Hi There!


Did I NOT mention to you that I would NOT be a pest with daily or weekly newsletters???


I just checked and our last sent Newsletter was last August.  Christmas came and went and we forgot to wish you all an Happy Christmas or Happy Holidays…


Sorry.  Life took a hold of us and …. But WHERE DID THE TIME GO????


Anyhow…. Here are my favorite links, for this month… and YES, Christmas links are there, too!




Do you love modern quilts?  This one’s a cutey!





Christmas Ornaments!!!!






Snowman table runner tutorial:





Missouri Star Quilt Co.


HELLO????   You haven’t heard of them????  Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard or viewed their videos before….  J


I’ve recently signed up for their newsletter and GOSH!!!  They send me out a daily email with their specials!  I’ve seen a few charm packages going for ridiculously low prices AND, they give you shopping bonus points!!!






Here’s another gal that I’ve signed up with, through the Missouri Quilt Co. and I now get her newsletter/tutorials on a regular basis.  I absolutely LOVE her tutorials!!!


Vanessa from Crafty Gemini!!!!




She’s always so down to earth and her tutorials are real easy to follow.




Another easy peasy mitered corner video!!!






Artistic Embroidery….  WOW!!!





Rosa and Gilbert




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