The 2007 Dear Jane


"EXTRA SPECIAL" Siggie Blocks


UPDATED: 24 May 2007

Andrea in Wales Cat's face has "4" whiskers each side instead of 3
Babes in MN Has purple bear paw prints tracking across the state of MN
Cindy Garcia Has a button on it.
Cheri Williams (2 to 4) Has a paper attached that says "Special Siggie": (2) RECEIVED!!!
Cindy Temple Has personal "email address" on it: RECEIVED!!!
Dot Houpt Block says "You are special" and has a drawing of the Victory Shaft monument that is in the middle of our town square.
Helen Marie Kirby (2 or 3 blocks) - Has the line "Home of The Masters Golf Tournament", on it
Jacquie in Enid, OK (2 or 3 blocks) One is a large butterfly, and the rest are a stamped row of quilt blocks and a small butterfly. RECEIVED (Large Butterfly)!!!
Jane Monk

Is red, and yellow swirl circles - the swirls are made with dots - it is an Australian Aboriginal fabric = a red/yellow one (in a zip lock bag with a fridge magnet from tasmania):


Janice Erickson A kitty button
Jean Folkes More than one fabric on Block
Joyce Little Corner fabrics are dark green and there is something else on my center square other than my name, state, country and year - it was two small hearts at the bottom
Judy Gibson The zeros on 2007 are filled in: RECEIVED!!!
Judy Norman A kangaroo in the middle of the map of Australia - between the "20" and the "07"
Julie Clarke Special siggie is the one that is stamped in blue, not brown like the rest.
Kathy MacPherson Hand-pieced Block
Margaret McLemore Special Siggie has blue pen stitching ending in a threaded needle: RECEIVED!!!
Mary Ann in Denmark You'll know when you turn out the lights
Melissa Lamb The heart is not on point but tilted on it's side
Michel Du Mont Red lettering with the 2007 in black: RECEIVED!!!
Nan Bawn (2 special blocks) Written it in black and has a heart drawn on it: RECEIVED!!!
Nelda White A saguaro cactus with a small sun up in the left hand corner
Patricia Steapp (2) Blocks reads: "Howdy / from / Houston, Texas / Patricia Steapp / U.S.A. / 2007": (2) RECEIVED!!!
Penny Wilson (2 special blocks) - On the back, for Penny's alternate email: (1) RECEIVED!!!
Rosa Robichaud Flowers are green / leaves and stem are red: RECEIVED!!!
Sara Blankenship Siggie is in brown ink.
Sharon Sample
State of Oklahoma is painted ORANGE:  RECEIVED!!!
Shirley Osewalt
The number "47" on the back
Steffini Dameron 2 flowers on the signature part/they match the flowers on the fabric: RECEIVED!!!
Susan Evans A yellow sun shining on the state of Florida: RECEIVED!!!
Susan Mina Signature in cursive, not printed: RECEIVED!!!
Susan Kirchner Block has a quilt basket block stencil on it.
Yvonne in Plymouth (2 Special Blocks) Blocks have a pale turquoise fabric, with poodles on it.




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