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Hi There!


Sorry I’m a bit late…. Once again.


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!  We all know that summer flies by so quickly and before you know it – its GONE!  *s*


Upcoming Quilt Show:

Cambridge Narrows – August 11th and 12th

(this upcoming weekend)



I think I might have posted this, in the past but I’ve recently seen this mentioned, once again, in one my quilting Yahoo groups:


Best Press (generic) Recipe:



Haven’t mastered Paper Piecing, yet?   Here’s a great YouTube Video:



Iron Cady – SUPER IDEA!!!


And the video:



Gilbert and I found some flat, white sheets at Wal-Mart, in Saint John, at a reasonable price.  Took a picture in case some of you might like to pick some up, for quilt backs….. Just sayin’.


Queen Size – 200 thread count – were (regular priced) $15.00.  Yes, they had different sizes there but we only took a picture of the Queen size ones.





Different techniques and suggestions to hang quilts.  I believe these tips and tricks are mostly for mini quilts or wall hangings.




Sore finger tips?


Have you returned to hand quilting, after many years and your finger tips are sore?  I recently read on the internet that…  please don’t laugh… a little bit of “Preparation H” on your fingertips help reduce the swelling. 



Have you lost your sewing mojo?  Summer too hot for you?   Well, it is for me!  I’ve been babysitting our new puppy on our deck and hand piecing fussy cut hexagons! Remember last month’s e-Newsletter???  LOL


Handpiecing, embroidery and hand appliqué are wonderful outdoor, summer projects in the shade!


Don’t forget to hydrate – Water, Water and more water!


Have a great month!



Rosa and Gilbert



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