I just LOVE creating new things!  Most times, I have more plans and ideas in my head, than I have time to actually DO them.


2.    COPYING:

Since I have these ideas in my head, and unfortunately am not an "artist" - most times I "copy" from other people. Also, my husband and I are renovating our 125 year old home, and either we're not able to purchase an item that we KNOW would be just right on our wall, or that item is too expensive for our budget. That's when we try to "recreate" this item. (See "My Projects" below).



I'm a cheapie. I try and recycle or get a good bargain, on materials that I will need, for my projects.


4.    PURPOSE:

"Projects" (as  I call them), are either for our home decor, our personal use, or to be given away as gifts (Christmas, Birthday gifts, etc.). I've been commissioned for a couple pieces before - (that's the fancy way to say that my mom asked me to make a couple pieces, so she could give away as gifts), but I never sell my projects. I don't have the time and energy to get into the "flea market" business. Plus, you RARELY get your money back for material AND your time. In other words, its not worth it.


5.    TEAM WORK:

I am so blessed to have a husband that supports my creative ideas, and even helps me when I need it - cutting the wood, giving me his unbiased opinion or suggestions, and even painting... and the list goes on and on.


5.    PRIDE:

I am basically a very simple person. I try projects that are simple and I love nothing better than to SHOW OFF and SHARE how to do these creations. If any of you are interested, and/or my explanations are not quite clear, you may certainly email me and I'll do my best to explain "how" to do these projects.



OUR COMPLETED (or soon to be completed)



 Bedroom (master): African - COMPLETED

   Bathroom (master): Egyptian - COMPLETED

   Bedroom (James'): COMPLETED

   Bathroom (James'): Oriental - COMPLETED

  Kitchen: Mexican - ongoing

   Stairwell: Wine and Grapes - COMPLETED (12 Aug.04)

  Home Office: BEFORE - COMPLETED (24 Nov 07)

  Home Office: AFTER - COMPLETED (24 Nov 07)

   Rosa's Sewing Room (AKA Studio) - COMPLETED (24 Nov 07)

   Quilts - COMPLETED - 2004 (24 Nov 07)

   Quilts - COMPLETED - 2005 (not updated, yet)

   Quilts - COMPLETED - 2006 (not updated, yet)

   Quilts - COMPLETED - 2007 (24 Nov. 07)

  Glass: Painting Wine Glasses - COMPLETED

   Knitting: Scarves, Dish Towels - COMPLETED & ongoing

  Recycling: Lawn Chairs - COMPLETED & ongoing

  Light Switches:

              Giraffe (22 Dec.05)

              Tiger (22 Dec.05)


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If some of these links are not working, PLEASE send me an email, and I'll gladly fix the problem!


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