Subject: e-Newsletter - March 2012
Date Sent: 01/03/2012 9:01:39 PM

Hi there!


Two or three things I’d like to share with all of you, this month.


First, there’s a quilt exposition at the Imperial Theatre.  I received this info from the Marco Polo Quilt Guild.  Some of you are probably already aware of this exposition, but I thought I’d pass it along, anyhow.  Gilbert and I will try and go there this weekend.  I would recommend that you call the Theatre, just to be sure that it is open when you wish to visit.



Lois Hooper and Sandra Betts Show is on at the Imperial until March 19.    It is a really impressive show and the quilts look so good displayed on walls.  Be sure to go if you can.  People can go at any time of day and be sure to go up to the balcony on the second floor on the elevator.



Also, just today, I received an interesting web page from one of my email friends.  This web site has different antique quilts for sale.  S’nice to browse around and view them.


Keep in mind that some of these quilts, made in the 1800’s, for example, didn’t have shop quality fabrics and 100% cotton thread and HEY!  These quilts are still around…. Just saying…



Last item I’d like to share with you - This has to do with “Bertha”, our Longarm.


Some of you might have noticed that when you pick up your quilt, Gilbert had to baste the edge of your quilt.  That’s standard procedure. Unfortunately, Bertha can NOT quilt to the very edge and you might lose half an inch(?) of your border.  Sometimes, that’s not all that important.  You just cut it off, right? 


But what if your border has points or triangles?  You really don’t want these cut off, eh?


Soooo, this week as I was finishing up a quilt top, I decided to take a couple pictures to show you what to do, IF you want Bertha and Gilbert to quilt to the very edge of your quilt.


This is my Snow People quilt.  I finished my border with dark navy 12” strips and snowflakes, as corner stones.  If I were to leave this, as is…. Bertha would only quilt half of the snowflake and the results wouldn’t be as nice, in my opinion.



What you do is add a fake or phoney border, with some cheap fabric or muslim…. Whatever.


Here, I added some el-cheapo (and thin) green fabric.  I sewed it on with my longest stitch.  This way, when Gilbert finishes with my quilt and I need to remove my green fabric, it’ll be easier to remove with my long stitch.




Hope this helps with your next quilts!


Last bit of news.  We picked up a new pantogram, called “Funky Curl” and it has a masculine look.


Remember – if you have any questions, please give us a call.


Rosa and Gilbert

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