Tips and Suggestions




Here are a few tips and tricks to help you and us.


1 – Please iron your quilt top and backing.


2 - Trim ALL loose threads from your quilt top.


3 - “Square up” your quilt top.


4 – Attach a safety pin the center TOP of your quilt top.


5 – Attach a safety pin to the center TOP of your quilt back.


6 – Your backing and batting MUST be 8” to 10” longer and wider than your quilt top.


7 – If your quilt has hills and valleys or puckers and tucks, these cannot be quilted out but we will do our best to smooth these out. If there are “holes” in your quilt (un-sewn pieces), the long arm machine CAN NOT fix these, unfortunately.


8 – Pinning or basting is not necessary – the Long Arm machine does this work.


9 – Please advise of of any additional comments or requests.


10 – Please note that we are a pet friendly household.


11 – We offer a bilingual service.






Tel:  (506) 672-8910 (eight-nine-ten)


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