A celebration page for those of you who:

have mothers or are mothers.



It's really kind of ironic how things work out, in life.


When you're young, you think your mom knows EVERYTHING!

When you become a teenager, she knows NOTHING!

When you become a young adult, you realize she may know SOMETHING!

When you become a parent, you realize she knows EVERYTHING!

                                                                            Author: Rosa Robichaud

I'm positive if you were to ask your Mom, if she really knew "EVERYTHING", while you were growing up, she'd admit that she was flying from the seat of her pants, and doing the best she could, with what resources she had, at the time.... just as you may be doing, as a parent.

Personally, my mother and I went through a few rough times, as I was growing up. Okay,Okay!! "SHE" went through quite a lot of rough times, as I was growing up. Plenty of times, she annoyed the hell out of me... Many times I felt like pulling my hair out... as I'm sure she did too. But today, I can say she is one of my best friends and confidante. And as I try to help and guide my sons as they're growing up, I wonder "How did "SHE" ever manage and not go nuts?!?!?"  Luckily, I can give her a phone call, and ask her advice. As you can tell, I'm now at the stage where I KNOW she knows EVERYTHING!!!  And my sons are at the stage where I know NOTHING (and sometimes SOMETHING). *s*

Anyhow, this is my page to all the Mother's out there, or their children. Unfortunately, some of you may not know your mother, or she may have departed this earth to become an angel and should this be the case, you've probably "adopted" another mother, whether consciously or subconsciously: a close friend, a neighbour, a co-worker, whatever.

Don't forget your "moms"!

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A "younger" mom.

My Mom and Dad, taken Oct. 2003.

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