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Hi There!


* *  *  TIME SENSITIVE !!!! * * *


Huge quilting and fabric sale, in St. Martins, this weekend!!!

Plus, there another activity going on, in St. Martins Saturday and the Farmer’s Market, on Sunday…. She mentions this on her posting…



Do you have a Stiletto?  If not, do you need one?  Here’s a wonderful Tutorial on how to make these. And the creator also listed a few reasons WHY you need a Stiletto.



Lots of FREE patterns, from the Lecien web page:


My favorite is “Vintage Delight” ‘cause it looks complicated but it isn’t…. 


But “Mann Creek” REALLY got my attention!!!  2 simple-to-do-blocks and with strategically placed fabric colors of lights, darks and mediums, you get the look of “circles”, stars, and every other shapes!!!   Incredible!



Twisted Star Technique, by Eleanor Burns:



12 Step Program for Quitting Quilting

(Note:  this is just a joke… do NOT try and buy this!!!)


DIY Bobbin Clips – Cute, Easy to Make and Cheap!


Raising up Rubies:

My friend sent me this link and wrote:

“In my next life I will live there and play!”


I want to live there, too!  LOL

Seriously, though….  look and drool…. But you can also get some interesting craft/quilting storage idea, from this blog.


How to Machine Bind your Quilt:


Protective covers, to buy, for your electronic toys (laptops, iPhones, iPads, Cell phones, netbooks, etc.).  Some have even quilted blocks!!!


On a personal note, we picked up yet another pantogram.  This one is called “Double Bells” and could be used for a wedding quilt or a Christmas quilt.  It has 2 bells with lots of swirly ribbons – GORGEOUS!!!


Have a great month of June!


Rosa and Gilbert




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