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Well, July’s finally upon us along with the nice warm weather.  Okay, personally, I don’t care for too much heat but I know that winter’s just around the bend so, I’m trying to not complain too much. J


Here are few nice web sites and quilty things that I’ve been gathering this past month.



Ever think of making a “Ribbon Border”?





Thread Location, or where to put your thread when you’re sewing.






Invisible appliqué technique.  Just when I thought I knew it all – I’ve learned something new!!!





I’m such a “visual” person.  I have to SEE it, most times, to understand it.

From a Fat Quarter:





Once again, the Twister Rulers are on my radar.  Here’s a few FREE patterns I found on the web:


Here’s a Christmas tree pattern.  You might want to replace them with the Christmas colors of your choice. Just sayin’.



And, another one:



And, a Christmas Wreath:



Pumpkin With a Twist!



Cute Twister Heart, for Valentines:



I have no affiliation with these people but here is a web page where you can purchase Twister Rulers and Twister Ruler Patterns:



Just remember.  If you don’t have the correct Twister Ruler size, try making it bigger.  Instead of a wall hanging, you might end up with a lap quilt.



Did I mention that I just LOVE that Jennie at Missouri Quilt Co.?  She’s got super ideas, fun-to-watch videos and she seems like the type of gal you’d want to spend a few days with, on a retreat.  J


Here’s her “Disappearing Hour Glass”:



And, this might help you, too.  I got this picture from Face Book!




And here’s something that might save you from pulling your hair!  Sorry for the picture size.  That’s how I found it on the web.





OH!!!  Don’t forget about the upcoming quilt shows!!!


The stuff written in “orange” is the Quilt Shows….







Rosa and Gilbert






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