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For you hand quilters out there….






The odd time that I DO hand quilt, I have a (terrible) tendancy to NOT use a thimble and to push the needle with my fingernail.

Yes, I know, I’ll live to regret it but for those of you that are in the same habit, here’s a tiny thimble that might interest you.  J






This is the cutest quilting bracelet!!!






Make this one in “plaids” and it’ll be a hit at Christmas!






Decorate your Sewing Machine!  Use them as pincushions, even!  Make ‘em for your favorite sewing pal!






OH MY GOODNESS!!!   This adorable Christmas quilt pattern is FREE!!!!  I think this will be on my “TO DO” list and REAL SOON!  J






Another good friend sent me this email:


FYI, there is a “Maine Fiber 'n Fabrics” tour from November 6 to 9 with Target Tours. This tour is only $599.00 each, 2 per room. 

Look on line for details www.targettours.ca



Don’t forget to check the “Calendar of Events”…. 






A good visual on improving your blanket stitch.  J



Excuses, excuses….



That’s about it, for now…. 





Rosa and Gilbert






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