Irish 3 Block





Saw this on the internet, fell in love with it but couldn't find the pattern.


So, this week, I took out my grid paper and figured out how to make it.


Hope you enjoy it!


(Yet another one on my "To Do" list.)



Looks complicated, doesn't it?


It's not - trust me.



This quilt could be done in scrappy light greens, scrappy dark greens and scrappy whites or WOWs (white on whites).


Oooorrrr.... you can always go out and buy some new fabric. 


No, I don't have any idea how much you'd need.  :-)


Here's the PDF on this quilt.

Keep in mind that the "grey" lines are my pencil lines,

to show the block separations.


Here's the blocks:


And here's another picture, of the drawn quilt, on its side.....




Remember.... I put those "grey" pencil lines to show me where each block goes.




Detail Information:


All smaller "blocks" should measure 4-1/2"

All "strips" should measure 4-1/2" X 12-1/2"

All half square triangles much finish at 4-1/2"

(cut 2 X 5" squares for 2 half square triangles)


Here's a tutorial on how to make them:


All pieced blocks should measure 12-1/2" square


 Quilt Size

(without borders):

72-1/2" X 108-1/2"


(with 4-1/2" strips for the borders)

80-1/2" X 116-1/2"


If you add a 2nd border, on the sides of this quilt, you could easily have a Queen Size quilt.


If you get a chance to make this one, send me a pic!  Would love to see how it turned out!