To my Sewing Room -

 BEFORE Renovations

(17 Jan. 06)

Okay, I've decided to "bite the bullet" and show you another human side to me. But I've got to explain FIRST that this is not ALL my fault. LOL


#1  We purchased our home in the 2000.  It is an old home that we are slowly renovating.

#2  I only started quilting in the summer of 2004 (approx.) and because I wasn't sure if this would be a "one time deal", or a life's passion (IT IS!!), I got to use our "junk slash storage" room, downstairs.

#3  My passion grew and so did my fabric stash!

#4  My sewing needs grew, too!

#5  Unfortunately, this junk room needed to remain, for the time being, until our kitchen slash dining room gets renovated - NOTE: This project is penciled in, for 2010. LOL

#6 PLUS, I figured that some of you, out there, would get a kick out of WHAT a "junky slash sewing room" REALLY looks like!  And NO, I did not purposely mess things up, for the photo shoot, nor did I clean it up BEFORE the photo shoot! LOL

#7 PLUS, I figured that once MY OFFICIAL SEWING room is done, you'll be able to go... "Ooooh and Aaaaah to your heart's" content! LOL


Hope you enjoy the pictures and explanations!



As I don't have room in my "junky slash sewing room, I have to pull out my cutting board, rulers, cutter, etc... and be VERY careful not to cut our kitchen table. So, for now, our kitchen table doubles as a "cutting table", from time to time. *s*

This old home was sold to us, as a 2 apartment home. DH renovated it, so that we took over BOTH floors. It is now a self-contained home.


Both floors had only ONE closet each. DH built a new closet in my son's room: He sleeps downstairs.

Therefore, DH placed shelves in this closet (in the living room), where I could place ALL my fabric stash, with a parting remark,

"There, you should have PLENTY of room for your rags."... LOL

I'd say it's time to re-invent another closet! LOL

Okay, I've tried to place all color coordinated fabric in its respective bins, and label them with masking tape. But then, you get a GREAT deal on "rolls" of fabric and you just don't know where to put them, or some fabric is just TOO multi-colored... Where do you PUT THEM?!?!?... LOL

Okay, I hope you're all sitting down. The "junky slash sewing" room tour is now officially underway! LOL

This is the entrance to my sewing room.

DH says it's approx.

 8ft X 10ft - not very big.

Coats are hanging near our kitchen door, and there's also more coats hanging INSIDE my sewing room.

Please keep in mind that the kitchen, nor this room has been touched by my DH's renovating "hand". *s*

In here, you have an old cribbage board, in the shape of a fish, attached to the wall. No one wanted it in my family, I inherited it and where
(especially when one doesn't play crib),



There's an old bookcase with assorted dry food, cooking pans, old tv, etc.


DH had previously installed an inside clothesline to hand up mittens, tuques or to dry clothes. I'm not sure if you can see, but I have my LAST "I Spy Quilt" - top only, hung up on this clothes line (to the right, on this picture).

Potato bin is near the bookcase, on the floor, along with a bag or tow of batting. *s*

My sewing machine is to the left of the picture. *s*

Here's a better picture of my sewing machine.
NOTE: Lots of UFOs and PIGs, on table BEHIND the DJ bin.

There's a "card table" beside the machine, but you really can't see it...

Hmmm.. I wonder why!


DH installed a telephone, right beside my sewing machine, and you can also see a plastic, see-through container, with a

purplish lid(?)...

That's my on-hand

DJ fabric stash.

Here's a picture of my machine, and from where I sit, I can look outside. You can see DH getting out of his car, today. *s*

I have one of those nifty cabinet, with lots of little drawers, that DH gave me. I think it was originally meant for nuts and bolts, but my buttons, needles, some thread go in there, now. *s*

Since these walls will eventually be recovered with gyp-rock, DH gave me permission to plant nails wherevever I wanted to. *s*

So you can see my I have all sorts of things hanging from the walls!

Now, here's a picture of one corner of the room.


Hmmm.. I think I see

TWO MORE BIG CONTAINERS (blue in the corner).


They look like they may have some "stash" in there, too! LOL


And another empty clear container, on the ironing board, waiting for more fabric stash! *s*

Now, here's another winning picture!

Youngest son's clothes hamper, in the corner -

Says he has no room for it, in HIS room.


Then, the big bag of dog food, on the floor.


Then the (bottle) recycling bin (blue).


Plus another bag of batting, on the floor.


This is my ironing spot. I have the DJ Triangle and a DJ Block, and a bulletin board and a whole bunch of other assorted "non-sewing" items on this wall.

Here's a better picture of my bulletin board. I put all my odd little bits and pieces of notes, etc. on here. And there's my cutting ruler, beside it. *s*

Here, you see my cutting board, a quilting hoop (extra big) and some spools of thread. Yes, I banged in some big nails, for my thread, but as DH said, these walls will eventually be re-covered.

And here's a picture of my one and only (so far) nick-nack, that I purchased at our local dollar store.

It's a replica of an antique sewing machine, that has a pencil sharpener, underneath. Neat, eh?

And that's it, for my "Messy and Junky Sewing Room"! Stay tune for when I get my NEW and IMPROVED "Sewing Room".

ETA, you ask?   Probably in March 2006!

* * *  NEWS FLASH  * * *

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Since the last time that I wrote, there have been a lot of changes.

December 2006, I purchased a WONDERFUL machine, a "Brother". Haven't regretted it, for a minute! *s*

In January, since I had nowhere to sew, Gilbert suggested that I temporarily move some of my sewing stuff, in our now defunct guest room - upstairs.

Slowly I've been taking over this room - a rather small room, I might add - with my sewing stuff. His computer stuff was already in this room, along with our wine equipment (carboys, empty wine bottles, etc.). I'm sure you get the picture. *s*

Anyhow, he comes up with this EXCELLENT idea. Since we're never in our living room, why don't I take over the living room, with my sewing stuff?

So, we've been slowly emptying this room and Saturday, 30 June 2007, we started - officially - renovations on MY sewing room!  Finally!  *grin*

This room is approximately 12 ft X 15 ft - not a bad size, eh? *grin*

Added pics, that correspond to each "day" of progress. Probably, during the weekdays, there won't be much progress.



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