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Well, during the past week, I have had NO REST and the noise from

the proverbial "cathouse" has been TERRIBLE!!!

Someone let the "cat out of the bag" - so-to-speak,

and our FOUR cats found out that "Thunder", our

German Shepherd Dog (GSD) had his own web page!


Discussions, negotiations and even some "cat calls",

were held... sometimes late into the night,

but I finally agreed to give them their OWN web space,

 but they (the four cats), would have to share their page. *s*

So, here goes...


We moved into our home, in 2000. A year later, we started getting nightly visitors - Mice!

By the spring 2002, I was FED UP with fighting the mice - I think they even enjoyed the "cheeseburger flavored" poison!  Gilbert & I then decided to get a kitten. Hopefully, this would solve our "problem".


Enter Minou. Minou means "kitty" in French.

The above picture is Minou, when she was tiny.

Minou quickly grew to be a beautiful cat - nice, long and slim

BEFORE her "operation". After her operation, she became

nice and "round"... LOL

In the meantime, a good friend of mine was "stuck" with an adult male cat. His previous "boarder" left his apartment in the middle of the night and didn't bother taking his cat! My friend already had 2 cats and they (their cats) didn't care for this one. He sent a global email to his friends and I replied stating that if no one else wanted this cat, we would seriously consider adopting him. (Remember now... we only had Minou, at the time.)

Anyhow, long story, but this is how we adopted "Maurice, the Cat". *s*

When I went and got Maurice, from my friend's home... I was absolutely FLOORED! 

I have never owned such a BIG BONED cat!

Maurice was stressed out, at first.

And our German Shepherd dog, that we had at that time (Novac) was

highly curious, too. Eventually, they learned to get along.

Now, Maurice was an indoor cat and had never been de-clawed.

So, I figured that, like any cat, if he got used to the outdoors,

he would enjoy it. Well, we slowly introduced him to the outdoors.

This process went on for a week or two.

We'd let him out for longer periods, each time, till eventually he was

able to go out for a whole day. Then, he gradually stayed out, overnight.

This didn't worry us too much. Minou would stay out, overnight, too.

Then, Maurice the Cat would disappear for a couple days and then

show up, at the door, for his food and water.

And then, one day - early spring - he never came back.

I was terribly sad. I called and called for him... but to no avail.

Gilbert thought he saw him once, in another part of the city.

We even drove out there and called for him. :-(

No Maurice the Cat.



In the meantime, and unfortunately, Minou had romance in her eyes

and soon became pregnant.

The above picture is Minou, pregnant. :-(

Minou is nice and calm and loves to be petted.

You can pick her up and put her on your shoulder and she doesn't panic.

Almost like a stuffed toy - she's a big ball of fur. *s*


Anyhow, (and this is where the story builds up...), Minou had 5 kittens:

P'tit Noir (Little Blackie) - See above picture


Pattes Blanches (White Paws) - See above picture


Junior (he/she looked like Minou) - See above picture


Callie (for calico cat) - See above picture


P'tit Gris (Little Grey) - See above picture


We managed to give away 3 of the kitties, and decided to keep

P'tit Noir - because he was ALL BLACK and

Callie - because she was just SO FLUFFY.

After a few months, we soon realized that "Callie" was a girl cat

and that "P'tit Noir" was a boy cat.

Keeping score? We now have Minou, Callie and P'tit Noir.

Maurice the Cat had disappeared, right?


Well, in the meantime, who shows up in our yard but Maurice the Cat.

It was September (3 months had gone by - approx.),

by then and I had never seen such a scrawny looking cat!

I almost didn't recognize him! I sure would love to know where he

was all those months... Was he locked in someone's basement?

Did he fend for himself, with mice, squirrels and/or garbage?

Anyhow, he was skittish at first but after a few good meals (with water),

he eventually returned "home". And he's here to stay! *s*


Now, THAT'S WHY we have 4 cats! But we don't have any more mice!!!


Minou AND Callie both got pregnant after Maurice the Cat came back.

We managed to give away their kittens, to good homes and then quickly had

both cats "fixed". Minou plumped up and looks continuously pregnant (LOL)

but Callie has remained the same.

Our 4 cats are all different in colors (or fur texture) and in personality:

Minou is so soft and cuddly and wouldn't harm a flea...

Although, I have caught her with a mouse or two,

and unfortunately birds get caught, too, at times.

This is a picture of "Thunder" and Minou lounging around,

at the top of our stairs. (See above picture).



Maurice is "King" in our "cat house"...

It's survival of the fittest - Darwin' Theory - Something that Gilbert & I do NOT tolerate! 

He'll hiss at the others when they get in his way and has been known to swat or chase after the other cats. Heck! He's even hissed at us, the odd time!

But he's also EXTREMELY cuddly - probably the one that wants the most lovin'! 

He sometimes follows me around the bed, hoping I'll stop and give him a good neck massage!

I've even given him a REAL good and LONG massage, and he was DROOLING!!!... LOL

 But, on the downside, he's what I call a "Surprise" cat. When you decide to rub his head and neck, he sometimes emits the most FOWL smell, from the "other end" of his body!!! EEEEWWW!!!

Other times, he's okay to pet.

But one can never tell when his digestive problems come to "surface". LOL

(See above picture, for Maurice the Cat)


P'tit Noir is long and slim but his bone structure (mass)

has increased, with time. He's still not as big as Maurice.

He's cuddly, too. All our cats seem to have their favorite

sleeping place. P'tit Noir seems to love Gilbert's desktop!

It doesn't matter if there's paperwork or bills on top

of his desk - P'tit Noir just lays on TOP OF IT! *s*

(See above picture).


Callie is so soft, so furry... so delicate and VERY skittish.

Her and Thunder barely get along and although Thunder would

never hurt her, the minute she "runs", he has to run after her.

Maybe it's all her fur - who knows?

But when she does come up to you (and you must have a LOT of patience)

to try and coax her, she is sooo incredibly loving and soft and she too,

loves her neck massages. *s*

(ssshhhh... don't tell the other cats, and I know I shouldn't, but....

she's my favorite one!)


(See picture above - Minou is in the background and Callie is in the front)





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