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"EXTRA SPECIAL" 2008 Siggie Blocks


UPDATED: 3 June 2008

Alicia Bell (X 2) The 2008 are done in blue. NOTE: 1 has been received.
Annette DeBose "Special" written on it.
Barbara Perry Has 1 big floral yoyo in the center with a purple button on it and my email on the back.
Cathy Sanders Wally gator has rhinestones on him.
Cheri Williams (X 2) Done with a Grapevine print fabric. NOTE: 1 has been received.
Cindy in WA (X 10 or 12) Special Siggies have French knots on them. NOTE: 4 have been received.
Cyn Forrest in California (X 2) Stamp details are colored in with Fabrico pens: green leafs, red heart, golden state, poppy-orange poppies.
Diane Patry Looks like a square in a square but actually the square is appliqued on a red square piece of fabric with stitching lines across that makes it look like  pieced triangles. I drew a winter landscape on it in black ink like all the other siggies but I added a second house in the drawing and one mountain is reverse applique and pink; also I wrote my name differently.
Elaine Petrik

1st one has a antique sewing machine and spool charm. RECEIVED

2nd one has a sewing basket with a pair of stork scissors.

BOTH have email, on the back.

Jane Monk

Mushroom stamp (painted mainly green and red) - written "Special Siggie 2008".

Jo Spindle (X 2) "Badge" in the center is painted with a platinum zig pigma marker (heat safe) and police pin up fabric (risqué) on the sides.
Judy Gibson The zero's in 2008 are filled in with gold.
Kim Boldt Has "USA" on it twice.
Mary Albino (X 2) The word "Special" on the inside seam allowance.
Pat Harrell

(x 2) Both are stamped in blue and colored.

Also the "Special Siggies" have blue threaded needle fabric on the corners and both have  "Special Siggie", written in back on the seam allowance.

Paula Marks (X 2) Special Siggies are completely colored in.
Penny Jones (X 2) They have "I'm Special" written on them.
Penny Wilson I had my dd Bella sign it, so it says Bella Wilson not Penny Wilson.
Rosa Robichaud Store-bought, embroidered "Acadian" flag, with words "Special Siggie" and my email addy's on it, too.
Sharon Sample (X 2) "Special Siggie" written in "orange" and has a rhinestone on the map. NOTE: 1 has been received.
Steffini Dameron (x 2) Embroidered Teddy Bear with "Special Siggie" also, embroidered on it. NOTE: 1 has been received.
Susan Mina
My "middle name"is on that one.
Susan Sweeten The word “friends” in green and "Special Siggy" on the back seam allowance.
Terry Monnett Gold focus fabric with 2 cardinals in the white center block - there is a note on the back.
Valerie Langue Ehresmann I used a red or brown pigma pen for the writing.
Verity Creekmore
It has the copyright date of the fabric on the selvage c2005.
Wendy Hausauer
(x 2) A cute chick on them, as well as my email address.




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