March Break 2006

(3 March 2006 - 12 March 2006)



Friday, 3 March 2006:


I decided to take the afternoon off - early vacation.


Came home, had lunch, read emails, did a load of laundry and worked on my Dear Jane quilt. Managed to do the TOW (Triangle of the Week), and a "Block".


Gilbert made it home, around 5 p.m. We relaxed together, in front of the computer. Then, around 8 p.m., we left to go eat at the "Coffee Mill", coming home with a "Tim Horton's" coffee.


Stayed up fairly late, and chatted with a good friend, in my "Quilting Chat Room", while appliqué'ing this week's BOW (Block of the Week). I have till Sunday night, at Midnight to finish it - I only have one more appliqué to do, before it's "finished".


Exciting, eh?.... LOL


But I enjoyed every minute of it. *s*


Saturday, 4 March 2006:


We both got up early, this morning (around 6h30), had coffee and surfed the web.


Finally got our Income Taxes filled out - took about 2 hours, total!!!  YESSS!!!!  Finished, for 2005! *VBG*


Left around lunch time, to go shopping: first "Future Shop", then WalMart, then Michael's. We picked up 2 Tim Horton's coffee, came home, unpacked the car with what we purchased.


Played around with my "new" gadget - an IPaq - HP PDA - something like a Palm Pilot, only better. And since I'm giving my Palm Pilot m515 to my oldest son (as a b-day gift), I had to re-copy (SOMEHOW) all those files (contacts and calendar, mostly), BEFORE I handed it to him.  WHAT A HEADACHE!!!!


I don't think I'll ever go back to a Palm Pilot - it's not really compatible with the "Windows" programs, and very difficult to "manage", although in some ways, it was user friendly. Anyhow, got stressed out a few times, but I think I have everything under control. *s*


Gilbert made a "poutine", for supper, and it was EXCELLENT!


Adam and Shannon dropped in, too. He had to pick up a few computer items that Gilbert had here, for him.


So, all in all, I had a GREAT day - no housework and didn't do any sewing... but it was relaxing, all the same. *s*


Sunday , 5 March 2006:


Once again, we got up early - 6h15 am, and had our early morning coffee, in our office.


Left around 11 am and went to Tim Horton's. Gilbert bought us a nice lunch, at the new Tim Horton's, on King Street.

Afterwards, we headed off to the "Home Show", looking for a kitchen door. Got some good leads.


Rushed back home, got changed and headed out the door, to do some Geocaching. Found 3!!!


Picked up groceries, on our way home - unpacked groceries. Gilbert got supper ready. Had a nice "Tequila & Coke" - Gilbert had a "Rum & Coke", while supper was cooking.


Surfed the net and relaxed, after supper and I managed to finish this week's BOW (Block of the Week), on my Dear Jane quilt.


Monday , 6 March 2006:


Got up late, this morning - 7h30... LOL  Yes,  I know it's not really THAT late, but I like to get up early.


Went to my Aunt's, around 10 a.m., to take pictures of her latest quilt and to show her how to "Paper Piece" a block.

Arrived home, with 2 more Tim Hortons' coffee (gee, it's fun to be off!), had brunch with Gilbert and James.


Plumber arrived around 2 p.m. and left around 4 p.m., to hook up the washer, upstairs.


And I received a package in the mail, from my (Dear Jane) "Secret Pal"!!!  Five (5) beautiful Fat Quarters, in Poison Green!!! What a thrill!!! *VBG*


Then, our internet service goes down. Call them up. They tell us that we have some kind of worm, or virus on our home computers and that it's sending repeated emails to THEIR server and that until we clean it up, we have NO internet.


Scan our machines with Norton Anti-Virus (like we do, once a week). No virus.


Call up my "tech" friend. He tells me that "AVG" - another anti-virus program - is MUCH better. Run over to see him. He gives me a copy. We scan and re-scan (in Windows SAFE MODE)... Find one virus. Delete it. Call them back. And now we're up and running again.


All this is said (or written) quickly, but it must have taken us 3 or 4 hours to correct the problem! *sigh*


I think if I had 2 wishes (for this world), one would be for "peace" (obviously) and the second would be for those idiots that create these damn viruses and such, to GET A LIFE!!!...


Anyhow, had a late supper and went to bed fairly late.


Tuesday , 7 March 2006:


Got up around 7 a.m.


Left early morning and went to check out sewing machines. I think I know what I want... Soon... *s*


Then went to a door and window place - Ultimate Doors and Windows and got an estimate for our kitchen door.


Gilbert picked up some lumber and worked on making a kitchen counter (all afternoon), so that he'll have a place to prepare foods, when he's cooking. While he nailed and screwed and cut up the wood, I worked on a Dear Jane triangle. *VBG*


When we got home, we had 2 parcels in the mail - one for him (an item he had ordered through E-Bay) and I had my Secret Pal March gift - a Dear Jane CD!!!!..... I was thrilled!!!


We had supper around 6h30 (rather early for us), because I had to "fast" 13 hours. Tomorrow morning, I have standard blood tests, at the hospital. :-(


Played on the computer - answered emails, played with my DJ CD... and went to bed.


