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The Jane Stickle quilt was made during the American Civil War. She signed her quilt "In War Time 1863." Jane created a masterpiece consisting of 169 4.5" (approx.) square blocks surrounded by fifty-two 8"x5" triangles and four corner triangles. She pieced and appliquéd her blocks giving a variety for the viewer to behold.


Siggie blocks or "Signature blocks" are blocks that are exchanged amongst quilters. They usually sign their name and location, on their blocks.


After surfing the web and looking at other beautiful Siggie Swap quilts, my Dear Husband (DH) decided he wanted us to have one in "Rainbow" style. I told him that it was complicated to do it this way. I personally wanted the easy way out! LOL

Anyhow, figured if I post all the blocks that came in, it would be easier to play around with the colors, on the computer, than on my knees and on the floor.  Pics will be uploaded, when I get the chance.

I hope to start assembling the blocks by December 2007.


NOTE: March 28, 2008 -

Siggie Swap 2008 is in full swing - hoping to add 2007 blocks to my web page,

before 2008 Siggies arrive!


Added more blocks that were NOT part of this swap, but from another (personal) swap.

"Colors" will have to be looked at, on the floor... *groan*... when I start piecing them, together.


Siggie Swap 2007-2008

Click on block picture to see a close-up.


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Andrea Beck = Wales

Andrea Kemp = Colorado, USA

Ann Caldicott = Australia

Anna Banana = in Indiana, USA

Anne Gordon = Australia

Annemiek van Kiuk = The Netherlands

Annette DeBose = Texas, USA = B-9

Anita Geertman = Belgium

Barbara Andrews - Australia

Barbara de Nike = New Jersey, USA

Barbara Nelson = New Jersey, USA

Bente Hawkins = Denmark

Bernadette Rohr = Ohio, USA

Betsy Lipps = California, USA

Betty McPeck = Michigan, USA

Beverly Curtis = Oklahoma, USA

Beverly Sherman = Pennsylvania, USA

Beverly True = Yarmouth, Maine, USA

Brenda Roumie "The General" = Dubai & Indiana, USA

Brenda Papadakis = Indiana, USA

Carol Klein = New Mexico, USA

Carolyn Van Maele = ???????? = C-9

Cathy Wheeler = Georgia, USA

Christine Auburn = Dorset, England

Constance Ross = Ohio, USA

Cynthia Hague = British Columbia, Canada

Cynthia Hague = British Columbia, Canada = B-12

Cynthia Hague = British Columbia, Canada = C-1

Cynthia Hague = British Columbia, Canada = M-7

Debbie Clem = Georgia, USA

Deborah Schultz (debgiggles) = IL, USA

Inez Stornbrink = Nederland

James Monk = Australia

Jane Monk = I-2

Jonathan Monk = Australia

Karen Bonter = British Columbia, Canada

Mardelle Pastl = Sask., Canada = B-1

Mardelle Pastl = Sask., Canada = C-12

Mardelle Pastl = Sask., Canada = I-1

Mardelle Pastl = Sask., Canada = A-6

Mardelle Pastl = Sask., Canada = C-3

Mardelle Pastl = Sask., Canada = E-1

Marianna Berkamp = the Netherlands (#1)

Marianna Berkamp = the Netherlands (#2)

Marianna Berkamp = the Netherlands = D-13

Marianne Kotch = Vermont, USA = E-10

Marilyn Dabbs = Georgia, USA = F-2

Marilyn Dabbs = Georgia, USA = G-4

Marilyn Dabbs = Georgia, USA = I-9

Nan Timms = WA, USA

Patti Kilcullen = Virginia, USA

Patti Kilcullen = Virginia, USA = M-13

Shadow Daisy Monk = Australia

Steffini Dameron = WV, USA = I-8

Steffini Dameron = WV, USA = M-1

Susan Moore = Australia

Susan Moore = Australia = A-1

Susan Moore = Australia = A-8

Valerie Langue = IL, USA

Wilma Dunn Simons = New York, USA = M-11

Wilma Dunn Simons = New York, USA = M-8

Wilma Dunn Simons = New York, USA = L-5

Wilma Dunn Simons = New York, USA = L-3

Yvonne Morgan = Devon, England = A-2


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