September Vacation - 2006

(1 September 2006 - 11 September 2006)



Friday, 1st September 2006:


I decided to take Friday off, to start my vacation early. Gilbert (my hubbie) worked today.


Got up early, with Gilbert and then did some updating, on my web pages.


As this was my son, James' OFFICIAL day off, before school starts, we went out this afternoon to get his school supplies. OH MY GOD, there were a lot of people in the stores, doing the same as I!!!


Arrived home, 2 hours later... hungry and my feet were sore!  I think I'd rather be at work, than shop! LOL


Gilbert arrived around 6 p.m. Adam (my oldest) came to visit for a bit, then Gilbert suggested that we go out to mail out one of his parcels and pick up a few items at the Dollar Store.


Came home, checked email, went downstairs for supper, came back upstairs and read and sent more emails. That's about it.


Saturday, 2 September 2006:


Old habits are hard to break- We're up at 5h36 and because we're up for the day!,


I went and picked up a couple "Tim Horton's" coffee - X-TRA large cups!!! LOL


Left the house, around 9 am, to do our Saturday morning errands:

Return bottles - ALL Redemption centers in Saint John are now closed on the "long weekend" Saturdays. :-(

Drive out "East Side":

Pick up Gilbert's pay.

Walmart - pick up new toilet seat, hand cream, new laundry hamper, cat/dog roller (to pick up lint), car filters and oil

(for oil changes), etc.

Drive to "North End". Gilbert buys us lunch, at "Robin Donuts".

Drive back to "West Side"

Pick up a movie - Benchwarmers.

Come back home, around 1 pm

Take a break, from shopping.

Gilbert changes the oil, in my car and then vacuums my car - it was FILTHY!  Afterwards, I clean the inside and do the windows.


Around 4 pm, we watched the movie, while munching on a pizza - The movie (Benchwarmers) was so-so.

Since it was still early, we hop back in the car... return the movie and pick up another one.

This movie, "Pink Panther" - that was a better movie.  I managed to finish TWO "Dear Jane" blocks, while watching these 2 films!

Hit the sack around 11 pm.


Sunday , 3 September 2006:


Up early again, this morning.


James had rented another movie, yesterday (Bad Date?) and we decided to watch it, this morning, around 10 am. Isn't it fun to be on vacation?!? *grin*


I did some appliqué work, on my Dear Jane quilt.

Did 2 or 3 loads of laundry, during the day...


Around 1 pm, we went and returned the movies, went to Shopper's, picked up some groceries for our "geocaching" trip and on our way home, visited Adam and Shannon for 10 minutes.


Adam had given back Gilbert's old web cam (last week) and Saturday had given him the "card" that goes in the computer, to make it work. Unfortunately, Adam hadn't found the CD that went with it. So, Gilbert spent a good part of the day (on the internet), trying to find the "drivers" (the program) to make it work. By 9 pm, he had given up, for the day. Knowing Gilbert, he'll continue trying. *s*


Nothing really exciting to write about, today.  Just a nice, relaxing day.


Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain. We may go to Wickham to visit my parents. That's about an hour's drive, to get there.


The day turned into night and our neighbour's had a campfire going on, outside. WHAT A GORGEOUS EVENING!!!  No wind and very nice temperature. Hard to believe that we're in September!!!


Monday , 4 March 2006:

Labor Day - OFF!!!  Well, it's part of our vacation time, but it's still "OFF", anyhow! *grin*


Got up early again (5h36 am), fiddled on the computer.


Left to go visit my parents, in Wickham (around 10 am) - it's about an hour's drive away, from here - in the country. Gilbert installed a few things on my Mom's computer. We checked up on one of our "caches" that we have hidden there, had lunch there and came back home around 3h30. We had a rather nice visit.


Came home and did some housework (dishes, etc.), in preparation of our big trip, tomorrow.


Started packing around 7 pm - I'm starting to get REAL ANXIOUS and EAGER to hit the roads - it's starting to feel like "reality"!



