March Break 2007

(2 March 2007 - 11 March 2007)



Friday, 2 March 2007:


I worked today and came home in the beginning of a major snow storm. Roads were not all that great.


Good news? Gilbert started a new job this week (Monday, 26th of February), at a "Call Center". A heck of a change from his previous job!  Better pay and MUCH better working conditions. *s*


Bad news? He has about a month or so of training and can't take the "March Break" off, with James and I.


Anyhow, he arrived home around 5h30, with 2 Tim Horton coffees, known in our corner of the world, as "Timmies".


Then, he talked about his job and how the training was going.


Supper occurred around 8 pm and while we didn't have to go outside, as the freezing rain hit our windows, I was kind of worried.


Stayed up till about 11h30, chatting with friends (in Windows Live Messenger), while surfing the net and trying to clean up my emails.


I have a whole BUNCH of stuff planned, this week - I hope I get a chance to do HALF the stuff that I'd like to get done. *s*


Saturday, 3 March 2007:


Up at 5h45 am. Did some updating on some of my web pages. *s*


Left the house around 9 a.m. AFTER Gilbert & I shoveled out the driveway (with the neighbour's help).


Went to:

Munro Electronic's - Gilbert needed a monitor cable.

Tim Horton's - Had breakfast, there

Walmart - picked up a few notions (sewing) and Gilbert got some masking tape.

Future Shop - Gilbert needed a wireless (small) mouse for his laptop, at work.

Superstore - Got some groceries.

Cox Electronic - Gilbert picked up his camera - it was FINALLY repaired, after 2 months.


and then..... home. I grabbed a few items, and left to go pick up my Aunt Agatha.


Headed off to my cousin Alice's, for a (surprise) "personal" shower, for my sister, Tina. She's expecting a baby on the 13th of March.


Came home around 3h30. Got changed.


Then, Gilbert reminds me that I have parcels to mail soon and maybe I should get them ready.


Okay, zipped through a whole bunch of stuff - Siggie Blocks, got parcel ready to mail to my SP and an envelope for Jo Spindle.


Adam (my oldest son) showed up, around 8 pm and he and Gilbert talked "computers".


We had a late supper and went to bed around 11h15.


We are supposed to fill out our Income Tax Returns, tomorrow morning. Oh what Joy!  LOL


Sunday , 4 March 2007:


Up at 6 am. Old habits are hard to break. LOL  Besides, when you get up early, you get to enjoy the WHOLE day!


Gilbert barely slept, last night. He went to bed, last evening with a "stomach ache" and woke up, with it. About an hour later, I had the same kind of pain. So, we weren't too active, today.


Did some more web page updating.


We made an "executive" decision, this morning. I will take our income tax papers to a qualified person. Too much headache and too much time, for us to do them. *PHEW*... what a relief! *grin*


Sun is shining - it's a BEAUTIFUL day, out there!

Did a lot of work on updating web pages, today and even managed to find time to hand quilt, my newest quilt.


Since Gilbert didn't sleep very well, last night, we took a nap this afternoon. Felt great but we still have our stomach flu. :-(


Got the dishes washed and ate a very light meal. That's about it, for today.


Monday , 5 March 2007:


Left for Calais, Maine at 8h30, with James and Shannon. I had to add a bit of gas in the car and put air in 2 tires, first, but eventually, we got on the road.


Once in Calais, we went to the US Post Office to mail a few parcels that were going within the US, then to Mardens for fabric shopping, then IGA to pick up some groceries and finally to Hardwick's to grab a couple US lottery tickets - one never knows! LOL


Around 1h30, we were sitting down at "Comeau's" - a SUPER place for seafood. James & I took the fish burgers and Shannon had scallops and fries. YUMMY! *grin*


Arrived home around 3h15 pm - unloaded the car, put away all the goodies and then relaxed.


Gilbert arrived home, from work, around 5h15. I went out to grab us a couple Timmies, and then started work on hemming his pair of black pants. Didn't get to finish them. I have them cut and pinned. Gilbert needs to try them on, ONCE MORE, before I actually start sewing them.


Had a late supper (as usual), since we get involved with other stuff.


Did some hand quilting on that "Ice Cream" quilt and eventually, went to bed around 11h30.


Tuesday , 6 March 2007:


Got up with Gilbert, around 6 am.


Well, today I was going to bring in our tax documents to be filled out, by professionals. But I had called them yesterday and they can only see me, Thursday.


BONUS!!  Since I don't have to go out, today, I plan on doing a "sewing" marathon - you know, when all you do is SEW, all day long!  YIPEE!!!  I don't get a chance to do that, very often!  *grin*


Okay, started out the morning by printing AT LEAST 10 new blocks, to work on my Dear Jane. Then, as I was flipping through the book, I remembered that I had uploaded the last 6 or so blocks to my virtual quilt wall.


Big mistake (well sorta). That took about 1/2 an hour. Okay, now to count blocks and triangles. Hmmm.. they're some pictures of blocks missing on my virtual quilt wall.


Started at around 8h30 a.m. and finished around 11h15 a.m. Finally got that sorted out.


Grabbed some breakfast or call it lunch(?) and THEN got to sewing. Made 5 pillowcases - 2 were for James.


