Gilbert and I love to fly our kites.
Flying "Stunt Kites" are a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of things, it sure is fun!
Here are some sites that will give you information and details on kite construction.

Anthony's Kite Workshop

(Plenty of kite projects and designs)

Peter's Kite Site

(More kite Plans)



Here are 2 pictures of our "Parafoil" Kite. These fly VERY EASILY in even light wind and have no frame to attach or take apart - just fold away in a tight ball and tuck it in your back pocket!  

No, we didn't make these, but we do have plans on building our own kites... one of these days. It's just been put aside with our many other projects. We'll keep you posted on our "kite-building" project, if we do ever get the chance to get started on it! *s*


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