I came into my present Master's lives when my former parents couldn't keep me anymore.

My newborn baby "brother" (their human son) had allergies.

They were VERY sad to have to give me away to a new home,

but since I was such a good dog and they loved me VERY much,

they were VERY selective as to who would adopt me.


My new parents had just "lost" Novac, their other GSD (German Shepherd Dog).

In September 2004, Novac started having epileptic fits and

my new parents felt it would be better to put him to sleep.

They too, were VERY sad at the thought of losing Novac and

(at the time) never EVER wanted another dog, again.



December 2004, my "aunt" (my new Mom's sister) mentioned to her that her

co-worker's daughter was looking for a good home for their GSD.

My new Mom remembers at the time that she first told her "No, thanks."

But then she paused and told her...

 "Well, can you send me the dog's pictures by email?"

At the time, she was still sad from losing Novac and thought:

"Well, if she forgets to send the pictures, I won't bug her about

them. It will be fate."


Anyhow, my "aunt" did forward the pictures to my new parents.

Mom and Dad fell in love with me! Love at first sight, as they say!


They called up my "former" parents to see if I could

spend a weekend with my them, my "new" parents.

They wanted to make sure I would get along with their 4 cats.

They soon found out that I ADORE my new (cat) brothers and sisters!


Saturday morning, they picked me up.

By Saturday afternoon,

I WASN'T going back to my "former" parents!


They fell in love with the "TRUE ME", and not just my pictures! LOL


They were AMAZED that I was so well behaved. I know several commands:






Up (when I'm invited on the bed)

Give Paw

I play "fetch" and BRING BACK the ball or frisbee or stick.

I am VERY affectionate and VERY protective.

I am also VERY good in a car.

I follow my new parents around the house,

like a typical German Shepherd.

I've NEVER had an "accident" in the house...

or at least since I've been with my new parents.

I LOVE to play with the water hose when Dad washes his car!

I don't "beg" for food at the table, but when my new Mom and Dad

give me a doggie treat, I sit patiently and gently take my treat. *doggie wag*

And I am not hyper.

AND since my new parents are French, I'm starting to learn French, too!


I'm almost perfect. *another doggie wag*


My only problem is that I have a bad hip, but my new parents

take care of me and try not to let me overexert myself and

my doctor said that Mom and Dad should try not to let me run.

But I have a confession to make: It's real hard when I see a

ball or stick and my brother, James wants to play with me.

*doggie wag*


Also, I don't remember much when I was born.

Apparently, my former parents selected me from the "Animal Rescue League"

- a place where you can go and chose a pet.


Anyhow, I don't have a birth certificate (my papers), but lots of

people think that I'm a pure bred German Shepherd. But, hey, guess what?

My former parents and my NEW parents couldn't care less!

They love me just the way I am - papers or no papers!

*doggie wag*


Anyhow, my new parents are always taking

pictures of me and I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

Hope you enjoy them!


This is me, in my new home - December 2004.

This is me, playing in the snow. Photo taken February 2005.

Don't I look silly with snow on my nose?!? Photo taken February 2005.

Here's another silly picture of me, with snow on my nose!

Photo taken February 2005.

This picture was taken early summer 2005. I was sitting on our deck, outside.


Here is a picture of me and "P'tit Noir" (my cat brother),

in my parents office.

At some point, my Mom said that this was like an

"Animal Bunk Bed"!

Anyhow, this is where I usually hang out,

 when they're surfing the net, but sometimes I just lay on their bed.

I know they don't mind.

Here is a picture of me and "Minou" (my cat sister).

We were just "hangin' out" together, at the top of our stairs.

Minou likes to rub up against me, sometimes. I don't mind.

*doggie wag*

This was taken summer 2005.

We had gone "geocaching" and I was just resting.

Well, that's it, folks, for the pictures.


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