Everything is ready and we hit the sack around 10 pm or so. Had trouble sleeping - Always worrying about "Did we forget something?"


Tuesday , 5 September 2006:


Got up fairly early and left the house at 8 am. Dropped James off at my cousin, Alice's, where he is to spend the day there, sleep over and leave for school, tomorrow morning. Wednesday evening (after school), he is supposed to sleep at another cousin's house, Gisele.


Once in St. George, Gilbert bought us some coffee, at Tim Horton's and we had our little "coquines" - our little nickname for mini cinnamon buns.


Arrived in Letete (where we catch the Ferry for Deer Island) at around 9h35. Before the Ferry arrived, I watched a fisherman harvest seaweed, from his small boat. When I asked him what it was for, he answered "Fertilizer". That was neat and I took a few pictures.


Ferry from Letete to Deer Island was only 15 to 20 minutes. We arrived on Deer Island around 10h20.


Since we're too early to catch the Campobello Island Ferry, we decide to go looking for the one and only "cache" on Deer Island. Gilbert spotted it first. *s*


Catch the Campobello Island Ferry and arrive at our final destination (for the day) at 12 noon. While we're trying to find our motel, who shows up, while we're parked on the side of the road, but "Starzz" - another geocacher! We had a nice little chit-chat and she pointed us in the right direction.


Checked into motel around 12h30 - nice room - 2 beds, for only $47.00 (tax and dog fee incl.)... Left room around 12h50, to go do some "geocaching" and explore the island.


We had a picnic at a lovely spot, called "The Narrows", I believe. Nice place!


Then we did some more caching, got lost a couple times... then got back "on track"... Gilbert wanted to log his finds, at the local library. Now, that is one VERY WELL HIDDEN LIBRARY!!!  LOL... But, we finally found it and he logged his caching finds, there.


At one spot - Head Harbour Wharf, I believe, we sat down and watched a commercial boat "upload" fish with a kind of BIG hose. Appeared as this machine pumped the fish, onto their boat. Pretty cool.


By 6 pm, our batteries were running low, so we decided to have supper at "Family Fisheries" - a kind of take-out, but you can also eat inside. Gilbert had a poutine and I had a fish and chips - EXCELLENT FOOD! We sat outside, as it was such a beautiful evening.


Came back to the hotel, to relax for a bit. I went outside for a walk with Thunder on the beach and saw a really cool log, on the beach. Took a picture - looked like a HUGE pencil! LOL


When I came back from my walk, Gilbert and I decided to sit outside, at the picnic table. He brought his laptop outside and was able to connect to the internet! So, we sat there, while the sun was going down and logged all our "geocaching" finds. A lot of mosquitos were happy to see fresh blood, though. *s*


"Starzz", the geocacher from Campobello, showed up for a visit, around 8h30 pm. We had a nice long chat and she left around 10h30.


Then, off to bed. Tomorrow, we get off Campobello Island, back onto Deer Island and then onto the "main land".... to drive to Black's Harbour, to grab the Grand Manan Island Ferry.


Before I went to bed, I realized (much to my chagrin), that I had the wrong coordinates for Grand Manan. Oh well, once we're on Grand Manan (tomorrow), and in our new motel room (with internet access), we'll upload the coords manually.... the old fashioned way. *s*


Wednesday , 6 September 2006:


Awake at 5h30 and up at 6h, and had coffee in our motel room. We were packed and out the door by 7h45.


It had rained during the night - contrary to the weather forecast that I had checked out, on the internet AT THE LAST MINUTE!!!


Kind of drizzling when we got to the Ferry landing at 7h55 - there was a sign that said it started the Ferry starts it's run at 9h00.


Drove around a wee bit and went back to the Ferry landing. Grabbed the 9h00 Ferry. Saw quite a few porpoises while on the Ferry. That was exciting!!!  Gilbert had the binoculars out.


