Hi There!


Can you believe that we’re already into mid September?!?!?!?!?  

Although, they’re predicting a warm and gorgeous autumn, in the Maritimes,

I’m noticing that the sun is getting up a bit later and going to bed sooner. 

Some will say, “Yep. Winter’s coming soon.” 

Quilters will say, “YEAH!  Cooler weather means better quilting!!!”


Here are a few web links and info that I’ve been collecting for you, this past month.






Hand quilting:






Mini pincushion AKA cute necklace!!!






“Pin Cushion Mice”.  These are simply too, too adorable AND easy to make!  Once again, make yourself a couple.

Make some for your quilting friends – these make cute gifts. 




Oh, and here’s a trick.  If ever you want to mail out a pincushion to a quilting friend and you hesitate because of the postage. 

Make your pincushion and leave an opening for the “stuffing”. 


I’m sure your friend will understand and gladly stuff it up and whip stitch that opening.




Batting needs and wants.  Interesting….






Gilbert and I will be placing an order of thread – you know - The BIG cones?

If you’d like to purchase a cone or two, they are $10.00 each, for the basic colors:  White, Black, Light Grey and Ivory.

Give us a holler if you’d like to order 1 or several.  The deadline to order these is the 27th of September.

Oh…. They also make nice Christmas gifts for your sewing pals, too!

The cones have 6,000 yards and “yes”, you’ll likely need a Spool and Cone Thread Stand if you don’t already have one.




We ALSO have a few gorgeous, wooden “Spool and Cone Thread Stands” that a friend’s hubby made. 

We’re selling them at cost, for $20.00 each.




A good friend of mine will be having a quilt show at our Saint John Arts Center.  Here is her info:


“A 1/4 Inch Scream”

Quilts by Riel Nason

Canada Games Gallery

Saint John Arts Centre

September 12 - October 31, 2014


Free and Everyone Welcome!


Twitter: @RielNason

Web: http://www.rielnason.com/




Another good friend sent me this email:


FYI, there is a “Maine Fiber 'n Fabrics” tour from November 6 to 9 with Target Tours.

This tour is only $599.00 each, 2 per room. 

Look on line for details www.targettours.ca




Don’t forget to check the “Calendar of Events”….  There are still some quilt shows coming up!







That’s about it, for now….  Hope your September is SUPER!!






Rosa and Gilbert






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