Hi Everyone!


Hard to believe that we’re already in June!  Enjoy the sun and the fresh air because we ALL know that it won’t last very long.


And, on those rainy days, lock your doors, take the phone off the hook and give yourself permission to play with your sewing machine and your fabrics!





For those of you that own a Keurig, here’s how to clean your machine:





Hanger Covers, for your special blouse or outfit:





Scissor case:





And I know this project is a bit “artsy”, which might not suit some of you, but you could certainly make this “box” more to your liking, if you wish.  I just like the jean/pocket idea!





Standard Measurements for Pre-Cut and Bed Sizes:


Fabric info



Traveling this summer?  Wondering what to do with those extra special, large buttons that you’ve been collecting?






Did you realize that Jenny Doan, from Missouri Quilt Co. has published her 1st quilt magazine?  I went to Indigo today and couldn’t find it.  Her new magazine is called “Block”.  If any of you happen to see it, in any of our local stores, please send me and email with the info.  Would LOVE to have a look at it!  J


UPDATE:  I just read this article.  Her magazine is not available in Canada, yet.  Perhaps digital edition will be available, soon.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 




And, Jenny’s gone and done it again!!!  The cutest and easiest quilt that you may have ever seen!  J





Working on your scraps?  Bonnie Hunter’s “Scrap User’s System”.

Myself, I divide up my scraps into 2” and 2-1/2”  and 5” charms.  And it helps tame my stash to a workable size.   J





Neat ideas on Pat Sloan’s Blog post called “Tool Talk”:





Isn’t this adorable?!?!?




No pattern for this one but I’m sure you can figure it out.  Sure would make a great Christmas gift, too!  Great for when you’re traveling, too!




And my last quilty idea?  Found this on Face Back and I thought, “What a cute baby quilt!  Or, for a special someone… that likes to make puzzles!”




Okay, I think I’ve given you enough ideas for this month!


OH!!!  Don’t forget about the upcoming quilt shows!!!


The stuff written in “orange” is the Quilt Shows….





Rosa and Gilbert






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