Wednesday , 8 March 2006:


Up at 7h30 and went to the hospital, for blood tests. Waited about 1 hour, till my number was called.


Grabbed a cup of coffee and a muffin, since I was LACKING coffee. *s*


Stopped at "Roy's Army Surplus" and Gilbert picked up a "Camo Can", for a cache that he's planning on hiding. *s*


Came back home, got ready to do some SERIOUS geocaching. Gilbert, James, Thunder (our dog) & I went to Sussex and managed to do SEVEN (7) caches, with 3 DNFs (did not find). Oh yah!  And we had a BIG pizza dinner, at Greco Pizza, in Sussex!


Came back home, after our trip... EXHAUSTED - probably from being outdoors and such.


Did a couple loads of laundry - our clothes were full of mud, from the geocaching.


Logged our "finds" on the net, with Geocaching... surfed the web and watched TV.


Thursday, 9 March 2006:


Well, I think I can get used to getting up late - 7h30 this morning, again! LOL


Sat back and relaxed, in the morning. Did a few loads of laundry (our bedding included) and did some "web paging".


We went out around noon time, and went to Staples, to pick up some a "Fabric Glue Stick" and some "Vellum 25%" paper, for my Dear Jane quilt (appliqués and paper piecing). They didn't have either item. :-(


Then we went to "Ritchie's", to get another estimate, for a kitchen door. Cost was WAY high - and they're supposed to be the LOWEST!!!... LOL 


The guy from "Jaymel" had called this morning and made an appointment to meet with us, here, for 6 p.m., but we wanted to check Ritchie's prices, anyhow.


From there, we went to "Michael's" for the vellum paper and fabric glue stick - They didn't have it, either.


By then, we're getting pretty discouraged, so I asked Gilbert to take me to Fabricville (our local fabric store). Surely, they'd have paper piecing paper and some kind of fabric glue, for appliqués. This time, he didn't even want to come in, with me. He said: "They won't have that stuff there." So, I go into Fabricville. Guess what? They didn't have it.


Sooo, we pretty well wasted our time. Picked up 2 coffees and then picked up a couple items at the grocery store... and made it back home.


Once home, Gilbert worked on a wooden project - a nice birdhouse. *s* I did a few lessons, on my Dear Jane CD, did a few more loads of laundry... and vegge'd out, basically.


Had a nice chat, with my Secret Pal who has since become a good friend, in my "quilting" chat room.


And that's it.


Friday, 10 March 2006:


7h15, this morning.


We both fiddled around the house, today. Did some more laundry and dishes. Starting working on a new web page called "Home Office Renovations".


Printed out my FIRST pattern, from the DJ CD, on "Freezer Paper" - Can't wait to sew up this "block" - Should be nice!


Got a call from "Jaymel" - the kitchen door people, with an estimate. We accepted it and prepared the check, for their down payment.


Mom & Dad showed up for a short visit, around 4 p.m., with a (wooden) log that we had asked for. This log will hopefully be used for Geocaching. Can't say what for, as it's a secret, but Gilbert will have fun working on it, I'm sure. *s*


After they (my parents) left, we took off too. Went to "Eastward Sales" - that's an art supply store, up town. Picked up some "vellum" paper.


Then went to Fabricville and picked up some "silk" thread, for my "appliqués" - to work on my Dear Jane quilt. Also got some "wax" to run the thread over it.


Mailed the check to Jaymel and picked up some groceries, again, for supper.


Came home and Gilbert prepared supper. I prepared us each a nice "drinkee-poo" and helped him with supper.


After supper, we went upstairs and watched a movie. A "Quebec" film that ended with no "end". But that's to be expected from a "Quebec" movie - I think they all finish weird, anyhow!!! LOL


NOTE: First time this week, that it was rather crappy outside - warm weather (7 degrees), but rainy, nevertheless.


Saturday, 11 March 2006:


Woke up at 6h45, this morning.


Gilbert noticed that our "backup" program (on our computers), did not do their job. We had to re-install the program on all 3 computers (server included) and re-do the backup that didn't "occur" last night.


Worked on my "Home Office Renovations" again, this morning.


Gilbert worked, a bit, on that wooden log and then he put it aside because the wood was VERY wet and his chain saw blade was dull.


Did some sewing, today and didn't even go out except to put the garbage out... and it was a GORGEOUS day, too and I didn't even feel guilty!  Was in 2nd heaven with the "sewing"!  LOL


Sunday, 12 March 2006:


Got out of bed at 6h50, this time. Last day of vacation.


Did some more sewing, on my Dear Jane quilt. Went out around 5 p.m. and picked up some "submarines" at Subway, and a couple coffees, for supper.


Uploaded my Dear Jane blocks to my Dear Jane Web Page and updated my "Jlogs" (AKA DJ Blogs), and basically vegged out. *s*


It was a gorgeous day, outside, again.... and Gilbert vegged out, too - he had a nap in the afternoon. Nothing too exciting.


In the evening, we watched a bit of TV. And it was a nice last day, of holidays!