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(Updated: 11 November 2008)


Got too many web pages on the go and too difficult to try and maintain them. Most difficult of all, was trying to add new ones, at the bottom of all my other pages.

I'm hoping it will be easier, this way.


Here's my web page links, along with my "favorite" links.


If you're interested in following my web pages, I would suggest that THIS be the page you save, in your "favorites". *s*



My Links

"Operation Jane"

My (baby) Dear Jane quilt.

Imperfect DJ Blocks or

"DJ Bloopers"

A web site that I created, showing all my DJ Bloopers. Some other Janiacs were brave enough to let me post theirs, too!  LOL

"Jane Has Friends"

- 2nd DJ quilt

(11 November 2008)

My 2nd DJ quilt.

This one is with blocks swapped with other "Janiacs".

My "Siggie Quilt"

(1 September 2007)

These are Siggie Blocks (Signature Blocks), that were swapped with other "Janiacs", in 2007.

NOTE: Not all block pics are uploaded, yet and web page is yet to have a "nice" look to it. *s*

Birthday Siggie Swap


(11 November 2008)

May 2008, a group of Janiacs, from the DJalternate list (on Yahoo), decided to swap "Birthday Siggies". What fun - to receive a siggie, in your mailbox, every week!!!  *grin*

Special Siggies


These are "Special" Siggies. If you participated in the 2007 swap and you have a "Special" Siggie, write to that person and they will send you a little "giftie".

Special Siggies



These are "Special" Siggies. If you participated in the 2008 swap and you have a "Special" Siggie, write to that person and they will send you a little "giftie".

"Christmas with Jane" Special Siggies



These are "Special" Siggies. If you participated in the "Christmas with Jane Siggie Swap 2008 swap and you have a "Special" Siggie, write to that person and they will send you a little "giftie".

Official "Janiacs" Web Site

Lots of (baby) Dear Jane quilts, here!

TOW (Triangle of the Week)

Dear Jane weekly challenge, for Triangles.

BOW (Block of the Week)

Dear Jane weekly challenge, for Blocks.

DJ Triangle Achievement List

DJ that have reached an "achievement", with their triangles and kites.

Dear Jane Jlogs (AKA Blogs)

I started to write a Blog, on my blocks. But stopped, as I decided to do a paper journal, instead.

Rosa's (finished) Quilts

I finally took some time to tweak this page up to my standards and added all my quilty (finished) projects, on here.

Rosa's Sewing Room

(1 September 2007)

My sewing room, BEFORE and DURING renovations. Pics uploaded as work is progressing.

Cute Quilting Expressions

Gathered these, here and there on the net.

The Rantings of a Wild Quilter

From time to time, I will be adding to this page.

Funny and crazy stories - that's all!  LOL

(NOTE: I've been BLOGGING - LOVE IT!!!)

My Arts and Crafts Page

My "Arts and Crafts" web page.

 Our House (interactive)

(2 September 2007)

Gilbert showed me how to create an "interactive" picture!

My Blog


 Where I'm able to rant and rave and write silly stuff, about me, computers and Dear Jane stuff.

Marco Polo Guild

 The guild that I belong to!  *VBG*

Friends Links

Dear Jane Official Web Site

Brenda Papadakis, author of Dear Jane (DJ)

Dreamin' of Jane

My friend, Jo Spindle's DJ Quilt in progress -

All done in BLUES and WHITES!!

Christmas is For Sharing

My friend, Jo Spindle's 2nd DJ quilt... done with mostly swapped blocks.

Suntosh Gardens

I go to this web page, a lot, if I'm not sure on how to do a certain DJ block. Incredible work!

Veronique's Dear Jane Page

Another place that I go, for help with my Dear Jane quilt. She shows the front AND back of her blocks and triangles.

Quilted Diamonds

Linda Franz's Web Site.


This is where I FINALLY managed to do

 "G-8 / Justin's Comet": a rather difficult block, in the Dear Jane quilt. *s*

Life is a Stitch

My friend, Nancy-Rose's Blog - I just LOVE reading her daily postings! *grin*

Interesting Sites

Quiltville Custom Quilting

OMG (Oh My God)!!!

I could spend hours on this lady's web site! She has WONDERFUL instructions (with pictures) on how to do ALL SORTS of wonderful blocks!

Quilter's Cache

This place has TONS of patterns - FREE!

You don't need to sign up, plus there's TONS of links to browse on and read!


Another great site, to get lost in the readings! LOL 

I could spend DAYS reading the "Confessions" link, on this page!

And it made me realize that I wasn't alone, with this "obsession"!... LOL

Sharon B's Dictionary of Stitches for Hand Embroidery and Needlework

Another EXCELLENT site...

lots of pictures and lots of explanations!

You Know You're a Quilter When...

I was going to do something like this, when I decided to "Google" it first and then,  I found out that someone else had created it... and did a better job than what I was going to do! It's pretty funny!

Real Sewing Rooms

A web page that a friend sent me. This person has collected all sorts of links (from other people's sewing room). Kewl, eh?

You can get lost on some of the web pages! *s*


A place where you can get lost!

 There are TONS of places to look at!

(Referred by: Kaye)

Royal Purple Ladies of the Night

Royal Purple Ladies of the Night.

 Sounds like a bunch of REAL nice people and I found loads of interesting stuff, on their page!

(Referred by Smoky)


Contest Sites

FabShop Hop

Shop Hop: A quilting Contest.

I won a couple times, on this contest.

CANADA & USA - Only !!



On-Line Shops  (or Merchandise)  

Quilting with Ease

Jean Folkes got into the precision machine piecing because of the Dear Jane blocks.

She now sells her books, along with a few notions.


She's also helped me a few times with blocks (via emails) and has just informed me that if she doesn't have what you're looking for on her web site, she can try and get it for you. *s*


My kind of friend!

The Buggy Barn

They have wonderful fabrics and

the best block of the months of any place.

(As per Linda Henson)

Country Threads

Great books and patterns.

 (As per Linda Henson)

Prairie Star Quilts

They are great and they will kit up anything for you.

(As per Linda Henson)

Anna Kathryn Lanier

Jo Spindle's sister:

She is a writer and has one of her stories published! She also writes under the name of:

"MJ Sager"

Zoe's Collection

A good friend of mine, that lives in my city, makes these adorable (& durable) dog colors and other doggie stuff. EXCELLENT SERVICE and EXCELLENT QUALITY!  You won't regret ordering from her - trust me! *grin*





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