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14 January 2006

A lazy Saturday morning... Isn't that fun?!?... LOL


Christmas came and all went well. We went to my parents, for Christmas Eve (about 1 hours drive away) - the weather was nice and mild. Managed to finish and wrap up all gifts, in time and received some beautiful gifts, as well. *s*


Planning a trip, state side (Calais, Maine) for the 20th of January - shopping for fabric! My favorite kind of shopping! *s*


And then, there's a "Geocaching" event, in my city, coming up - scheduled for the 4th of February - That should be fun! *s*


Today, I hope to get some sewing done. We have a few items to purchase. We also have to bring up all our Christmas items, in our attic. They've all packed up and placed in our plastic storage bins, thanks to Gilbert!


I hope to take pictures of my "old" sewing room and place them on the net. By March, Gilbert promises me that my "new" sewing room (upstairs), will be renovated and I'll be able to move in! *VBG*  That should be fun!


And I'd like to divide theses "blogs" in separate years - for example, 2005 blogs would be separated from 2006... And the same thing for my Dear Jane "Jlogs".


And I've been busy doing some tole painting!  So, all in all, I've been a busy girl!






P.S. Joined the "Secret Pal" program, through the Dear Jane group, and I received MY first gift - A "Fabricalc"!!! This little machine, looks like a calculator, can calculate how much fabric you need to make a quilt, or what size quilt you can make with the fabric you have on hand: it can also calculate the cost of a quilt and tons more things! I LOVE IT!!!! *VBG*



20 November 2005

Well, didn't get to do much "Geocaching" this weekend - In fact, we've pretty much finished, for the season. Yep, it had to arrive eventually - We got snow last night! Not much, and by this afternoon, the 1/4 inch (or less) had melted. But we feel it's still too cold, out there. *s*


I haven't sewn anything in over a month and I've only got 1/4 of Christmas gifts purchased! Yikes! And Christmas is almost at our doorstep! Where does the time fly??


I had all sorts of marvelous plans to sew and do other fun stuff, this weekend, but we're already Sunday evening (6 pm) and NOTHING got done!. LOL  Oh well, there's always another weekend! *s*


That's about it. Same ole - Same ole...


Have a great week!




P.S. Oh yah!  I got my hair chopped off, Saturday - And I LOVE the new "do"!!! *s*



6 November 2005

Once again... yesterday was cloudy and overcast with sunshine peeking through, every now and then. Today, it's supposed to rain. Next weekend? Long range weather predictions? RAIN!!!  So what's new???


We have a double sized bed to give away. I've been trying to GIVE it away to close friends and family members. One nibble - no takers. Yesterday evening, I got fed up and posted it on our local "freecycle" web site. Within 2 minutes, we had a lady that is interested and will be picking it up today, at 11 am today! Unfortunately, I don't have 10 beds to give away - and that's approximately how many more emails we received afterwards. More people that would have been VERY happy to receive this bed.


All this to tell you (whoever cares to read my blogs), if you have "something" or "anything" to throw out and send to the dump... whether big or small... please consider your local area "freecycle" - I believe they're hosted through Yahoo. As they say: Someone's trash is someone else's treasure... PLUS, you'll be helping the environment, with less trash at your local dump! NO, you cannot SELL on Freecycle - it must be FREE. Of course, there's always the Salvation Army, and other "not-for-profit" places where your "things" could go to.


Other than that, I'm drinking my Tim Hortons coffee, this morning and trying to wake up. We need to go clean out the spare bedroom - where the bed is now - and wait for the people to pick it up. We will be doing lots of moving around, in this old house. The spare bedroom will become my "sewing and craft room"!!! We will be bringing (upstairs) our non-plugged dryer and finally be hooking it up, on the second floor, where there is an electrical outlet, for it!


With all the rain, I've gotten fed up with trying to hang clothes outside and when I hang them up INSIDE the house to dry, it becomes fairly humid, here.


That's about it.


Have a great week!





28 October 2005

Okay... This had GOT TO BE the worst month in history!!! We've had rain EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND in October!!! Or at least, it appears that way!


