Born:  April 3rd, 1982.


My first born... what can I say? He's smart, handsome and has a great sense of humor.


But he's also very stubborn, which can be a good trait, but can also be very frustrating as a parent. *sigh*


I chose a "music" theme to his page, because this is one the things I am most proud of, with my son.


I play acoustic guitar. Actually, I know 5 or 6 notes (G, C, D, A, F and a couple others) and strum my Yamaha... about once every 6 months or so. I'm REALLY not a professional, as you can see.


When Adam was about 14 years old, he wanted me to teach him how to play guitar. I tried teaching him some very easy folk songs (Four Strong Winds, Kumbaya, etc.). He didn't want to learn this. He wanted some "Rock" or "Heavy Metal" music. The only song I had in my music book, was "Hotel California", by the Eagles. I tried to explain that there were "bar" cords in that song, and that it was VERY difficult to play. (In retrospect, I should have used reverse psychology, and told him it was too easy.) Anyhow, he practiced playing that darn song over and over and over and OVER again, until I almost went nuts!


He eventually bought himself an electric guitar, and MAN, CAN HE PLAY!!! He knows how to read "tabs" and can even "pick" a guitar!


This may not impress some of you, but:

First: If you had heard him play (badly) Hotel California as many times as I, you'd understand.... trust me!

Second: I only taught him the very, VERY basics... and he took off like a duck to water!

Third: You should hear him play, today!



Here's a picture of a younger Adam, practicing with my brother-in-law's guitar.


P.S. He now plays "Hotel California" pretty damn good,

as far as I'm concerned! (LOL)



A younger Adam.



Adam and his first love, Shannon.



Adam's "second" love...

(NOTE: Usually his car is "spotless"... this was a winter pic.)



Adam, in his computer room, taken 2003.



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