Finally, after taking the Deer Island Ferry (once again), we hit main land, around 10h20. By then, the drizzle had stopped and the sun was doing it's best to show it's face! *s*


Gilbert picked another couple coffees, once we were in St. George, and we had some more "coquines".


Drove down to Black's Harbour and to the Ferry terminal (for Grand Manan)... Didn't realize that the Ferry leaves every 2 hours. GREAT!!!  We're just in time to catch the Ferry and there's not too many cars/trucks ahead of us - we can see the cars driving onto the Ferry. Boy, are we lucky!!!! *grin*


BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!  I guess the 2nd Ferry broke down (in the middle of the ocean, with people on it)... PLUS, the car ahead of us and OUR CAR, and several others behind us, didn't make it!  And ON TOP OF IT ALL, there's a FOUR HOUR WAIT, for the NEXT Ferry 'cause the other is broken down and they don't know when it will get fixed!  PLUS, the guy that directs the cars on the Ferry doesn't recommend that we leave and come back 'cause we'll lose our spot in the line-up!


Well, since I'm not a patient person and we have Thunder (our dog) with us, we decide NOT to wait for 4 hours, in a line-up and to head back home and re-think our next outing.


I quickly called up our (reserved) Motel, on Grand Manan and the lady there, already knew about the Ferry and cancelled our room - no charge. Nice people! *s*


And as we're discussing our next plan of attack, there was a nice man there, with a camera. He introduced himself as a reporter with our local newspaper and asked if he could ask me a few questions, regarding the Ferry delay. Of course, I agreed! *BIG GRIN*  Don't know if it will appear in the paper or not, but it was fun, anyhow.


Soooo, we drove back home. Unpacked the car, checked snail-mail, checked emails, etc, etc.  Found out that school was (once again) delayed till Friday morning (due to renovations), called James who was still at my cousin, Alice's. He came home and settled in, too.


We went out, later that afternoon, to do some errands.


Had our supper, made plans and reservations to leave Friday morning for Nackawic, where they have a HUGE axe, Hartland, where they have the world's LONGEST covered bridge and to Woodstock - to do some "geocaching". Should be fun!

Thursday, 7 September 2006:


Once again, we're up early. Gilbert had decided yesterday evening, that he would go get the coffee this morning.


Went out and picked up our local newspaper - YES!!!  there is an article about the Grand Ferry and there is a little paragraph, with my name in it!!!  I know it's silly, but it's always fun to see one's name, in the paper! *s*


I re-named my photos (before I forgot WHERE they were taken) and sat down and updated (this) journal BEFORE I forgot what we did. Thank God, I had written little crib notes while on our trip. *s*


Changed the bedding (on our bed) and did 3 or 4 loads of laundry and hung it up, outside as it was a beautiful, sunny day - not too hot, nor too cold - Just like I LOVE it! LOL


Did a couple more errands and started working on the "Deer Island" photo montage (pictures from our trip there).


I went uptown, around 7h30, to pick up a CD for a friend. And since I've been delegated to make the supper tonight, I'll pick something up at the grocery store.


Get ready for tomorrow morning's trip.

Friday, 8 September 2006:

Packed the car up, got James off to school and left the house at 8h25. Destination? Nackawic, Woodstock and Hartland. Gilbert picked up 2 "Timmies" (Tim Horton's coffee), on the West Side and then, onto the highway! *s*


Stopped off in Fredericton, to "find" a cache - "GeoEmporium". Several Geocoins there. We traded a couple and "discovered" a few. That was fun!


Then stopped at another cache - King's Landing - just outside of Fredericton.


Then, onto to Nackawic. Went to see the "World's Largest Axe" and took a few pictures and did a few caches in that area.


Then, we decided to book into our motel, in Pokiok (EXTREMELY small village?), just outside of Nackawic, before we headed off to other places.


Then we went to Woodstock, had breakfast/lunch at a nice spot, called "Connell Park". Gilbert had picked up subs from "Subway's".

Tried to find a cache or two there, but couldn't find the streets (Grafton Shore Road).