This week - Monday, to be precise - I checked the weather network and they were calling for a nice weekend. Yesterday (Thursday), still calling for a nice weekend. BAM! This morning, rain for Saturday evening and Sunday!!!


Once again, I checked the weather network, before writing this blog and they're now calling for "scattered showers", for Sunday.


Scattered showers??? Is that like every 5 minutes... or more like every 3 hours??? Unfortunately, they don't really tell you that. LOL


Anyhow, once again... I'll try and encourage myself.

#1 - You don't have to shovel "rain" - ONE good point!

#2 - The rain and the bit of wind that we've received, so far, is nowhere NEAR what some places in the USA got. "Rosa, quit yer bitchin' !!"

#3 - At least this year, NOBODY is worried about their water wells being dry, before the snow falls!


What are my plans, this weekend, you ask?  Gilbert has to work, therefore I plan on going out with James to hide some "caches"... part of our new "hobby" or "sport"...


Sunday, I'll probably buckle down and do some housework... maybe get a bit of sewing done and some updates to web pages. That's what I've got planned and hope to accomplish. Will it happen? Who knows? As they say... time will tell. *s*


Have a great weekend!





10 October 2005

Thanksgiving is upon us (in Canada, at least). Today, we've got "mist" - I'm tired of calling it "rain" after 1 week! Actually, the clouds give up every now and then and we can go outside in a t-shirt (no raincoat)... and then it starts "misting" again.


Went to my parents yesterday for Thanksgiving, and once again - this has GOT to be a yearly thing - I promised myself to go on a diet, the next day! LOL


Thunder, our 3 yr old German Shepherd, ran himself silly with his "uncle", Bandit, (my parents 1 yr old black Lab). Even in the rain, they had to jump in their pond and get "wetter" - as if that was at all possible!... LOL  James was worried about them and my Mom said "What are you worried about? They're already wet!"  LOL


We arrived before my sisters and their families and I (at first) kicked my butt for not thinking to bring any embroidery or hand sewing projects, to keep me busy. Must be the city life - I'm not used to sitting back and doing "nothing". Anyhow, we sat in their living room - my family and my parents - and we had ourselves a good old chat and the time flew by! *s*


Laundry, dishes, house cleaning, surfing the net while relaxing - That's on my agenda, for today. In other words... same old, same old.







8 October 2005

FINALLY!!! The weekend's here and I have FOUR EXTRA LONG (hopefully) days to relax and do lots of stuff, or do absolutely nothing at all - and each day is mine to do whatever I want to do! *VBG*


We had planned on going "Geocaching" but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating - Rain and/or showers ALL FOUR DAYS!!! Anyhow, since I always try to be optimist AND I figure I have at least 3 different passions or hobbies - Geocaching, quilting and my computer - Well, I'm sure you can guess which of the two I'll be doing this weekend... LOL


After a 3 week hiatus (approx.), and only because I had the "sewing blues" - I started sewing this week. I have several UFOs (unfinished objects) which I've decided to put my head to the grindstone and FINISH THEM... ONCE AND FOR ALL!  It's not good to have UFOs (of whatever shape or color) hanging over your head, to give you that "guilty" feeling and it "drags" you down. I'll be working on them, this weekend.


My parents have invited us (my family and my 2 other sister's families) for Thanksgiving, at their home, for Sunday. They live about 1 hour's drive away, in the country.  That should be fun.


That's about it. Oh yah, when I repeated the statement, to Gilbert that we were having FOUR days of rain, he said "Well, it could be worse - It could be FOUR days of SNOW!"  And I'll add, that at least you don't have to shovel RAIN! ... LOL


How's THAT for optimism?!?!? ... LOL


Have a great day!



25 September 2005

Gilbert had to work yesterday and James & I went to my sister, Tina's new house, to help paint their house (exterior). It was a rather windy, yet sunny day - just perfect for painting outside, in my opinion.


Today, Sunday is just a plain old lazy day - nice sunshine with nice fall temperatures. Its already 2 pm and I'm trying to get geared up to go downstairs and sew. Hmmm.. lack of ambition?!?!... Dunno.


