Cousin's Meeting


March 2004

Somewhere in Canada



Minutes of the Meeting:


The meeting began at 1:55 pm on          , 2004 at                  Restaurant in            ,            ,                       , Canada, North America, Earth...J


      Shorty goes outside to perform an Air Quality Check


      Some discussion about a day trip to Calais, Maine possibly in          .  Some wanted an overnight hotel/motel/camping be decided at a later date...


      California Bitch club is still a go for this year's Cousbin's Camping trip...


      Shorty returns from her Air Quality Check - everything is AOK...


      Some discussion about an overnight pyjama party at a cottage in           ...  California Bitch is to see if it can be booked for         &    .  We'll finalize the details at the next meeting.


      Day trip / BBQ possibly at the               Park....decide at a later date.


      Next meeting is to be held at               's on           , 2004, 12:00 pm (noon), in           ,                 ,                          , Canada, North America, Earth J.


      Meeting adjourned by Call Girl.


Pictures taken at

the meeting



Call Girl


Lab Rat


Runs with Horses




(left to right)

Blondie, Runs with Horses, Call Girl, Lab Rat, Badm and California Bitch.





The Web Mistress would like to inform all "Tree Huggers" that no brown paper bags were misused or abused during these photo sessions.


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