The Dear Jane




2008 Siggie Blocks


(UPDATED: 27 October 2008)

Andrea Koziol (X 4 or 5) They have gold machine embroidery on them. No special gifty for the recipients - just "special" siggies, for your enjoyment.
Cathy Sanders Has Swarovski crystals in the two zeros on the 2008.
Freda Price (X3) The word "Special", in red.
Kathy Smith Email addy on it + pigma penned star, at the top. Underneath, on seam allowance marked "Special Siggie".

Janet Monet

Signed "Janet Merry Monet".

Janice Fabrizio

Done in color - on the back seam, written "Special Siggie".

Jo Spindle (X 2) "Texas" is the same color as Santa's buckle and the bells on cane.
Julie Goodson (2) They have green and red crystals on the roof of the gingerbread houses instead of just coloring.

Martha Lindberg

(X 2) Marked with a label asking the person to email her.

Phyllis Miller

(X 2) Written "Special Siggie" on the front.

Ranette Tonsfeldt (X2) Both have "special siggie" or "special Christmas siggie" on the seam allowance.
Rebecca Hunt (X 2) Has a cross and a bible verse.

Renée Mirazo

Also signed by "Milagra" (her donkey) and "Lucy" (her Catahoula).

Ruth Beickert

(X 3) The month and day of her birthday, on the siggies.

Susan Mina The stamp is of the world and says Peace on Earth. There are TWO(2) crystals on it instead of one(1) and it says 'Special Wishes to You' underneath the trees.

Suzanne Hansen

(X 2) Both have "bling".




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