I've done a bit of revamping, on my web page. Stuff I had promised myself I'd do... but could never find the time. I think I might add a couple more pages, before the day is done and just skip the sewing. *s*


Gilbert and I started chatting on ICQ 6 years ago, this weekend. Therefore, we went out to supper Friday evening and Saturday evening (even though he had worked all weekend), he invited me to a movie. *s*   It's good to spend quality time together, sometimes.


That's about it. Nothing new, nothing bad... Same old, same old.



21 September 2005

Gilbert & I got into the "Geocaching" thing. WE LOVE IT!!! We've even hidden a few caches. If you love hi-tech gadgets - a simple GPS (cost: approx. $150 CDN) & logging your "finds" into your computer - getting off your butt and getting out of the house - to see places where you've probably never seen before or didn't even know it existed - THIS IS THE GAME / SPORT FOR YOU!!!


Today is supposed to be the last day of summer and it was still REAL nice outside. We had a few thunder claps last night, around 9h30, but it turned out to be real nice today, anyhow. Approximately 20 degrees F.


Last night I cleaned my "sewing" room out (or just a bit) and finished organizing my Dear Jane binder. Finished sewing one star on my "kite" - that's a corner block on this quilt. I only have one more star to appliqué, and then that block will be finished! WOO HOO!


Gilbert works this Saturday. And I don't care to go Geocaching without him AND it's moose hunting season (for the weekend anyhow). NO SIR-REE! You won't catch me in the woods, during THAT time!


That's about it. Same old, same old. Get up, go to work, come home, supper, "fillers" (watch television, housework, etc), then back to bed.


I'm going to try and continue this blog, whenever I'm funked out and don't have anything more interesting to attend to. *s*


Take Care


11 June 2005

Started "Rosa's Blogs". Mostly info from "OUR BULLETIN BOARD" - (from my main Web Page), will be copied here.


I've also been working on my "Operation Jane" Page, along with my "Jlogs" - in other words, my Virtual Wall with my "Dear Jane" quilt blocks and my "Dear Jane Blogs". And I'm also trying to update the FIRST page to my web site. *sigh* ... Too many project - Not enough time in a day! *s*



23 May 2005

Where to start?

This year, so far has been pretty rotten, but I'm usually NOT a pessimist and I ALWAYS try to find some "good stuff" within the "bad stuff".



Gilbert & I caught a REAL bad flu. I start feeling better after 2 days. Gilbert is sick for a whole week and continues "coughing" for the month of January. He refuses to see a doctor - Never has seen a doctor, in his ENTIRE life and he feels he doesn't need a doctor.



Gilbert's back starts aching. He takes over the counter pain killers. His fingers and feet become numb; he loses strength in his legs and hands and arms. Then, 1/2 of his face becomes numb. That's when we go to the Emergency Dept., at our local hospital. He's diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). Six days in the hospital, he's finally released. The specialists tell us that this is a rare syndrome or illness; it could have been a 100 times worst, and that he was one of the "lucky" ones.



Gilbert is home during this month, recuperating and trying to get his strength back.



Gilbert returns to work. All is well - well almost. I'm having medical problems. I head off to my family doctor. He refers me to a specialist.



Another trip to the specialist. He recommends surgery - they're booking for the month of September or October. I receive a call from their office. Someone cancelled for the 26 of May. Do I want their date? Hmmm.. Yes, put me in. *sigh*


Sooo... I'll be home for 6 weeks (major surgery) and should have time to work on my web site. Planning on changing my front "Web Page" and adding more stuff. *s*




Gilbert and I wanted to "erase & reformat" a portion of our H/D, last weekend. Unfortunately, things got screwed up, and we erased the WHOLE DAMN H/D !!! I've lost a lot of email addies. No, I had a backup, dated February 2004, but no recent one. YES, I tried to backup BEFORE the erase thingy but had difficulties, so therefore, I decided to "save" my info, on the OTHER side of our H/D - the side that wasn't "supposed" to be touched.

Anyhow, I've since learned my lesson and REGULAR and SCHEDULED backups are done every Saturday morning! *s*

Soooo... if you haven't received an email from me lately, its because I've lost your email addy. Send me a note, and I'll "add you to my contact list".



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