This page is dedicated to all Father's out there,

in whatever way, shape or form:

Whether you're a Father or you have a Father,

this page is for you.

The Circle of Love

As a father:

He would clean her up, in the morning.

He would speak to her gently.

He would carefully feed her.

He would help his Daughter get dressed.

He would put her in her stroller, for their "special outing".

(His Daughter liked to go out).

And his arms were always open wide for his Daughter.


Many, many years go by....


As a Daughter:

She would clean him up, in the morning.

She would speak to him gently.

She would carefully feed him.

She would help her Father get dressed.

She would put him in his wheelchair, for their "special outing".

(Her Father liked to go out).

And her arms were always open wide for her Father.


Author: Rosa Robichaud




Copyright 2004, by Rosa Robichaud. All rights reserved.