My Fair Square Heart






I would categorize this wallhanging for Beginners but with an Advanced look.


This quilt can be hung on your wall, used as a table centerpiece, on the back of a comfy chair or given as a Valentine gift.


Looks better in scrappy reds - great stash buster!


If you need help with this, give me a call.   I'll be happy to give you a private class.


Note: These can be "controlled" scrappy fabrics or from the same fabric line. Would look great in other colors as well.  I'm thinking of making a second one in "Bon-Bon" colors - browns and pinks.


Detail Information:


4 square patches = 3-1/2"

1/2 square triangles = 3-1/2"

Pieced Block size = 6-1/2"

Wallhanging finished size = 19" X 25" approx.


Fabric Requirements:

Red and white scraps

1/2 yard of fabric for 1-1/2 border and binding.

3/4 yard for quilt backing (21 X 27)

Batting 21 X 27




Cut a few red strips - 2" wide.

Cut a few beige/white/ivory strips - 2" wide.

Make (24x) 4-patch blocks.


If you don't know how to make quick and easy 4-patches, here's a pretty good video explaining the technique:


(NOTE: She's using 2-1/2 " strips.  For "My Fair Square Heart", your strips need to be cut at 2".)


As for your 1/2 square triangles, there are several ways in which you can make them.  Once pieced, they need to measure 3-1/2"


If you have the Easy Angle Ruler, you'll need to cut a strip of 3-1/2" in red and in beige/white/ivory and a strip of Red fabric


Cut at 3-1/2".  See picture:


1st Cut:



2nd Cut:


Or.... you can:


Cut a red 3-7/8" square.


Cut a white 3-7/8" square.


Draw a line diagonally and sew a 1/4" on both sides of your drawn line.  Once sewn, cut your "drawn" line and you should have (2x) 1/2 square triangles.


See picture below:



Chop of those dog ears - you don't need 'em.  Once you've done your first 2 blocks, measure them up to be sure they come to 3-1/2".



Make (24x) 1/2" square triangles.


Sew (2x) 4-patch blocks and (2x) 1/2" square triangles like this:




Or, if you prefer... I've sketched it out for you:




You need to make a total of 12 "blocks".


Assemble Quilt Top:


Now, here's the tricky part.  You need to be careful on how you "flip" your blocks.  They're all the same blocks but are flipped upside down, right side up and on its side.


I recommend that you lay them all out on your table or design wall or design floor... whatever... before you start piecing them together.  If you're like me, you hate to "rip"!  Better be safe than sorry, right?


Here's my sketched pattern:



Do you see the pattern pop up?


And that's it, folks!


Looks complicated but its REAL easy.


Now, if you find any mistakes, please call or send me an email?


Or, if you need help, once again, just ask.


Hope you've enjoyed my Valentine's gift...


From our heart to yours!