Gave up (temporarily). Left for Hartland. Saw the "World's LONGEST COVERED Bridge" and took lots of pictures. Tried to find a cache near the bridge, but unfortunately we had to log a DNF - Did Not Find.


Left for Woodstock. Once there, we were able to find 2 caches (micros), which greatly helped our moral. LOL


Then, as we were getting tired, decided to go back to the motel. Took showers, got dressed and went across the road to Irving's (a gas station and convenience store) and picked up some munchies to eat in the room and watched t.v.


Had fun today - saw 3 towns that Gilbert and I had never been to, before, thanks to Geocaching. It gave us a reason to get out and visit some new places. *s*

Saturday, 9 September 2006:


Don't know what the problem was last night, but I was WIDE AWAKE at 3 am, 4 am and finally Gilbert and I got out of bed around 6h30. Bed was comfortable, room was dark - no noise. Dunno. *shrug*


This morning, it's overcast and everything is wet from the (nightly) dew and we decide to head back home. Car is packed and ready to roll by 8h00. I had picked up two large coffees and toast at the Irving, across the road. Coffee was so-so.


Gilbert picked up 2 coffees at "Timmies" in Fredericton and then, we headed towards home. Arrived home around 10 am.


Got home, unpacked the car. "Minou", our cat, was on the neighbour's garage roof when we had left yesterday morning and our neighbour had added a plank (from the roof to his balcony), for her to get down. When we arrived this morning, she was still on the roof, crying. Gilbert got up the ladder and got her down. I think she was grateful. *s* She slept on our bed most of the day.


James came home. He had stayed at Alice's (my cousin) and although he had fun, I'm sure that he too, was grateful to be back home.


We went out to rent a movie (RV) and Gilbert picked up a "power supply", for my computer... it was going on the blink. He worked on that, during the day. I put our stuff away and then later sewed 2 Dear Jane blocks. Looked at the pictures from our trip.


All in all, I would say it was a fun trip.


Left to go to a family reunion/party around 7h30 pm. Saw my great-aunt Lina and her son, from Montreal and a couple other relatives that I hadn't seen in a LONG time!  Came back home at 9h pm to watch the movie with Gilbert. Worked on a Dear Jane appliqué, while watching the movie.


Hit the sack around midnight. Only 2 more days left - vacations are ALWAYS too short. :-(


Sunday, 10 September 2006:

Got up late - 6h40!!! Musta been the lack of sleep that I got the night before.


Sorted through of lot of email - I had over 200 - NOT A GOOD THING - brought it down to 130.


Gilbert returned our film and picked up a couple coffees.


Puttered around the house, did 2 loads of laundry, did the dishes... Gilbert vacuumed.


Picked up a small grocery, later on in the afternoon.


Managed to do the TOW (Triangle of the Week), on my Dear Jane quilt. Then I worked on the "DJ Achievement List", on my web site.


We decided to try and lose some weight, starting NOW! Had a huge salad for supper. Paul (Aunt Agatha's husband) called up and told me that Aunt Agatha has laryngitis and can't come to Calais with me, tomorrow. I'm disappointed but I'll head off, on my own, anyhow.


Around 8h30, Gilbert tells me that there's a movie playing on TV (re: 911) and "Hey, let's go grab a coffee, before the show!" So, off we go to Timmies...


Vacation is winding down...


Monday, 11 September 2006:

Got up at 6 am. 


Left the house at 8h20 (alone) and arrived in Calais, Maine (USA) around 9h45.


Mailed my Secret Pal's parcel from the US Post Office, then went and picked up a parcel, at Derringer's (for a friend), to bring back here. Had breakfast at McDonald's and then headed off to Marden's - FABRIC SHOPPING.


Arrived home, around 2 pm., with a "Timmies" for Gilbert & I. Unpacked the car and managed to work on some Dear Jane blocks.


My friend showed up around 4h15 pm, to pick up her parcel.


Pretty quiet "Last Day of Vacation".  Watched a movie, on TV, re: 9-11.


Back to work tomorrow...