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Not sure if I’ve sent this before but, after watching it again this evening, I’m thinking, “This is SUCH an easy way to make Pinwheels!!!”  And I just LOVE that gal from Missouri Quilt Company!!!






Last fall, I was in Charlottetown, PEI and dropped into one of the quilting stores.  I saw this SnowLady Apron and fell HEAD OVER HEALS in love with it!  The store owner told me that the apron was for sale and that the designer was NOT interested in designing a pattern for it as she felt it was very easy to make AND, in the same breath, gave me permission to take a picture of it!  AND, permission to re-create it, if I wished!  J


The “mittens” are actually pockets….


If you decide to make it, send me a picture, please!  Would love to share it with our group! J





I’ve attached a PDF with a seat cushion tote thingy.  Once again, this could be real useful for classes or Quilt retreats!  J






Cute and easy “Hexie Pincushion”…..  Could be done in wool scraps, too!  And embellish it to your heart’s content… if you wish.





And because we’re all not only about quilting…. We gotta eat every now and then, eh? 


Here are 2 incredible recipes:


My cousin, Gisele, made this at a family gathering and it was sooooo incredibly good!!!  Humus with just a little “kick” to it!


Break out your food processor or blender!!!






And the 2nd recipe comes at the same time that our local Strawberries are “in”.  Yes, I realize they’re really expensive right now but I’m sure the prices will go down…. Soon.


This jam has only 2 ingredients, with NO SUGAR or sugar substitutes and 3 minutes in the microwave!  I’m guessing it’s the kind of jam that you eat right-a-way


And 2 of my friends tried it out and they BOTH gave it a 2 thumbs up report on their batch of jam!






GOSH!  Have we got a food theme going on, this evening!?!?!?   LOL!!!



Hope you get to do some Summertime “Quilt Sandwiching”!






Rosa and Gilbert






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