Marco Polo Quilt Guild Retreat

at Villa Madonna Retreat Centre:

January 16th to the 19th, 2017


Here's my room.  Nice and cozy!

First Evening: Our supper - white rice, mixed veggies and tender, moist chicken breasts in a red juice.

Dessert?  Home made coconut cream pie.

Friends enjoying their 1st meal...

More friends...

And yet, more friends!

This was my table.

Leslie has the first semi completed project!

Libby proudly showing us her work!

Mary-Jo busy working...  At a quilt retreat,

ALL surfaces are useful.

Marilyn showing us her 2 completed projects!

And Nancy has 2 pillowcases!

Mary-Jo finished her "Town Square" lap quilt.

And Judie worked on her Guild badge.

Leslie added the border on her quilt top!!!


Day 2 - Beth mitred the corners on her quilt.

Olive proudly showing us her block.  Cute, eh?

For lunch - Egg and Tuna salad sandwiches.

With chicken 'n rice soup or, home made cream of mushroom!

After that incredible lunch, I stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air and take a picture of their beautiful front porch.

Supper time!  Look at those beautiful faces!

Day 3 - Heather asking for color input on her quilt top and our retreatees freely offering their advice.  *s*

Bits and pieces of fabric being laid next to the wall hanging... What will Heather decide?

Andrea and Daphne having a quilty conversation.

Beth working on her block.

Olive, working on her Hunter's Stars.

Marilyn is working on her applique... It will be gorgeous, once finished!

Faye is tackling a "rag" quilt.  Someone will surely love the warmth and coziness of this quilt!  *s*

Janet's working on her "Variation of the 3 Dudes" quilt.  Can't wait to see the finished!

Leslie's working on a "fish" quilt.  I think she said it would be for her cottage.

Group picture!

Marilyn managed to iron down this project.

She was a busy gal!

Nancy's Attic Window, with borders added.

And, my quilting partner.... Nancy.

Judie stunned us with her "Row by Row".  No, the rows aren't sewn together.... She's still auditioning them.

A better picture of Nancy's Attic Window quilt AND her BOM (Block Of the Month) Snowman.

Mary-Jo in her corner, working away.

She managed to finished 3 pillowcases, 2 laptop quilts and God knows what else!  *s*

Olive, posing for a "Progress Pic".

I believe Marilyn worked on this quilt at last year's retreat... and THIS retreat, she pieced her blocks together!  Yeah!  Another one is DONE!

Beth shows us her beautiful quilt top.


You really are coming along with your quilt!


I know I've said it before.

"What goes on at the Retreat,

stays at the Retreat."

So, I won't name names.

But this was during our pyjama evening

and she and her quilt really DO look too cute!

Eat your heart out, Burt Reynolds!


4th and final day - Katie managed to finish

a strip on her French Braid quilt.

Janet is trying to get a few more stitches in,

before it's time to pack up and leave.

I think Faye took a break

and decided to read a book.


And this is where Leslie got her "fish" quilt idea.

Here's Leslie's "Fish" quilt strips with sail boats, at the top.  This is gonna be another beauty!


Beth proudly displaying her finished quilt top.

















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