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Please don’t go looking for March, April or May’s Newsletters.  We haven’t forgotten about you - we’ve just been busy.  And Hey!  I did promise to try not and bother you with too many emails, right? 




Anyhow, let’s get down to business….


A good friend made a pair of baby girl panties and she shared the link with me.  These are just TOO, TOO cute!






I’ve just recently discovered that some of our local quilt guilds have “Blogs”.  If you enjoy quilting and like reading blogs, it’s a great way to travel to these guild without ever leaving your home.


Or, if you’re in that area on the date and time that they meet, I’m POSITIVE they’ve love to meet you!  *s*


Elm City Quilt Guild Blog:



Fredericton Quilters’ Guild Blog:



If you happen to know of other local quilt blogs, please send ‘em along and I’ll add them to our next Newsletter.




A quilty friend from Oromocto mentioned that she gets her quilt backs ironed at her local Dry Cleaners.  So, I called New System Laundry and they do it, as well.


Soooo, let’s say you want to pre-wash and pre-dry your king size quilt back but you have to iron it, afterwards?


Call New System.  Kim, at New System Laundry told me they charge $1.50 approx. to iron a king sized quilt back, for you.


How cool is that, eh?!?!?


Mind you, Gilbert’s set up to iron your quilt back, as well.  But, if you have a quilt that you want to do yourself and are stuck with ironing the back, or you’ve done your Spring cleaning and want to wash your long curtains but dread the thought of ironing them?  Call New Systems Laundry or your local laundrymat.  Just another easy and cheap trick to help you out.  J


Saint John, NB

30 Lansdowne Ave.
E2K 2Z8, CA

(506) 648-9911
(506) 632-4070

Rothesay, NB

147 Hampton Road

(506) 847-0525


And before you ask, NO, we are NOT affiliated with these businesses.




I’ve posted this before, I believe…. But if you’re a hand piecer, here’s a cool trick to help you.  You could also probably cut the tape to ¼ inch or whatever you want…. If you need to make appliques with Blanket Stitches…. Or whatever.  Set your imagination free on this one!






Strip Twist Tutorial Blog – A jelly roll quilt pattern






I’ve created the Marco Polo Quilt Guild “Calendar of Events” for 2015.

Not much on there, yet, but stay tuned as a I hear about quilts shows and

other quilty stuff:






I’ve updated our web page for our “Archived” Newsletters.  Enjoy!






That’s about it, for now…. 


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