIDUALLY in foil paper and freeze. When you want garlic bread... VOILA!!!  Instant garlic bread, always in your freezer!  Now, you can either pop them in your oven (frozen and in the foil paper), heat them up and serve as regular garlic bread... or pre-thaw them, open up the foil, open up the bread, spread bacon bits and/or mozzarella cheese and you have a fancier garlic bread to serve at your table.

Home made baked beans:  You don't have to put bacon or lard in your pot.  I add a heaping tablespoon of lard or shortening to my crock pot, before cooking.

Pizza, you said?  Veggie pizzas can be quite good!  Here's a different twist on your home made pizza, if you've never tried this... We sometimes use cornmeal, instead of flour, to roll our dough. Yummy and good for you, also! Sometimes, we roll out our dough EXTRA big, fill in the edges with strips of cheese, and fold the edges OVER the cheese - This gives you a "cheese-stuffed pizza"!  Green pepper, onions (yellow, white or red), jalepeno peppers, broccoli, mushrooms (different kinds), olives (green or black), tomatoes, and then there's your cheeses: mozarella, monteray Jack, cheddar, feta, parmesan, etc.  After trying so many different combinations (along with thick crusts versus thin crusts), we found that our pizzas were better with only put 1 or 2 ingredients and with up to 3 or 4 different kinds of cheeses.  We now skip the "pizza spice" as we had difficulty digesting this.   Once again, we've had fun "testing" our pizzas and feel we have come up with the perfect pizza... but not everyone's taste buds are the same.  In brief, this depends on how YOU prefer your pizza. Just don't be afraid to experiment!  P.S. Yes, we did try the "Vegetarian Pizza" made by "President's Choice"... Superstore's brand. This had to be the WORST pizza we had ever tried, and I'm not usually a fussy person!  Even my dog had to take a second sniff and after 20 minutes, decided she could take a bite and try it!!

Great Food Links

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