Around 4 p.m., started feeling miserable. I think I'm coming down with James' cold. Put sewing stuff away and took some tylenol.


Gilbert came home. In the evening, on worked on an "Excel" spreadsheet, adding in my DJ numbers.


Wednesday , 7 March 2007:


Up at 6 am. Didn't sleep too well, last night. Don't know why.


Change of plans, again. Cancelled shopping trip with my Aunt - still feeling "flu-ish" this morning.


Hope to do laundry and dishes, with some sewing in between. *grin*


I "hope" to be able to take James to his job interview, at 3h30 pm.




Okay, it's now 1h45 pm and it looks like I'm NOT catching a cold - thank GOD!


This morning, did several loads of laundry, most of the dishes, cooked the chicken that I had picked up in Calais, updated Jo's web page, replied to some emails and I picked up the nicnacks that Gilbert had asked me to do.... last week. *grin*


Took James to his interview, stopped and dropped a couple items at work and then picked up some groceries.


Gilbert came home and I jumped in the car to pick up a couple Timmies. *grin*


Finally hemmed his last pair of pants!  ALRIGHT!!!  Now I can move on to other stuff!


Thursday, 8 March 2007:


Up early again, this morning.


Sewing, sewing, sewing today!!!  But first, I will update a few pages (DJ Block and Triangle Achievement pages).


1h10 pm - DJ pages have been updated!  I managed to finish ALL the pillow cases...




Okay, managed to hem my pant legs, finish pillowcases, update the DJ web pages, reply to emails and started working on my DJ blocks. Completed 1 block, before I went to bed.


I had figured out that if I wanted to reach 130th status (with DJ), I'd have to do at least 5 blocks per day, till Sunday. "YES!!", I said to myself "I can do this!!"


Then, in the early evening, my cousin and her daughter stopped for a visit. During the conversation, I mention that it's Wednesday today. She laughs and says, "No, today is Thursday."




Guess I won't be reaching that status by Sunday - I'd have to do 8 or 9 blocks per day!


Anyhow, worked on an appliqué block, in the evening - didn't finish it and then, went to bed around 10 pm.


Friday, 9 March 2007:


Up at 6 am, with Gilbert. His last day of work and my last "official" day of vacation....


Okay, I hope to sew all day long. Yes, I do have some dishes to wash - I'll take a break during the sewing and do that.



Managed to do a LOT of sewing!  Did 4 DJ blocks and prepped 3 more, for appliqué!  By 3h30 pm, I was tired of sewing - who would ever think that was possible?!??.. LOL


Finished off the dishes and Gilbert came home around 5h20, with 2 "Timmies". During the evening, finished off another DJ block (appliqué). That makes it a total of 5 DJ blocks!!!


In bed by 11h15 pm.


Saturday, 10 March 2007:


Up at 6 am. Went out and picked up 2 EXTRA larges Timmies.


We're supposed to leave early to do our Saturday morning errands.


Went to:

Sears - Gilbert needed more clothes, for his new job.

Dollar Store- pick up a few items

Future Shop - returned his mouse, for a new one

Staples - needed some photocopies

Superstore (on Rothesay Ave.) - groceries

Harvey - Gilbert paid for 2 veggie combos - yummy!

City Road Bakery - picked up some bagels and pizza dough.

and then, Tim Hortons, for a couple coffees.


Arrived home around 1 pm., unpacked the car and then, got changed into my regular home outfit - old jogging outfit. *grin*


Around 3 p.m., I decided to start sewing. Realized it might be best if I have my 2 containers of Dear Jane fabrics, upstairs with my sewing machine. Then (another great revelation), decided it might be time to re-sort my fabrics, according to color. *s*


*sigh* Okay, that felt better and I was pretty proud of myself.


THEN, I started sewing. Gilbert (and James) came and got me to go downstairs and start supper preparations.


Gilbert had his "weekly" martini and I made 2 fruity drinks, for James & I. His was a "virgin" drink, of course. LOL


After supper, I managed to finish that 1 block!  YEAH!!  I'm up to 109 blocks, now! Only have 60 more to do! *grin*


Went to bed around 10 pm - Gilbert fretted about the time change. We BOTH have trouble wrapping our brains around time changes! LOL


Sunday, 11 March 2007:


Got up at 6h15 am.  No, wait... is that 5h15 or 7h15?!??... LOL


Once we turned on our computers, we found out.  SHEESHE!!!  I absolutely HATE this time change thing - it screws up my internal clock!


Forecasted activity today?  Sewing, of course!  Last day "off", before I head off to work, tomorrow.


UPDATE:  Yes,  I managed to sew!  I finished an appliqué'd block and I was sooo proud of myself - when I went to mark the date, in pencil, underneath the block, I realized that I had already done it!  Then, not to be too discouraged, I finished another appliqué'd block that I had prepped the other day. I've now got 110 blocks done - only 59 more to go!


Gilbert played on his computer, while I pretty much sewed all day. A very relaxful day, in my opinion. *grin*


Getting ready to give myself a pedicure and a shower. Then, back to the "blocks".


(7h56 pm.... more to come)