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I recently received a flyer from Fabricville and although they usually have great sales, I thought I’d bring this to your attention.  From December 5 till the 31st, they are having a “Calendar of Savings” for Club Elite Members only.  As a quilter to another quilter, here are the dates you’ll need to keep in mind…


Mark these important-for-you dates on your calendar:


Dec. 3 – Artic Fleece prints for $3.99/m… NOTE: While supplies last

Dec. 10 & 11 – ALL Christmas fabrics and Christmas ribbons – 50% off

Dec. 17 & 18 – ALL plain and printed flannelette – 50% off

Dec. 19 & 20 – Artic fleece solids – (reg. 14.99/m) $4.99/m…. NOTE: While supplies last

Dec. 21 & 22 – ALL quilting cottons and “Premium Stitch” threads – 50% off

Dec. 28 – ALL “Unique” notions – 50% off


Now, they have other items on sale, as well, but I thought that these items were more for quilters. PLEASE call them, first, if you’re driving a distance and want to be SURE that these items are on sale, that day.  And NO, I have no affiliation with Fabricville other than me loving fabrics and wanting to share these sales with you.



What’s a “Mug Rug”?

I always thought a Mug Rug was just a fancy name for a coaster.  According to this blog, a Mug Rug’s sorta that and a bit more.




Yesterday evening, I spent a few hours and re-grouped ALL our monthly e-Newsletters, as well as a short description of each e-Newsletter, on our web page.  I thought it might help you, if you’re looking for a certain web link AND help me to remember what stories or links I’ve shared with you and which ones I haven’t.  While doing this, would you believe I realized that I had shared a YouTube video of Eleanor Burns, TWICE???  Gosh, I musta REALLY liked that one, eh?  LOL


Here’s the link:

Or, go to our main page and click on “Archived e-Newsletters”






If you’re going to Calais for the day, here’s a few spots that Gilbert and I recommend, for lunch:


Yancy’s ………… They’re beside “Family Dollarz”

332 North Street

Calais, Maine



Don’s Restaurant – in front of the Post Office

Buffet – Tuesday through Friday.

……………  Now, we haven’t eaten there, yet, but we were told that the food was incredible.  Note:  They’re NOT open on Mondays.  I was there last Monday and they were closed…  L


The Sandwich Man

206 North Street

Calais, Maine


……………………..  Gilbert and I have been there a few times.  It’s certainly doesn’t look like a 5 star restaurant - Looks more like an old modified mobile home or trailor but they offer FRESH made sub sandwiches.  Their combos – chip, pop and 6” sub is like… I dunno.. maybe 5 bucks?  VERY good lunch!   Oh!  And they have a HUGE selection of different sub sandwiches, too!  AND, I believe they always take Canadian money, at par.



Tiny Puppy Snippets – These are way too cute and they’re “okay” to fly with, even!







What’s your quilty New Year’s Eve resolution?


Like last year, I’m chipping away at my UFO’s AND trying to use up my own personal stash.


Two things I “try” to do – mind you, I don’t always succeed, but I DO “try”!


1 -        I do two UFO’s and then, I get to make and FINISH a new project.  The “new” project is my reward for doing 2 UFO’s!!!


2 -        Also, I try to keep straight on, focused and not deviate when working on a UFO.





Gilbert and I are gearing up for a great new year!  We’re getting several new cones of variegated thread - Colors you’ll be oohing and aaawing about!!!


And, we still have our Christmas Quilty Gift Basket Draw.  We’ll announce the winner on Christmas Eve!






Rosa and Gilbert




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